Underrated Ghost Stories And Mythical Creatures All Over The World: Third Stop – Kisiljevo, Serbia

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August 17, 2018
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Underrated Ghost Stories And Mythical Creatures All Over The World: Third Stop – Kisiljevo, Serbia

A photo of how a vampire was portrayed in the old movies. Photo credit: Slant Magazine (Link: https://www.slantmagazine.com/house/article/the-10-greatest-vampire-movies)

Vampires are known as these creatures who suck the blood out of their victims. In European folklore, vampires were known as those who came back from the dead to cause mischief to the people who live in the area where they once lived when they were still alive. The vampires from before weren’t as pale as Edward Cullen from the hit movie “Twilight” because they were said to be bloated and of dark countenance.

The Story of Petar Blagojevic

Since were are on the topic of vampires, let’s talk about Kisiljevo, Serbia. Just by the name of it, Kisiljevo, Serbia is not heard of too often but it became famous because of one story – the story of a vampire that killed nine people after he died. What makes this story even more terrifying and creepy that it would send chills down your spine is the fact that the village is so remote that less than 800 people live there.

A sign showing where Kisiljevo is. Photo credit: Magia Posthuma (Link: http://magiaposthuma.blogspot.com/2013/01/in-search-of-peter-plogojowitzs-grave.html)

In the 1700s, vampires became one of the most frightening creatures that people did not want to have any kind of contact with. Aside from the living inhabitants, Kisiljevo is also home to around a dozen graves where the vampires, who were some of the earliest known and recorded, were buried. The cemetery is outside the actual village where people lived.

A photo of the cemetery in Kisiljevo. Photo credit: Magia Posthuma (Link: http://magiaposthuma.blogspot.com/2013/01/in-search-of-peter-plogojowitzs-grave.html)

The most famous vampire story out of the dozen people killed in Kisiljevo via staking was Petar Blagojevic. He was killed sometimes in 1732 (Others say it was in 1725) while he was allegedly sleeping in a coffin. In the next eight days from when Blagojevic was killed, ten people were killed.

A photo of the alleged vampire, Petar Blagojevic. Photo Credit: Steemit.com (Link: https://steemit.com/vampire/@petar.pekovic/word-vampire-comes-from-serbia-where-humanity-first-time-saw-bloodthirsty-petar-blagojevic-4002a30dff991)

The first person killed was Blagojevic’s son. Accordingly, Blagojevic rose from the dead three days after he was killed. He appeared before his son and asked for food, which the son followed. The second night, Blagojevic returned and asked his son for food again but he did not comply. The next day, Blagojevic’s son was found dead.

For the nine people who died, they claimed on their deathbeds that they were exhausted and they allegedly lost a lot of blood. They also said that they were visited by Blagojevic in their dreams. Because of these alarming deaths, priests and officials went to Kisiljevo to investigate mysterious deaths. Forty days from when Blagojevic was killed, the priests and officials decided to exhume the supposed vampire’s grave. They claimed that the man’s beard and nails still seemed to grow. Also, new skin reportedly formed and his mouth was covered in blood.

For fear that another killing might take place and desperate to stop the death of another resident, they plunged another stake into the man’s body. Allegedly, there was fresh blood that came out of the man believed to be a vampire through his ears and mouth. The man also screamed and many described it as a horrible scream no one wants to hear again. After the staking, Blagojevic’s skin turned black and since then, no more murders took place.

Kisiljevo, Serbia Today

The descendants of one of the earliest recorded vampires remain in Serbia but they no longer use his surname. Most of the people living in Kisiljevo, Serbia also still believe that vampires are real. They still keep garlic on their doors and windows because they believe it will protect them from vampires.

Some residents claimed that other people from the village have disappeared in the past years and their disappearances were questionable. They believed that Blagojevic might have been set free from his eternal resting place.

Accordingly, a member from the Blagojevic family have set up an interview with an affiliate of ABC Los Angeles and it was placed online. Later, clips of the interview were removed from the internet that is why many believe that mystery still surrounds the village. Some of those who were able to see the clips of the interview claimed that the man in the interview is actually Blagojevic.

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