Underrated Ghost Stories And Mythical Creatures All Over The World: Sixty-ninth Stop – Tonopah, Nevada

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Underrated Ghost Stories And Mythical Creatures All Over The World: Sixty-ninth Stop – Tonopah, Nevada

Tonopah, Nevada is a mining town locate between Las Vegas and Reno. It is historically known for the discovery of gold and silver by accident.

A scenic view at Tonopah, Nevada

A scenic view at Tonopah, Nevada. (Link: http://www.tonopahnevada.com/)

Tonopah is also known for its museums, amazing historical sites, casinos, and its stargazing site. However, Tonopah is also known as the home of one of the most haunted hotels in the whole of United States. This hotel is Mizpah Hotel. If you are interested to know more about this ghostly site, read on.

A photo of the Mizpah Hotel as seen at Tonopah, Nevada

A photo of the Mizpah Hotel as seen at Tonopah, Nevada. (Link: http://www.roadtripswithtom.com/tonopah-nv-ugly-charming/)

The History Of Mizpah Hotel

The Mizpah Hotel is another historic establishment in Tonopah. It is five stories high and was one of the tallest buildings all over Nevada until the years 1927. The hotel got its name because it was named after the Mizpah Mine. It opened in 1907 and was the first ever permanent structure in the area.

The Mizpah Hotel

The Mizpah Hotel. (Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mizpah_Hotel)

The hotel was built with the financing from Bob Govan, Cal Brougher, George S. Nixon, and George Wingfield. It was designed by George E. Holesworth. The hotel also served as the office of Brougher because he owned the Tonopah Banking Corporation. It was a pretty popular hotel back then because it had the first ever elevator in Tonopah. It was dubbed as one of the first luxury hotels around Nevada because the walls were solid granite and the décor were patterned from the Victorian-era.

The lobby of Mizpah Hotel

The lobby of Mizpah Hotel. (Link: https://authgram.com/tag/mizpahhotel)

It all the more became popular because American professional boxer Jack Dempsey once served as a bouncer at the saloon of the hotel. American business magnate Howard Hughes also married Jean Peters at the Mizpah Hotel. Although Dempsey and Hughes denied being a bouncer and getting married at the hotel respectively, it is one of the legends that people are told when they visit the establishment.

The hotel closed in 1999. However, in 2011, after the Mizpah Hotel was purchased by Fred and Nancy Cline of Sonoma, California, they renovated it and reopened it to the public a little later during the same year. The hotel since then featured 47 rooms, a bar, and two restaurants. They even installed a Jack Dempsey Room.

The Jack Dempsey room at the Mizpah Hotel

The Jack Dempsey room at the Mizpah Hotel. (Link: https://travelnevada.com/places/27181/mizpah-hotel)

The Most Famous Ghost Of Mizpah Hotel

The most famous ghost of Mizpah Hotel is said to be the Lady in Red. Guests have experienced her presence because she makes it evident that she is in the room. Some say that she whisper into the ears of male guests the words “Hey, you” when they ride the hotel’s elevator alone. Sometimes, she leaves pearls in the pillows of the guests which are from her broken necklace.

Accordingly, the Lady in Red is the ghost of a prostitute. She was brutally beaten and this resulted to her death. Legends say that the person behind the cold blooded murder was her jealous ex-boyfriend. The murder reportedly took place on the hotel’s fifth floor. Some say that is not the real story. Others claim that the Lady in Red was caught by her husband cheating with another man. The man missed his train and so he saw his wife. Because of a jealous rage, the husband killed his wife.

The portrait showing the alleged Lady in Red at the Mizpah Hotel

The portrait showing the alleged Lady in Red at the Mizpah Hotel. (Link: https://www.tripadvisor.com/LocationPhotoDirectLink-g46006-d2328142-i214893172-Mizpah_Hotel-Tonopah_Nevada.html)

If people want to feel her presence, they should stay in the Lady in Red suite, which is room 504. Some say, however, that the really haunted room is 502. Those who are just interested in her story may also order the honorary drink at the Mizpah Hotel’s bar, which has been named as Red Lady Bloody Mary.

