Underrated Ghost Stories And Mythical Creatures All Over The World: Seventy-fifth Stop – Poinsett Bridge, South Carolina

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Underrated Ghost Stories And Mythical Creatures All Over The World: Seventy-fifth Stop – Poinsett Bridge, South Carolina

South Carolina is known for the leading producer of peach in the United States and is also known for its foods like fried seafood, deviled eggs, sweet tea, barbecue, and many more.

One of the beaches that people frequent in South Carolina

One of the beaches that people frequent in South Carolina. (Link: https://www.thecrazytourist.com/15-best-beaches-south-carolina/)

Many people visit South Carolina for its great beaches and historic buildings but others go here for to be spooked. South Carolina is the home of the alleged oldest bridge in the United States, the Poinsett Bridge. Accordingly, many people have experienced something supernatural while at the oldest bridge. Are you interested to know more about the ghostly encounters here? Read further and you will find out.

A photo of Poinsett Bridge

A photo of Poinsett Bridge. (Link: https://www.scpictureproject.org/greenville-county/poinsett-bridgehtml)

The History Of Poinsett Bridge

The Poinsett Bridge was built in 1820 and remains to stand to this day. It was named after Joel Roberts Poinsett, a prominent early resident of Greenville and a U.S. ambassador to Mexico. The bridge was initially used to connect Columbia, South Carolina to Saluda Mountain. The bridge is made of stone.

Joel Roberts Poinsett in an undated photo

Joel Roberts Poinsett in an undated photo. (Link: https://www.appalachianhistory.net/2016/12/how-the-poinsettia-got-its-name.html)

The bridge is no longer used today but it is intact and was preserved by the people in the area. The bridge became part of the National Register of Historic Places in 1970 and people are allowed to visit the area. The bridge is now part of the Heritage Trust Preserve, which is being managed by South Carolina Department of Natural Resources.

The Poinsett Bridge at daytime and during autumn

The Poinsett Bridge at daytime and during autumn. (Link: https://www.trover.com/d/1GT7n-poinsett-bridge-landrum-south-carolina)

Aside from the bridge, people also go here to walk at the nature trail nearby or to check out the plants that grow in the area. Accordingly, a lot of indigenous plants that may only be found in South Carolina grow here. Some also prefer to have a picnic near the bridge because there are areas specifically set up for picnics.

The Legends About Poinsett Bridge

The reason why the Poinsett Bridge is haunted is unclear. However, there are legends that have been told regarding the Poinsett Bridge.

The arch at the Poinsett Bridge photographed at night

The arch at the Poinsett Bridge photographed at night. (Link: https://www.charlotteareaparanormal.org/2008/11/poinsett-bridge/)

The first legend is about the Poinsett Bridge being built on the site of an old Indian burial. Cherokees inhabited the area in the past so it is possible that the legend is true. Some believe that the Poinsett Bridge is haunted by the souls of those buried in the burial ground before it was destroyed in order to build the bridge.

Another legend surrounding Poinsett Bridge pertains to the men who worked to build the Poinsett Bridge. Some of them reportedly died due to illnesses like malaria, which was prevalent in the past. The men were said to be buried under the bridge and within the bridge. The alleged process of burying these dead workers was either because they wanted to save time as to where to bury the men or to memorialize them because of their hard work in building the bridge.

Lastly, another legend says that a mistreated slave is the one haunting the Poinsett Bridge. Locals claim that that slave was hung under the Poinsett Bridge. Others say that the slave was beheaded by his or her master and was not hung.

The Paranormal Activities At Poinsett Bridge

Many tourists enjoy the day tour at Poinsett Bridge but others prefer to go at night. During daytime, it’s a very peaceful and serene place. At night, however, Poinsett Bridge turns into a place where one does not want to be alone.

Locals and visitors alike claim that when they already get ready to leave, their cars are unable to start. While sitting inside their cars and trying to figure out why they cannot leave, some said that they see a light moving toward them. That’s not the scary part though because as the light moves closer, people claim to have heard a loud scream.

One local shared, “I have heard voices coming from the area of the arch, screams around the top of the bridge, and I have seen red, white, and green lighted dots floating on the mountain side, similar to a lantern.”

The walkway at Poinsett Bridge

The walkway at Poinsett Bridge. (Link: https://www.charlotteareaparanormal.org/2008/11/poinsett-bridge/)

Another local said that she has gone to the bridge a couple of times and whenever they go at night, something shocking happens. One time, she went there with her neighbor and her boyfriend. The couple had a friend with them and when they parked across the road near the bridge, they heard movements around them but no one else was there. The local added, “I had my hand resting on the door when I felt a man’s rough hand and fingers grab on to mine.”

Ghost Hunters Photograph The Figure Of A Man, Hear Names And Chatters

The Poinsett Bridge has become a famous site of paranormal activities and many have attempted to document that they have seen or felt in the area.

A miniseries from YouTube called “Haunted Echoes: South Carolina” and John Boyanoski’s book “Ghosts of Upstate South Carolina” featured Poinsett Bridge in their craft. However, GHOST Paranormal Research Organization (GHOST PRO) were the ones who caught the figure of a man while they were in the area. The team visited Poinsett Bridge sometime in 2008. During their visit, they noted that they saw red and white lights near the bridge. The bridge did not have streetlamps, communication towers, or residences so it is impossible that the lights came from such sources.

One of the photos taken by GHOST PRO during their visit at the Poinsett Bridge. (Link: http://ghostpro.org/WebAlbums/Poinsett%20Bridge%20Photos%2012-13-08/)

The team took around 400 photos around the bridge and nearly 100 of these snaps showed orbs of varying size, shape, and color. One of the snaps showed “a rather substantial unexplained mist of man-sized proportion and shape.”

They also heard an audible external noise but could not make out what the noise was and where it came from. When they reviewed their EVP sessions on a digital voice recorder, they heard the name “Abraham.” This was after the paranormal investigators asked for the names of the souls haunting the area. When they asked about children’s names, after the EVP was analyzed, the name “Willie” was heard. In some of the EVP sessions, the investigators also heard indistinct chatters as if they were responding to the investigators’ requests for interaction.


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