Underrated Ghost Stories And Mythical Creatures All Over The World: One Hundred And Twenty-Seventh Stop – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Underrated Ghost Stories And Mythical Creatures All Over The World: One Hundred And Twenty-Seventh Stop – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee is one of the cities in Wisconsin and it is visited by tourists because of its beer industry. It is also known for the Harley-Davidson Museum, which has a display of classic motorcycles, and the Milwaukee Art Museum.

A scenic photo of Milwaukee, Wisconsin

A scenic photo of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (Link: https://biztimes.com/new-research-highlights-milwaukees-tech-workforce-strengths/)

One more interesting place that it houses is the Pfister Hotel. If you want to know why it is regarded as the creepiest building in the whole of Wisconsin, keep reading below.

The Pfister Hotel as seen from the outside

The Pfister Hotel as seen from the outside. (Link: https://www.tripadvisor.com.ph/Hotel_Review-g60097-d101022-Reviews-The_Pfister_Hotel-Milwaukee_Wisconsin.html)

The History Of Pfister Hotel

The Pfister Hotel was opened in 1893. The original owners were Guido Pfister and his son Charles F. Pfister. Guido was a German immigrant and later became the leader of the community. He had the vision to create what he called the “People’s Palace” where the people of Milwaukee gathered and where visitors would go to experience hospitality and service whatever their social status is.

Guido Pfister in an undated photo

Guido Pfister in an undated photo. (Link: https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/3768/guido-pfister)

Guido, however, died a year before the construction of the Pfister Hotel began. His son then continued the plans and it was built from 1890 to 1893.

Charles Pfister in an undated photo

Charles Pfister in an undated photo. (Link: https://twitter.com/pfisterghost)

The cost for building the Pfister hotel was $1 million and it was designed by an architect named Henry C. Koch. It was a unique building because it had a Romanesque Revival style. During the time it was built, it had so many advanced features compared to other hotels. It had fireproofing, thermostat controls, and electricity.

The materials that were used to make the Pfister Hotel were also very rare and expensive. The first two floors were made with Wauwatosa limestone. For the third through the eighth floor, it was made with cream brick, Indiana limestone, and terra cotta. It was actually coined as the “Grand Hotel of the West.” The lobby extended up to three stories and it was indeed a sight to behold because of the Tiepoloesque ceiling fresco.

The lobby at the Pfister Hotel

The lobby at the Pfister Hotel. (Link: https://www.wanderwithwonder.com/2017/10/25/the-pfister-hotel/)

Later, it was also determined as the hotel that has the largest collection of Victorian art in the whole world. For 37 years, it also held the AAA Four Diamond Award because of how magnificent the hotel is.

By 1962, a hospitality mogul named Ben Marcus bought the Pfister Hotel. He renovated the hotel and added 13 stories to the building. The main lobby was restored to its former glory.

To this day, the Pfister Hotel remains owned by the Marcus Corporation. It is just three blocks away from Lake Michigan and is very popular to tourists. It has also welcomed important people like prime ministers, presidents, princes, sports stars, and many more.

The Ghost At Pfister Hotel

It is believed that the spirit haunting the Pfister Hotel is Charles Pfister. It seems that he is really dedicated to managing the hotel and making his father proud. After he died, the manifestations at the Pfister Hotel began.

Charles is reportedly a friendly and gentle entity but he wants to keep a watchful eye so that the guests of the hotel are well taken care of. He is mostly spotted at the grand staircase of Pfister hotel or in the lobby.

A view of the lobby from the grand staircase at the Pfister Hotel

A view of the lobby from the grand staircase at the Pfister Hotel. (Link: https://en.tripadvisor.com.hk/LocationPhotoDirectLink-g60097-d101022-i298154344-The_Pfister_Hotel-Milwaukee_Wisconsin.html)

Some visitors shared their experience. They claimed that they spotted someone surveying and observance the lobby from the grand staircase. The same was spotted at the gallery above the ballroom. He was described to be old, well-dressed, and was all smiles. When the visitors saw a portrait of Charles in the Pfister Hotel, they swore it was the same man they saw surveying and walking around the hotel.

Baseball Players Share Their Creepy Experiences

Pfister Hotel is the home of baseball players because this is where they are accommodated whenever they are in the area. Many players have shared their spooky encounters at the Pfister Hotel.

One of the most prominent stories is from Adrian Beltre of the L.S. Dodgers. He said in an interview that he heard someone knocking on his door. He checked it out but found no one was on the other side of the door. When he went back to his room, he returned to see that the air conditioning and the televisions were turning on and off without human intervention. He did not give much thought about it but when he went to sleep, he woke up because he heard pounding noises behind his headboard. He even had his baseball bat so he can strike on anyone who would jump out from behind the bed but there was no one there. He said that he was only able to sleep for two hours for the entire time he was at the Pfister Hotel.

Adrian Beltre in an undated photo

Adrian Beltre in an undated photo. (Link: https://www.overthemonster.com/2018/5/4/17314942/boston-red-sox-news-one-year-wonder-returns-with-adrian-beltre-david-price-bartolo-colon)

Another baseball player named Carlos Gomez of the Minnesota Twins shared his experience as well. He said that he heard voices and then saw his iPod switch on without him touching it. The iPod later vibrated so much that it almost fell on the floor. He placed the iPod back where he left it and the same thing took place. He eventually ran out of the room because he was just too scared.

Carlos Gomez

Carlos Gomez in an undated photo. (Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carlos_G%C3%B3mez)

Michael Young of the Philadelphia Phillies also talked about how he was spooked while staying at the Pfister Hotel. He said that he is not someone who spreads ghost stories so the fact that he is telling about it is because it is true. He shared, “A couple of years ago, I was lying in bed after a night game, and I was out. My room was locked, but I heard these footsteps inside my room, stomping around. I’d heard all these stories about this hotel, so I was wide awake at that point. And then I heard it again, so I yelled out, ‘Hey! Make yourself at home. Hang out, have a seat, but do not wake me up, okay?’ After that, I didn’t hear a thing for the rest of the night.”Michael Young in an undated photo

Michael Young in an undated photo. (Link: https://www.dallasnews.com/sports/rangers/2013/03/17/former-texas-ranger-michael-young-hits-the-ground-running-with-phillies/)

Back in 2018, Marcell Ozuna and Carlos Martinez of the Cardinals had to spend the night together in the same hotel room because they both saw ghosts during their stay at the Pfister Hotel. Martinez took to Instagram to talk about the incident and he said, “We are here in Milwaukee. I just saw a ghost in Ozuna’s room. He saw another one. We are all here. We are all in Penita’s room. We are all stuck here. We are going to sleep together. If the ghost shows again, we are all going to fight together.”

Marcell Ozuna in an undated photo

Marcell Ozuna in an undated photo. (Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marcell_Ozuna)

Carlos Martinez in an undated photo

Carlos Martinez in an undated photo. (Link: https://www.vivaelbirdos.com/st-louis-cardinals-news-analysis-mlb/2019/12/9/21003212/carlos-martinez-hopes-to-be-a-starter-in-2020-a-hunt-and-peck)

Aside from the electrical malfunctions, disembodied voices, loud footsteps, there are also entities of dogs heard running through the hallways.




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