Woman’s Personal Experience At The Lady In Red Suite

A woman booked a night at the Lady in Red Suite of Mizpah Hotel and she felt unshaken initially until the front desk attendant told her she does not like going into that room or even on the fifth floor.

Inside the Lady in Red Suite at the Mizpah Hotel

Inside the Lady in Red Suite at the Mizpah Hotel. (Link: https://www.onlyinyourstate.com/nevada/tonopahs-haunted-hotel-nv/)

The woman shared in her blog that she rode the 107-year-old elevator to get to the fifth floor. Oddly enough, the fifth floor button was already pressed even before she could select it herself. The woman was not able to open her room on three attempts and when she tried to look for the light switch outside the door, the door swung open. The woman was able to get a goodnight’s sleep and there was no other weird or ghostly incident that took place at night.

The elevator at the Mizpah Hotel

The elevator at the Mizpah Hotel. (Link: https://www.jvroundtheworld.co.uk/destinations/review-the-mizpah-hotel-tonopah-usa/)

In the morning, the woman went around the hotel with her ghost-hunting devices and she noted in her blog that the spot where the murder allegedly took place and the Lady in Red Suite showed some odd activity.

However, her devices went berserk when she was on the third floor. This floor is said to be haunted by a boy and a girl running and laughing around. It is unclear what their back story is but a clairvoyant claimed that the boy and the girl did not know each other and did not die at the hotel. The two children reportedly visited the hotel and they liked it so much they never left. They allegedly love to play tricks on guests.

Some guests have heard children running up and down the hallways at night even if there aren’t any children checked in on the floor. The kids also tug at the back of shirts of guests. The staff also get to see these children and the kids usually ask them what they are doing.

The haunted third floor of Mizpah Hotel

The haunted third floor of Mizpah Hotel. (Link: https://www.tripadvisor.in/LocationPhotoDirectLink-g46006-d2328142-i79543083-Mizpah_Hotel-Tonopah_Nevada.html)

Other Experiences Of Guests At The Mizpah Hotel

One traveler stayed at the Mizpah Hotel and shared with TripAdvisor the following: “My husband and I recently stayed on the second floor, Room 207. The floor itself felt very heavy when we stepped off the elevator and in fact uncomfortable. We didn’t have anything happen while awake, However, we did not sleep well. I have never been one who has alot of dreams or nightmares, but i had one after another while trying to sleep there, so did my husband. From talking in our sleep, to yelling out and in fact i woke with a bruise on my arm that had not been there when i had gone to bed that night. After checking out of the hotel, we compared notes on our dreams and nightmares and found that both had close too…and in fact one actually was the same dream. I can’t find anything written about a bellman in this hotel, but he and a very angry woman in period clothes seemed to frequent both our dreams the whole night. My husband also had a woman whisper “hey you” in his ear while in the lobby bathroom.”

Another shared on the same travel site: “I stayed there one night on business this last week. I was given a room on the third floor. In the elevator the button for the 5th floor was always lit up. When I asked about it the front desk claimed it was not intentional and is something that just happens. The more disturbing experience I had was when I went to bed. The hotel phone in my room rang around 10:30 pm and like a dummy I answered it. After a short period of silence I then heard a woman’s voice say in a creepy tone, ‘I see you.’ I then hung up. Needless to say I didn’t sleep too well that night.”

The Other Ghosts of Mizpah Hotel

The basement of the Mizpah Hotel is reportedly haunted by two gold miners.

In general, the ghosts of Mizpah Hotel are not harmful. Usually, if guests don’t see the ghosts, they just complain of having some trouble when sleeping because they feel as if someone is standing near their beds and are watching them all night.



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