Underrated Ghost Stories And Mythical Creatures All Over The World: One Hundred And Thirty-First Stop – Quincy, Florida

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Underrated Ghost Stories And Mythical Creatures All Over The World: One Hundred And Thirty-First Stop – Quincy, Florida

The Leaf Theater at night

Quincy, Florida is visited for its downtown area. It has a lot of old and historic buildings, amazing restaurants, and different shops. In the past, Quincy was actually the richest town per capita in the whole of United States.

Downtown Quincy, Florida

Downtown Quincy, Florida. (Link: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Quincy_FL_downtown03.JPG)

Others visit Quincy, Florida because of the alleged spooky things happening here. One of the spooky places in this town is the Leaf Theater.

Leaf Theater as seen from the outside

Leaf Theater as seen from the outside. (Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leaf_Theater)

History of Leaf Theater

The Leaf Theater is a historical theatre and is managed by a non-profit group called Quincy Music Theater. It was built sometime in 1949 and was named as Leaf Theater because of the popularity of shade tobacco back in the day. It was built to serve as a movie theatre and was a very advanced establishment when it was erected because it had air conditioning. It also had a cry room and had separate entrances for whites and people of color. By the year 1908, the Leaf Theater had to close down because there were bigger and better movie houses built in the area.

Seventy-five years after it closed down, the building was purchased. Later, it was donated to the Quincy Music Theatre group. They were able to restore the Leaf Theater to its former glory using donations, grants, and gifts from donors.

Today, the Leaf Theater is used to hose live music theatre and even educational events. However, that’s not the only reason why this theatre is making a buzz not only to the locals but also to visitors.

The Hauntings At The Leaf Theater

Leaf Theater is reportedly haunted by many spirits. The most common places where the supposed hauntings occur are at the backstage area, the balcony, the upstairs area, and even in the seating area of the main floor of the theatre.

The most famous spirits are said to be former movie operators. One of them was identified as Charles Gibson while the other is just described as a man who wears a hat.

Big Bend Ghost Trackers visited Leaf Theater in the past and made a detailed statement of the incidents they encountered while there. The executive director of the ghost trackers, Betty Davis, shared that she saw the ghost of a man wearing a brown belt and khaki pants. The ghost was reportedly standing on the landing. The ghost then tapped on his watch and waved his arms. It is believed that this ghost belongs to one of the former projectionists named Sherille Odel McDaniel at Leaf Theatre. The same ghost is usually seen in the projection both, the balcony, and the auditorium. He could also be spotted from the third seat of the right end of the first row in the central section of the seats. The same seat reportedly refuses to stay folded as witnessed by many cleaning ladies of Leaf Theater.

One person commented on an article about The Leaf Theatre saying, “My grandfather was “mack” or Mr.McDaniel aka the projectionist he is said to haunt the building I doubt it but I have never went in the building it really does give off bad energy.”

As for their encounter with Charles Gibson, Big Bend Ghost Trackers shared that they were able to speak with his spirit. He allegedly cannot rest because he seems to want to communicate with his son.

The manager of Leaf Theater, Bill Mock, also shared his fair share of ghostly encounters. He said that it’s generally a strange feeling enveloping him or someone calling his name even if no one else was around.

A Visitor’s Story About Visiting The Leaf Theater

A visitor shared that they visited Leaf Theater in 2007. Her friend was in a play and during one rehearsal evening, she was allowed to stay in the balcony and watch. She revealed that while she was watching the rehearsal, she heard someone rattling a doorknob that was on the outside wall. She proceeded to try and open it but she saw that it had a steel bar across the door and even a chain on the door knob. She then told the “people” whom she thought were on the other side of the door that she could not let them in because of the circumstances. The rattling reportedly stopped but it happened again a few more times until the rehearsal was over.

She continued to share, “I thought it was someone playing a joke on me since I had been told the place was haunted by several people there. At the end of the rehearsal I went back down and approached my friends group and laughed telling them they got me with their joke. After a few strange looks I explained what I meant and everyone’s eyes grew big and a few mouths opened. The stage manager told me that was not possible and took me outside the side stage door and showed me a large open space and a sole door high on the wall. He told me the staircase had collapsed well over 30 years ago and two people were killed in the fall. There was no physical way to reach the door from the outside without a extension ladder or lift platform. My skin crawled for weeks after that experience.”

A Death At The Theatre

Accordingly, one man, who was at the theatre with his girlfriend, died a number of years ago because he suddenly suffered from a heart attack.

In October 2012, the director of one of the productions at Leaf Theatre saw someone at the top of the steps leading to the outdoor storage room. The director told him they were closing up but the figure did not respond. When the director went up to check on the supposed man he saw, no one was there. It is believed to be the ghost of the man who died of a heart attack.

The Leaf Theater at night

The Leaf Theater at night. (Link: https://houseofgeekery.com/2017/06/14/the-most-haunted-theaters-in-america/)

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