Underrated Ghost Stories And Mythical Creatures All Over The World: One Hundred And Thirty-Second Stop – Savannah, Georgia

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Underrated Ghost Stories And Mythical Creatures All Over The World: One Hundred And Thirty-Second Stop – Savannah, Georgia

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Savannah is the oldest city in Georgia. It was established sometime in 1733. Savannah is the fifth largest city in Georgia and attracts a lot of visitors yearly because of its cobblestone streets, historic buildings, parks, and amazing places to visit like the Georgia Historical Society, the Telfair Academy of Arts and Sciences, the Railway roundhouse complex, and many more.

Downtown Savannah, Georgia. (Link: https://www.vacationhomesofhiltonhead.com/blog/best-hilton-head/4-things-do-day-trip-savannah-ga)

Savannah, Georgia is also the place where the 17hundred90 inn is located. Accordingly, it is haunted and if you want to know why, continue reading below.

The 17hundred90 inn as seen from the outside. (Link: https://www.savannah.com/five-famous-savannah-spirits/)

The History Of 17hundred90 Inn

The inn was constructed during the year 1820 and not 1790. This is the oldest inn in Savannah, Georgia.

Accordingly, the building was supposed to be the boarding house of a Virginia planner named Steele White. However, he was killed inn accident even before the building was completed. It is believed that the building as named as 17hundred90 instead of 1820 because the year 1820 was disastrous for Savannah due to a fire that affected two thirds of the city and a yellow fever epidemic.

Originally, the 17hundred90 Inn had three separate buildings. However, in the 1820s, the building caught fired and burned down. When it was rebuilt in 1821, the 17hundred90 Inn became a single building.

The inn is at a residential area and is very charming because it takes you back to time. The 14-room main inn is the most visited building because people would like a chance encounter with the alleged resident ghosts.

If you are not a fan of ghosts, 17hundred90 inn also has a three-story guesthouse across the main inn and a restaurant where you can dine at.

The Ghost of Anne Or Anna At The 17hundred90 Inn

There are reportedly three ghosts at the 17hundred90 Inn.

First is the ghost of Anne or Anna. She used to be a barmaid or a housemaid at the inn. She reportedly fell in love with a sailor who docked in Savannah. The sailor was a smooth talker because he promised her everything. However, one day, the sailor left without saying anything to the woman who believed he loved her, too.

A figure of a woman is actually placed on the window of room 204 in the 17hundred90inn. (Link: https://www.yelp.ca/biz/17hundred90-inn-and-restaurant-savannah?start=40)

Anne or Anna reportedly waited for the sailor to come back and usually did the waiting at the window of room 204. When she could not wait any longer and realized he was not coming back, she allegedly took her own life by throwing herself over the railing of the second floor balcony. Her body landed on the brick courtyard making her die instantly. Others claim, however, that Anne or Anna was supposed to marry someone else but that husband-to-be got angry that she wanted to be with the sailor. The supposed husband-to-be allegedly pushed her out of the window of room 204.

Room 204 at the 17hundred90 inn. (Link: https://ghostsnghouls.com/17hundred90-inn-ghost-room-204/)

Anne or Anna is said to haunt the same room and the inn in general. She reportedly loves messing with people and their belongings. Those who have stayed at the room where she allegedly took her life reported that their things were either missing or rearranged. She also likes to tug on the sheets and make people hear her sobs.

A visitor shared their encounter with the ghost of Anne or Anna. The inn guest named Lynn was with her two daughters and some of their friends when they stayed at the 17hundred90 Inn. They specifically went to this inn to experience the rumoured paranormal activities. The only room left was room 204 and the family took it.

Accordingly, they noticed a teddy bear on top of the fire place. That teddy bear was the same bear that the TV show “Ghost Hunters” brought with them during a paranormal investigation. The bear was supposed to act as a camera so that it could show a full view of the room at night. In between the legs of the bear was a purple ball.

Lynn then went to the bathroom when she heard her daughters asking if Anne or Anna was there and if she wanted to play. Shortly thereafter, the ball from the bear’s legs fell to the floor. Lynn put it back where it originally belonged but fell two more times to the floor. They believe it was Anne or Anna doing it.

Lynn and her daughter, as well as their friends, were getting ready for dinner. One of the girls flicked the lamp light on and off and when they were about to leave, the lamp light flickered on and off on its own. They did not give much thought about it but when they came back to the room after dinner and tried to turn the lamp on, they could no longer do it. When they checked some more, they found out that the lamp was unplugged. None of them did it earlier so they suspect it was Anne or Anna who did it.

When it was already time for bed, Lynn and her daughters did not get much sleep. They were up all night because there were scratches at the end of the bed, the windows rattled, and the doorknobs shook.

Singer Miley Cyrus actually stayed at the same room in the past while she filmed for a movie in the area. She took to Twitter to share a photo of her experience with Anne or Anna. She captioned the photo with the words, “Look what Ana did (ghost in room 204) My boots were put on top of my suitcase & left with a handprint while I was out.”

17hundred90 Inn actually has a journal for room 204. Some of the visitors wrote, “Anna is here,” “You can feel something here, if it is Anna, she is a peaceful spirit, at least for us,” and “Heard footsteps and floor creaking. Got touched and saw her shadow.”

Another visitor shared on TripAdvisor, “For our second night, we decided to move up to the ‘haunted’ room, 204. While we didn’t expect anything to happen, we thought it would be fun to say we stayed in the haunted room. Well, we definitely experienced some unexplainable things! Nothing happened at first, but as the night went on, we were absolutely graced with Anna’s presence. Anna is the ghost. She hid our keys, pulled a vitamin out of a pocket and placed it on the fireplace, unzipped my purse a couple times… it was crazy! Every time we would go back up to our room from our trips to the restaurant or out in the town, we would feel her presence as we got closer to the room.”

The Other Ghosts At 17hundred90 Inn

The other ghosts at the 17hundred90 Inn pertain to that of a young boy and a former head cook.

The ghost of the young boy is said to belong to Thaddeus. He is usually seen on the ground floor of the 17hundred90 Inn specifically at the kitchen and the tavern. He is very friendly and if he is present, he leaves out shiny pennies. Many say that if you find the penny, you can pick it up for good luck.

The restaurant area of 17hundred90inn. (Link: https://www.connectsavannah.com/savannah/17-hundred-90-restaurant/Location?oid=2129947)

A meaner spirit belongs to the former head cook. The former head cook reportedly practiced voodoo in the past and does not like women being in the kitchen.

Reports claim that pots have been thrown around and people in the kitchen were pushed or touched by the unseen force. Pranks have been pulled on the women working in the kitchen. The spirit is said to be a woman who the kitchen staff need to please before they can work peacefully.

The 17hundred90 inn at night. (Link: https://www.tripadvisor.com.ph/LocationPhotoDirectLink-g60814-d86749-i260509358-17_Hundred_90_Inn-Savannah_Georgia.html)

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