Underrated Ghost Stories And Mythical Creatures All Over The World: Thirteenth Stop – New South Wales, Australia

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Underrated Ghost Stories And Mythical Creatures All Over The World: Thirteenth Stop – New South Wales, Australia

New South Wales Australia is known for their wine and great beaches that are mostly unspoiled despite the fact that it is the most populated city in Australia with around 4.4 million people living there.

As for the paranormal experience in this area, one place would be recommended by many and it is the Monte Cristo Homestead located in Junee. Not only is it the most haunted place in New South Wales, it is regarded as the most haunted place all over Australia.

The Monte Cristo Homestead

The Monte Cristo Homestead. Link: (https://www.hit.com.au/news/sydney/the-monte-cristo-in-nsw-is-one-of-the-most-haunted-places-in-australia)

History of the Monte Cristo Homestead

The Monte Cristo Homestead was built by its original owner named Christopher William Crawley. Crawley worked so hard to attain the status that he got when he finally built the Monte Cristo Homestead in 1885. He dreamed it to be grand like a castle and he succeeded in that aspect because the Monte Cristo Homestead became one of the largest homes in the area and was the center of local power. It looked like a home from Europe and it was patterned from a Victorian design.

Despite the great preservation of the home, that has been up for more than 130 years now, and how the architecture is regarded as world class, it is not being visited because of that. Instead, it is being visited by so many people due to it being haunted.

Rumors About The Crawleys

From 1885 to 1948, the Crawleys lived there and during those times, they allegedly witnessed a lot of deaths. Accordingly, the Crawleys appeared like they were a perfect family to those people looking from the outside. However, those who have lived with them, like the servants, claim that they were not who they portrayed to be. Christopher and his wife became a status symbol and they were even seen as charitable because they made donations to their church.

A photo showing Christopher Crawley and his wife. (Link: https://darkhauntings.wordpress.com/2016/01/19/monte-cristo-homestead-australia/)

However, it was rumored that Christopher had affairs with their maids. He allegedly impregnated two of them. One of them allegedly committed suicide and is said to be one of the ghosts that still haunts Monte Cristo Homestead to this day. The other maid gave birth but her child was mistreated really badly by the Crawleys. Also, the wife of Christopher was reportedly rude and cruel to everyone in the household.

The Ghosts At The Monte Cristo Homestead

The souls of both Christopher and his wife reportedly remain at the Monte Cristo Homestead. Mrs. Crawley reportedly wears a black dress and is seen carrying a silver cross when she decides to let others feel her presence. She is said to be seen most of the time at the room which she converted as her chapel. Others claimed they have heard Mrs. Crawley weeping. Mr. Crawley, on the other hand, is usually seen in the room where he died. His presence is not as strong as that of his wife but he reportedly still haunts the area.

A photo showing the inside of a room at the Monte Cristo Homestead

A photo showing the inside of a room at the Monte Cristo Homestead. (Link: https://www.visitnsw.com/nsw-tales/things-to-do/this-halloween-visit-the-spookiest-tourist-destinations-in-nsw/)

Another ghost is said to belong to one Ethel Crawley. She was only a baby and died after her nursemaid dropped her on the stairs. Some say it was intentional while others claim that the nursemaid said she felt a shove to her back that is why she dropped the baby. The nursemaid noted that a supernatural force was the reason behind the death of Ethel. Many visitors said that they felt a strange feeling when they went pass the stairs. Others claimed they also felt an invisible force pushing them.

As previously stated, one of the ghosts that haunt the Monte Cristo Homestead belonged to the maid that Mr. Crawley allegedly impregnated. Accordingly, she threw herself from the top veranda of the home. Her blood reportedly still stains the steps going up the house and her image is usually seen outside the building.

Another tragic story at the Monte Cristo Homestead leads us to the next ghost that reportedly haunts the Monte Cristo Homestead. His name was Morris and he worked for the Crawleys as a stable boy. Per the facts, the boy was not able to get up one day because he was so sick. A fire broke out and Morris was not able to get out of bed because he was so sick.

A photo showing the stable at the Monte Cristo Homestead

A photo showing the stable at the Monte Cristo Homestead. (Link: http://www.ghosts.ws/Most-Haunted-Places/images/)

Another version says that his boss was the one who set the straws on fire as it was where the boy was sleeping. Morris’s boss allegedly set it on fire intentionally because he thought that the boy was just bluffing and did not want to work that’s why he claimed he was sick. However, it turned out that the boy was really sick and he was killed in the fire. Allegedly, the boy haunts the stables because his screams and cries resonate in the area to this day.

As for the alleged illegitimate child of Mr. Crawley, he is said to be a man named Harold. Accordingly, Harold figured into a carriage accident that it led to his head being seriously injured. Because of that, he developed an aggressive and violent personality. And to control him, his mother chained him in one part of the home. Accordingly, he was chained there for around 30 years and he always screamed and howled because of his situation.  When his mother died, Harold was taken to a mental institution, where he died shortly thereafter. After his death, his screams and howls were reportedly still heard in the area where he was chained.

Not all the deaths occurred during the earlier years of the home because one of those killed was a caretaker. The murder took place in 1961 and the man murdered was identified as Jack Simpson. Someone knocked on the door one evening and when Simpson opened it, he was shot at point blank. Accordingly, a young man watched “Psycho” and decided to carry out the killing of Simpson. The spirit of Jack never rested thus he still allegedly lingers in the area.

The Monte Cristo Homestead Now

By 1963, a new family, called the Ryans, occupied the home and they have turned it to a family home, a museum, and decided to make money out of it by allowing ghostly tours.

A photo showing the Ryans

A photo showing the Ryans. (Link: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3138517/Every-light-went-Family-living-Australia-s-haunted-house-chilling-encounters-ghosts.html)

The family experienced their fair share of paranormal experience. Accordingly, their home were in complete darkness at least twice so they left while waiting for the current to be back. When they approached their home, they saw that the house was completely lit up but when they reached the inside of the house, it was in complete darkness again. Also, when they first moved into the property, their cat and dog ran away because they did not want to enter their new home.

The Ryans also claim that they have experienced unexplained sadness, icy touches, messages whispered to their ears, fainting, and full body apparitions.

For those who want to visit the home, there are day tours and overnight tours are also offered. Those who want to visit are warned to be on their best behavior. Mrs. Crawley will treat those who disrespect her home violently.

Know more about the Monte Cristo Homestead in the video below:

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