Underrated Ghost Stories And Mythical Creatures All Over The World: One Hundredth Stop – Idaho

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Underrated Ghost Stories And Mythical Creatures All Over The World: One Hundredth Stop – Idaho

Pocatello High School before it was destroyed by fire

Pocatello is dubbed as the “Gateway to the Northwest.” Many gold miners and pioneers of the Oregon Trail traveled through the area in the past to get to where they were supposed to go. Today, it is a tourist spot because of its historic value and the scenic places.

A scenic view of Pocatello, Idaho

A scenic view of Pocatello, Idaho. (Link: https://www.goodfreephotos.com/united-states/idaho/other-idaho/landscape-in-eastern-pocatello-idaho.jpg.php)

One more reason why people visit this place is because of the supposed haunted high school in the area – the Pocatello High School.

Pocatello High School's facade

Pocatello High School’s façade. (Link: http://isubengal.com/ghost-hunters-in-pocatello-pocatello-high-school-featured-on-an-episode-of-popular-tv-show/)

The History Of Pocatello High School

Pocatello High School is a four-year high school in the area. It is fondly referred to as Poky by the locals. It is oldest of the three high schools built in the area and their mascot is an Indian because the city’s name actually came from Chief Pocatello, the leader of the Shoshone people.

Pocatello High School was built in the summer of 1892 and the cost was $18, 280. It was originally given the name West Side School but it was later renamed as such. Back in the day when it was built, Pocatello High School was one of the remarkable buildings in the area because of its architectural design. It was where many occasions were held and even concerts and athletic concerts took place there. Also, two former presidents of the United States spoke there and they were Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and William Howard Taft.

The original building was, however, burnt to the ground because of a fire in 1914 that started in the boiler room. The school was then rebuilt in the same location. More renovations and additions were made to the school by 1996. The gymnasium was completed in 2006.

Pocatello High School before it was destroyed by fire

Pocatello High School before it was destroyed by fire. (Link: https://www.pinterest.ph/pin/420523683931474994/?lp=true)

The last addition made in the Pocatello High School was the hydroponic greenhouse for the roof of the Museum of Clean.

The Ghost At Pocatello High School

In 2014, the Pocatello High School was the center of many news articles because of the supposed ghost that was caught in their security camera footage. The incident took place one evening and the security alarm went off. The lights were flickering like crazy all over the high school and it was all caught on camera. At one point, a blurred shadow appeared and that is now dubbed as the ghost of Pocatello High School. That shadow was seen moving from a bathroom entrance to the center of the hallway.

A screenshot of the supposed shadow that haunted Pocatello High School one evening

A screenshot of the supposed shadow that haunted Pocatello High School one evening. (Link: http://newsasylum.com/ghosts/idaho-school-catches-ghost-surveillance-video/01/2015/)

The police were even involved because they thought someone was messing with the lights at the high school. However, after combing through all the floors and the security cameras, they just believe that the shadow was the one responsible for the unexplained flicker of the lights.

Pocatello High School’s Haunted Past

After the 2014 incident, both the staff and the students at Pocatello High School firmly believe that the shadow captured in the security footage was indeed a paranormal entity because the school has been haunted even before that video became the center of media attention.

Accordingly, toilets at the school randomly flush, doors close and open without any person doing it, and others have felt like someone was looking at them or they have seen something just pass by.

The people in the high school as well as the locals believe that the main spirit haunting the school belong to a girl who killed herself in the area sometime between 1930 and 1950. The girl reportedly made a suicide pact with her friend. She hanger herself from her locker but her friend never pushed through with the suicide pact. Allegedly, she makes her presence known because of what her friend did by letting people smell the scent of her favorite perfume. Sometimes, her apparition could be seen in the hallways.

Although the story of this girl has not been confirmed to be true, it has been recorded that there were six confirmed deaths at the school. One boy reportedly died of downing in the pool of the school and that is the reason why the high school no longer has a pool for the students.

Another legend that the locals talk of is the story of a librarian who killed herself. Accordingly, her relationship ended poorly so she committed suicide by hanging herself from a chandelier in the library. This has also not been confirmed.

Other paranormal activities that allegedly take place at the Pocatello High School pertain to voices being heard in different locations throughout the school.

“Ghost Hunters” Staff Visit Pocatello High School

When the “Ghost Hunters” staff visited Pocatello High School for one of their episodes last year, they revealed some unexplained activities they felt during their visit.

Some of the team members of 'Ghost Hunters' during their visit at the Pocatello High School

Some of the team members of ‘Ghost Hunters’ during their visit at the Pocatello High School. (Link: https://www.idahostatejournal.com/news/local/school-spirit-ghost-hunters-reboot-premiere-features-historic-pocatello-high/article_7cc502ef-6d9b-573e-aff2-123e38bc54ab.html)

They noted that they went at the school with their recorder fully charged but it died the moment they tried to use it. Also, their flashlights turned on and off on their own. Two members of the team also felt as if some entity or spirit touched them. Another member’s vision became blurry when they went to the gymnasium before feeling a pair of hands touching his cheeks and head. The touch was not disturbing or unsettling because the team member likened it to the touch of a grandmother’s embrace. A female member of the team also felt the hug and she revealed, “This is the weirdest feeling ever. … I feel like I’m getting a hug. Look at this … like, I’m about to cry. Not in a bad way though, it’s like, comforting. I don’t want it to stop. Like, definitely whoever’s here, I feel is a good person.”

Have you ever been to Pocatello High School and felt any paranormal activity? Do you believe the stories about this high school? Share your thoughts below!

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