Underrated Ghost Stories And Mythical Creatures All Over The World: One Hundred And Twenty-Sixth Stop – Seattle, Washington  

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Underrated Ghost Stories And Mythical Creatures All Over The World: One Hundred And Twenty-Sixth Stop – Seattle, Washington  

The former auditorium at the Harvard Exit Theatre

Seattle is a really nice place to visit. It is a city that is surrounded by forests, mountains, parklands, and water. It is the largest city in Washington so you won’t run out of places to visit and look at.

A skyline of Seattle

A skyline of Seattle. (Link: https://www.travelmag.com/articles/things-to-do-downtown-seattle/)

Seattle is also where the supposedly haunted Harvard Exit Theatre is located. This is said to be haunted by a woman who hung herself in the premises and other paranormal activities also take place here.

Outside the Harvard Exit Theatre

Outside the Harvard Exit Theatre. (Link: https://seattle.curbed.com/2018/7/9/17549510/harvard-exit-remodel-mexican-consulate-photos)

The History Of Harvard Exit Theatre

The Harvard Exit Theatre served many purposes for the people in Seattle. It was built in 1925 by the Woman’s Century Club and it was where they met every third Friday of the month. The members of this club actually still meet at the Harvard Exit Theatre to this day.

The entrance to the Harvard Exit Theatre

The entrance to the Harvard Exit Theatre. (Link: https://www.thestranger.com/seattle/i-quit-my-job-at-the-harvard-exit-three-weeks-ago-after-working-there-for-seven-years-today-i-learned-its-closing-i-will-miss-it/Content?oid=21145158)

By 1968, it was sold and there were some renovations made. However, the condition of the lobby from when it was built was never altered. It remains the same as of present. It officially became a cinema the year it was sold and it was the only cinema people could go to during that time. The ones who converted it into a cinema were Jim Osteen and Art Bernstein. During this time, it was when reports have surfaced claiming the cinema was haunted. The spirit reportedly belongs to a woman who wore 1920s clothing. By 1987, reports about the Harvard Exit Theatre being haunted stopped.

The theatre later changed ownership once again and this time it was by O’Steen & Harvard Investments. It was operated by Landmark Theatres until 2015 and it was purchased by developer Scott Shapiro. He converted it into an office and restaurant space. In 2018, the Consulate of Mexico opened their office at the Harvard Exit Theatre.

Inside the Harvard Exit Theatre today

Inside the Harvard Exit Theatre today. (Link: https://seattle.curbed.com/2018/7/9/17549510/harvard-exit-remodel-mexican-consulate-photos)

The Spirit That Haunts Harvard Exit Theatre

During the early years of the Harvard Exit Theatre as a cinema, the spirit of a woman allegedly started haunting it. Accordingly, the woman was a member of the Woman’s Century Club and she committed suicide in the area by hanging herself. Reports claim she hung herself in the lounge upstairs.

The former auditorium at the Harvard Exit Theatre

The former auditorium at the Harvard Exit Theatre. (Link: http://www.womanscenturyclub.org/history/archive/historical-photos/)

Because of this, many have visited the Harvard Exit Theatre just to see if there was really a ghost haunting the theatre. There was even one incident when a visitor, a woman, dug into the walls of the basement. She claimed that there was a skeleton in the walls of the basement.

A man also went to the theatre to see a movie about a ghost. He then took a photo of an employee. The weird thing about this was that the female employee would not tell him her name but all the other employees had name tags on them. The photo showed the woman standing in the window. Many experts believe that the photo is that of a ghost because it is both over-exposed and under-exposed.

Another ghost is said to belong to a man named Peter. He is said to haunt the first floor of the Harvard Exit Theatre. People who have seen his ghost claim that half of his is solid while the other half is clear. He is reportedly very social and loves to play jokes on the visitors and employees of Harvard Exit Theatre.

To prove how playful Peter is, one psychic investigator named Jane Riese shared a story. She was watching a film in the main theater auditorium when she felt someone playing with her hair over her neck. She claimed that via the corner of her eye, she saw a translucent form of a gentleman watching the movie as well. He reportedly enjoyed the movie during that incident.

Some viewers at the Harvard Exit Theatre

Some viewers at the Harvard Exit Theatre. (Link: https://www.seattletimes.com/entertainment/movies/harvard-exit-will-show-films-again-as-siff-venue/)

It is believed that another male spirit haunts the Harvard Exit Theatre. Riese and another investigator, J.R. Benight, once talked to that entity. That male spirit had British accent but he did not disclose his identity. This male spirit is said to be as playful as Peter. On some occasions, they reportedly reorganize the film canisters in the projection room. They are also believed to be the ones responsible for playing a movie when the managers of the Harvard Exit Theatre come in for work in the morning.

There was one time when a projectionist arrived at work when he found a movie playing. He wanted to see if he could still catch the culprit but he found that the door at the projection room remained locked from the inside.

One more woman is said to be a very excited spirit. She reportedly comes and goes the Harvard Exit Theatre and is dressed in Victorian-era clothing.  She is believed to be the woman in the 1940s who reportedly suffocated somewhere in the Harvard Exit Theatre. Her spirit is seen roaming around the balcony. Accordingly, she was responsible for spooking a janitor. The janitor reportedly had the feeling she was not alone. She then turned off the vacuum cleaner and glanced up the balcony. She then saw the female entity wearing an old-fashioned dress.

The same entity was reportedly the female heard by one of the employees crying on the second floor. The woman was reportedly crying her heart out. The worker felt pity and when he asked the entity what was the matter, she vanished into thin air.

Managers’ Different Ghostly Experiences

It is unclear which of the female entities did a manager see on the first floor during her first day at work. The manager, Janet Wainwright, shared that she was in charge of opening the theatre and when she walked into the lobby, she saw a woman sitting on a chair near the fireplace. The woman had her hair in a bun and was reading. She was wearing a long and floral dress and slowly vanished into thin air. The same woman entity looked at Wainwright during a meeting then smiled at the manager. After that, the entity turned off a lamp and left the room.

The fireplace inside the Harvard Exit Theatre

The fireplace inside the Harvard Exit Theatre. (Link: https://foursquare.com/v/harvard-exit-theatre/41a91500f964a5204d1e1fe3/photos)

Wainright also had the duty to have a fire burning in the first floor fireplace upon opening the theatre. There were times that when she arrived, fire was already burning. There were even chairs gathered around the fireplace as if there was a meeting. She is sure that no one of the employees were responsible for moving the chairs around because they were always stacked neatly every closing time.

The manager also believes that one of the entities that light the fire for her belong to Bertha K. Landis. A former president of the Women’s Century Club and the City Federation of Women’s Clubs. She was also the first mayor of Seattle.

Another manager, after Wainwright retired from her post, said that he always had this uneasy feeling that something was being hostile to him. He said that when he was closing up one evening, he heard a loud bang inside the Harvard Exit Theatre so he went back inside to see what it was. He later heard the exit door open then close and when he checked it, he saw no one. After this incident, he felt better as if the entity that was hostile towards him just tested him and when he passed the test, he was already welcomed to the building.

Other Paranormal Activities At The Harvard Exit Theatre

Some have claimed there were other paranormal activities at the Harvard Exit Theatre such as electronics doing activities like lights not working sometimes.

The staff also reportedly refused to go to the lounge upstairs. They never revealed the reason for this but they are very adamant in refusing to go to that area of the Harvard Exit Theatre.

Outside Harvard Exit Theatre at night

Outside Harvard Exit Theatre at night. (Link: https://www.capitolhillseattle.com/2014/12/capitol-hills-harvard-exit-theater-will-close-in-january/)

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