Underrated Ghost Stories And Mythical Creatures All Over The World: Thirty-ninth Stop – Savannah, Georgia

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Underrated Ghost Stories And Mythical Creatures All Over The World: Thirty-ninth Stop – Savannah, Georgia

Savannah in Georgia, USA. Push pin on an old map showing travel destination. Selective focus.

Savannah, Georgia is one of the original 13 colonies in the U.S. state and is the oldest city in Georgia. There are a lot of historical sites to visit as well as great architectural designs. It is also the city that holds the largest St. Patrick’s Day Parade not only in Georgia but the whole of the United States.

While there, you must also try their famous foods like shrimp and grits and the fried green tomatoes.

For thrill seekers and those who want to hunt for ghosts, Savannah is the home of the Kehoe House, which is said to be one of the most haunted hotels in the area.

History Of The Kehoe House

The Kehoe House is now being operated as a bed and breakfast and is located at the center of the historical area in Savannah as it is near the Columbia Square, the Savannah Harbor, and Broughton Street. Currently, the Kehoe House is owned by the Historic Savannah Foundation and it is maintaining the hotel to look like what it was during the renaissance period.

A photo of the Kehoe House from the outside

A photo of the Kehoe House from the outside. (Link: https://ghostcitytours.com/savannah/haunted-places/haunted-hotels/kehoe-house/)

The Kehoe House was built by William Kehoe, who, at the age of 10, migrated to the United States from Ireland in 1842. Kehoe worked as an apprentice in an iron foundry then later became a foreman. He then bought the foundry and quickly became one of the most successful businessman in the area. By 1868, Kehoe married his wife Anne Flood. Their family and their business grew so Kehoe decided to build a larger home. He bought the land and built the Kehoe House, which cost around USD 25,000 that time. It was completed in May of 1892 where Kehoe, his wife, and their 10 children lived.

A photo of William Kehoe

A photo of William Kehoe. (Link: https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/99624188/william-kehoe)

They lived there for many years until they sold the house in 1930. After it was sold, the Kehoe House was used for many purposes such as a funeral parlor, a boarding house, and the home of Alabama and New York Jets football star, Joe Namath. Namath sold the Kehoe House in 1990 and has since become a bed and breakfast.

Some Of The Kehoe Children Died Inside The Kehoe House

According to reports, some of the children of the Kehoe spouses died inside the house.

Allegedly, two children were stuck in the chimney and never got out. The most famous story about the two children goes like this – their mom went home one day only to find out that their two kids were missing. They looked everywhere and days later, they smelled something off coming from the chimney. There, they discovered the two dead bodies of the kids. Accordingly, the children were twins.

The rumors have been debunked a couple of times in the past but this story of the two kids remain a rumor that a lot of people believe. This is because many guests who have stayed at the Kehoe House experienced paranormal activities relating to kids. Some say they hear children laughing and playing.

One woman claimed she was in room 201 with her husband. She got woken up by the feeling of little hands stroking her hair and cheek. She then opened her eyes and saw a boy up close. When she tried to look closer, the boy allegedly disappeared.

Another said that there were two people in their group that could hear the sounds of children laughing and calling for their mom. The first instance was at around 12:30 P.M. while the second time they heard these kids was at around 3:30 in the morning. The staff told them that only moms hear the children or see them and never the dads.

The Ghost Of Annie Kehoe

Annie Kehoe’s ghost is unlike any other ghosts because she has this sweet and caring presence whenever she decides to reveal herself to the guests. Accordingly, she is usually seen in rooms 201 and 203 of the Kehoe House.

In room 203, Annie is usually seen writing while sitting in a desk. In room 201, guests are made known of her presence when the strong smell of roses start to envelope the room.

One of the rooms at the Kehoe House

One of the rooms at the Kehoe House. (Link: https://www.kehoehouse.com/accommodations.htm)

Annie usually tucked her children to sleep when they were still living in the Kehoe House. Accordingly, she does that to some guests, too. One former owner said that Annie kissed her on the cheek when he was about to sleep one evening. She usually makes her rounds on the third floor rooms.

She is seen most of the time in the second and third floors because before she died, she was confined in these floors due to her arthritis. She is sometimes referred to as the Lady in White.

A balcony at the third floor of the Kehoe House

A balcony at the third floor of the Kehoe House. (Link: https://www.kehoehouse.com/photo-gallery.htm)

The Ghost Of William Kehoe

When the Kehoe family was still living at the Kehoe House, the man of the house, William, checked on the many rooms of the home. Allegedly, he still does that.

One caretaker said that she heard the bell ring once but when she looked out there was no one. The bell rang three more times and the door unlocked while no one was there. The rooms upstairs were also unlocked so the caretaker was positive it was William who went to visit them that day.

The entity of William is also seen at his study. The study is not accessible to guests and is not really used by the owner of the Kehoe House and some of the staff claimed that they saw the lights turn on without any explanation. This area was where William usually spent his quiet time away from their 10 children.

Other Paranormal Activities At The Kehoe House

Another popular unexplainable happening is the smell of perfume that is usually present at the hallways and bedrooms. It is unclear if the perfume also belongs to Annie.

Also, some guests have claimed to have been touched by a phantom hand usually on the head or the arm.

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