Underrated Ghost Stories And Mythical Creatures All Over The World: Eleventh Stop – Alberta, Canada

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Underrated Ghost Stories And Mythical Creatures All Over The World: Eleventh Stop – Alberta, Canada

When you hear the word Canada, the things that would probably flash in your mind are maple syrup, Niagara Falls, and Justin Bieber. This story, however, will tell you more about a haunted place in the country called the Banff Springs Hotel located in Alberta, Canada.

The Banff Springs Hotel at night. (Link: https://www.trover.com/d/1k653-the-fairmont-banff-springs-banff-alberta)

It has been standing for more than 125 years now and is known to be a luxury hotel for train travelers. It is surrounded by really beautiful scenery and the building itself is breathtaking but don’t let that fool you because the Banff Springs Hotel is one of the most haunted placed in Alberta.

The History of Banff Springs Hotel

The hotel was opened to the public in 1888 and you can see the Banff National Park from the rooms in the hotel. Initially, the Banff Springs Hotel was built with gravel and stone accents. It was only a five-story building at first and had 100 bedrooms. By 1902, there have been renovations and it became a more than 200-room hotel. By 1914, more renovations were made and more than 700 guest rooms have been constructed. During that time, the Banff Springs Hotel was the tallest building in Canada.

One of the rooms inside the Banff Springs Hotel. (Link: https://www.redtag.ca/hotels/canada/alberta/banff/fairmont-banff-springs/169524/)

It was marketed to cater to European sportsmen and tourists who wanted to have a luxury wilderness experience. Some of the famous hotel guests who checked in are Marilyn Monroe, Hellen Keller, Queen Elizabeth II and more.

Marilyn Monroe playing golf at the Banff Springs Hotel. (Link: https://calgaryherald.com/news/local-news/when-marilyn-monroe-came-to-banff)

The Ghosts of Banff Springs Hotel

Although Banff Springs Hotel was known for its many renovations, it being a luxury stop for travelers, and being one of the tallest buildings in Canada, it was also home to many stories about spirits that continue to roam the area to this day. Some guests even claimed that there are spirits in most of the rooms that make noises making their stay not so pleasing.

The first ghostly story comes from room 873 of the hotel. Accordingly, a man checked in with his wife and daughter at the said room. He allegedly murdered them before he committed suicide. The spirit of the young girl and her mother reportedly never left the room and guests who have stayed there said that they were awoken by violent screams in the middle of the night. Also, maids who cleaned the room said they saw bloody fingerprints on the mirror in the bathroom and that it could not be removed. Because of these accounts, the hotel management decided to close room 873.

A photo of one of the hallways at the Banff Springs Hotel. (Link: http://linda-hoang.com/preview-haunted-halloween-gala-at-the-fairmont-banff-springs-hotel/)

The next ghost is said to belong to a Scottish bellman named Sam McCauley. He reportedly loved his job so much as he worked there from the 60s to the 70s. Many claimed that they have been assisted by McCauley’s ghost in bringing their luggage to their room and unlocking their hotel room’s door. McCauley is said to wear his old uniform when he helps hotel guests. When the guests try to give him a tip or ask him about something, McCauley reportedly disappears.

A photo of the bellman Sam McCauley. (Link: http://www.banffspringsreunion.com/Summer1970.htm)

Another famous ghost at the Banff Springs Hotel belonged to a woman who was coined as the phantom bride. Legend has it that a young couple was married at the hotel sometime in the early 1930s. At some point during the banquet, the bride went up the marble staircase to get to her husband. However, her wedding gown caught fire from one of the candles. The bride panicked so she tripped over her wedding dress, fell, and broke her neck, which was the cause of her death. After that, her ghost reportedly haunted the staircase.

A photo showing the marble stairs at Banff Springs Hotel where the bride reportedly died. (Link: https://traveltalesoflife.com/banff-springs-hotel-was-that-a-ghost-in-the-lobby/)

Sometimes, she was even seen at the Cascade Ballroom dancing alone. The Cascade Ballroom was where the newlyweds were supposed to have their first ever dance as husband and wife. Many claim that because she never had her first dance with her husband, she haunts the area.

A photo showing the Cassacade Ballroom at the Banff Springs Hotel. (Link: https://www.jigidi.com/jigsaw-puzzle/UPRBIW6Z/Cascade-Ballroom-Banff-Springs-Hotel)

Do you think these stories are true? Would you want to go and check in for a night at the famous Banff Springs Hotel? If you want to book a room, read more here: https://www.fairmont.com/banff-springs/.

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