Underrated Ghost Stories And Mythical Creatures All Over The World: One Hundred And Thirtieth Stop – Phoenix, Arizona

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Underrated Ghost Stories And Mythical Creatures All Over The World: One Hundred And Thirtieth Stop – Phoenix, Arizona

One of the rooms inside Hotel San Carlos

Phoenix, being the capital of Arizona, attracts a lot of tourists all-year-round because of its tropical vibes and warm temperatures. The city is known for its high-end resorts and spa, golf courses, and night clubs.

Downtown Phoenix, Arizona

Downtown Phoenix, Arizona. (Link: https://azbigmedia.com/real-estate/here-are-the-projects-driving-the-boom-in-downtown-phoenix-development/)

One more reason why people visit Phoenix, Arizona is because of Hotel San Carlos. It is reportedly very spooky because it is haunted.

Hotel San Carlos in Phoenix, Arizona

Hotel San Carlos in Phoenix, Arizona. (Link: https://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/restaurants/rice-paper-restaurant-in-hotel-san-carlos-in-downtown-phoenix-is-closed-9335655)

The History Of Hotel San Carlos

Hotel San Carlos or San Carlos Hotel operates to this day and caters to many tourists because of the alleged ghost sightings.

According to reports, the site where the hotel stands today is the location of the first ever school in Phoenix, which was built in 1874. It was changed into a bigger building to accommodate more students in 1879 and then expanded more times after. It was finally demolished in 1916 because of the luxury hotel planned to be built in the site. In 1919, the land was bought by the Babbitt family. The land was later purchased from the family by Charles Harris and Dwight D. Heard and that was when the Hotel San Carlos project was green lit.

An old photo showing Hotel San Carlos

An old photo showing Hotel San Carlos. (Link: https://www.pressconnects.com/story/travel/hotels/2019/10/29/haunted-arizona-hotels-how-phoenix-hotel-san-carlos-got-its-ghost-leone-jensen/2494146001/)

It was the year 1927 when the construction of Hotel San Carlos begun. It was a very modern hotel because the architects used Italian Renaissance style to complete the look of the establishment. Air conditioning, which was a first in the whole of Phoenix during that time, was also installed at the hotel. The grand opening took place on March 19, 1928.

Harris and Heard co-managed the hotel but when Heard died in 1929, Harris became the full-time manager of Hotel San Carlos. He even brought his family to live at the roof top penthouse so he can focus on the hotel. The hotel was managed by the Harris family until the year 1967. However, the widow of Harris had to sell the hotel to an investment group, who were unsuccessful in managing the hotel. They then sold it to one Gregory Melikian and his family continues to operate it to this day. They even restored the Hotel San Carlos to its original glory.

The Deaths And Ghosts At The Hotel San Carlos

As mentioned earlier, the land where Hotel San Carlos was built was where the first ever school in Phoenix was once standing. Accordingly, many of these school-aged children died due to the 1918 Spanish flu. It was not stated in history that they died at the school but it is worth noting that some of the children who went to school where the Hotel San Carlos is now passed away.

In relation to this, many have claimed they always see the ghost of a little girl. She is believed to be around the ages of six to nine. She reportedly visits the hotel rooms in the evening and sit there crying. Many believe she was one of the children who died because of the Spanish flu.

Another story claims that there was once a well in the land where Hotel San Carlos stands. Allegedly, a number of kids fell in the well and died. Sometimes, the giggles of children and disembodied voices could be heard by the staff and hotel guests.

On May 7, 1928, the first ever death occurred at the Hotel San Carlos just a month after its opening. The Arizona Republic had the headline “Pretty blonde jumps from San Carlos early today.” According to the suicide note found after investigators searched the crime scene, she claimed that she was physically abused by her boyfriend. Her boyfriend was a bellboy at Westward Ho, a nearby hotel.

A snippet of the headline about the death of Jensen at Hotel San Carlos

A snippet of the headline about the death of Jensen at Hotel San Carlos. (Link: http://cronkiteworks.asu.edu/sancarlos/ghoststory.html)

The woman was identified as 22-year-ol Leone Jensen. Rumours later circulated claiming that Jensen was pregnant and her boyfriend was fooling around with another woman. It was also a hot topic as to whether Jensen really committed suicide or her boyfriend, or the woman he had an affair with, could have pushed her to her death.

According to the notes that Jensen wrote, she apologized to the manager because she only had five dollars to pay for the room she spent the night on before she ascended to the rooftop and jumped. She also wrote other notes, one directing whoever would read her statements as to how her funeral should be done, and the others saying goodbye to her friends. Her body fell on Monroe Street and patrolmen tried to save her after they heard a scream followed by a loud thud at around 2:45 A.M.

Her entity is said to be the most common spirit seen in and around Hotel San Carlos. The woman could be seen roaming the halls and even appearing at the foot of the beds of guests. Sometimes, she is also seen at the rooftop possibly about to jump again.

The rooftop of Hotel San Carlos

The rooftop of Hotel San Carlos. (Link: https://www.tripadvisor.com/LocationPhotoDirectLink-g31310-d112162-i239349901-Hotel_San_Carlos-Phoenix_Arizona.html)

On December 9, 2004, another death took place at Hotel San Carlos. A man, who was never identified, jumped from the roof of the hotel. There has been no word if his spirit haunts the halls of Hotel San Carlos.

Guests Claim They Had A Very Strange Experience During Their Stay At Hotel San Carlos

One guest wrote a review of their stay at the Hotel San Carlos. She shared that she was sceptical that the hotel was haunted. On their first evening, they downloaded a ghost app and it showed them that ghosts went in and out of their room. However, she still did not believe it. She noted, however, that she felt chills come over her from her head to her toes and even felt like she was being watched. When they were at the business center at the basement of Hotel San Carlos, a fan with a pull turned on by itself and she swears they never pulled it.

One of the rooms inside Hotel San Carlos

One of the rooms inside Hotel San Carlos. (Link: https://www.agoda.com/en-in/hotel-san-carlos_4/hotel/phoenix-az-us.html?cid=1844104)

What made her believe in ghosts was their second night at Hotel San Carlos. She shared, “Nothing will top the 2nd (and last) night we stayed. While my partner was using the restroom, I jokingly told him the ghost was in there according to our app. He began to beat on the door telling me to hurry in there. I thought he was joking so I initially ignored him. He kept telling me to come in there so i did. The light in the bathroom was smoking and forming into a shape towards him and the light flickered many colors. We video taped this and looking into the phone, the light was so bright in there you could not make out the bathroom. When we would pan over to the room area, the picture was fine.

The staff is wonderful and moved us to another room. Once inside, we were feeling very eerie and discussing leaving. It took a bag of Doritos that were sitting on a desk with us on the other side of the room to fly across the room – ALL BY ITSELF. That was it. The staff was accommodating and refunded us for that night.”

She did not say who they believe the ghosts were.

Outside Hotel San Carlos at night

Outside Hotel San Carlos at night. (Link: https://www.pinterest.ph/pin/59813501279210406/)

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