Underrated Ghost Stories And Mythical Creatures All Over The World: One Hundred And Nineteenth Stop – Portland, Oregon

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Underrated Ghost Stories And Mythical Creatures All Over The World: One Hundred And Nineteenth Stop – Portland, Oregon

The Bagdad Theatre at night

Portland, Oregon is known for being a hipster and environmentally-friendly community. In the past, it was also known for its strip clubs because it has the highest number of strip clubs per capita in the United States. Aside from these reasons, people visit Portland, Oregon for the Portland Japanese Garden, the Pittock Mansion, the Oregon Zoo, and many more.

Another reason why people go to Portland, Oregon is for the reportedly haunted Bagdad Theatre. If you want to know more about how haunted it is, keep on reading below!

The Bagdad Theatre as seen from the outside

The Bagdad Theatre as seen from the outside. (Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bagdad_Theatre)

The History Of Bagdad Theatre

The Bagdad Theatre was once a movie theatre in the Hawthorne District and it initially opened in 1927. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places by 1989.

The Bagdad Theatre in an undated old photo

The Bagdad Theatre in an undated old photo. (Link: https://oregonencyclopedia.org/articles/bagdad_theater/)

Universal Studios was the company that spent $100,000 to have the Bagdad Theatre built. An architectural firm called Thomas and Mercier was the one that designed the theatre and it was later put into reality by Christman and Otis Development Company.

During the time it was built, there were other movie houses in the area. What made it stand out was its exotic exterior and its neon-lit pavilion. The interior of the Bagdad Theatre included a large stage, Middle Eastern décor, and a fountain. The female ushers also wore uniforms as if they were Arabian. There were also live stage shows, theatre orchestra, and vaudeville held at the Bagdad Theatre.

Some notable movies that were screened at the Bagdad Theatre were the first showing in Oregon of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” and “My Own Private Idaho.”

It was renovated in 2013 but the exterior of the Bagdad Theatre looks a lot like how it was in 1927 as it is now. The interior now has a larger screen, a digital projector, new seats, and better sound system. It is owned by the McMenamins now.

The Bagdad Theatre inside

The Bagdad Theatre inside. (Link: https://www.pinterest.ph/pin/540924605215412150/?nic_v1=1agCpYqjPEUOSH5h7pwhMug6jCMjJYCyutBm5e1LkzWopctvRMxXj51wxdmL4S%2B5Gn)

The Ghosts At The Bagdad Theatre

There have been manifestations at the Bagdad Theatre and it is believed that it is caused by the deaths, accidents, or suicides at the Bagdad Theatre.

One stage hand reportedly took his own life behind the movie screen of Bagdad Theatre. A male entity manifesting its presence at the Bagdad Theatre to this day is believed to belong to the said stage hand. The stage hand is reportedly seen crossing in front of the screen and is heard whispering behind the screen.

The stage and the screen at the Bagdad Theatre

The stage and the screen at the Bagdad Theatre. (Link: http://web.pdx.edu/~akasari/school/portland/southeast.html)

Another entity cannot be determined whether it is a male or a female. However, this entity is said to always keep a close eye on the employees while they work in the kitchen of Bagdad Theatre. This entity reportedly watch them intently through the kitchen’s swinging doors while they are busy performing their jobs. The swinging doors also usually move without any explanation. The same ghost reportedly moves the stuff around in the Bagdad Theatre. Papers are reportedly often moved round, cleaning supplies are moved from one room to another, and many workers have reported hearing the footsteps of something following them especially while they do their work at night.

The pub at the Bagdad Theatre where the kitchen is

The pub at the Bagdad Theatre where the kitchen is (Link: https://ghost.hauntedhouses.com/oregon_portland_bagdad_theater_and_pub)

One worker shared of her experience regarding the entity that seems to make sure work is done, “Nothing bad. It just feels like a mom or a grandma making sure I am doing it the right way. So I try to do it the right way.”

There is also reportedly another ghost at the downstairs bathroom. Guests who have used it said they immediately smelled the cologne of a man upon entering. Also, they have felt an unseen presence looking at them from the top whenever they use the stall. One woman shared of her experience, which she took lightly, “All that came to mind was that old men’s cologne called Hai Karate; it was that tacky and pungent. Did I feel like I was being watched? Not really. I mean, I couldn’t get over the bad cologne! And, seriously, if a dead guy wants to peek over a bathroom stall at me, all the more power to him. Who says ghosts can’t be playful now and then?”

The Bagdad Theatre at night

The Bagdad Theatre at night. (Link: https://www.nme.com/blogs/nme-blogs/hipster-portland-city-guide-2296306)

Other patrons and employees have reported they saw a woman sitting in the different seats of a theatre. That woman never makes a noise and could be seen for only a few seconds before disappearing.

The empty seats of Bagdad Theatre

The empty seats of Bagdad Theatre. (Link: https://www.crystalballroompdx.com/mobile/search/locations/results/page?locations=99&page_tags=History&search_query=Bagdad)

There have also been reports of children playing in the aisle of the Bagdad Theatre. When people start noticing them, the kids immediately stop and vanish.

One of the aisles of the Bagdad Theatre

One of the aisles of the Bagdad Theatre. (Link: https://thirtyfourflavours.wordpress.com/2014/11/19/bagdad-theater-and-pub/)

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