Underrated Ghost Stories And Mythical Creatures All Over The World: One Hundred And Forty-Eighth Stop – Helena, Montana

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Underrated Ghost Stories And Mythical Creatures All Over The World: One Hundred And Forty-Eighth Stop – Helena, Montana

Helena is the capital of the U.S. state of Montana. It was founded as a gold camp during the Montana gold rush and was later established to be the state’s capital. The famous places people visit in Helena are the buildings that represent the rich history of the city. Some include the Montana State Capitol, the Cathedral of Saint Helena, Holter Museum of Art, Mount Helena, Original Governor’s Mansion, and many more.

A photo of downtown Helena, Montana. (Link: https://www.mbac.biz/2018/03/27/helena-considers-urban-renewal-district-for-downtown-redevelopment/)

One place in Helena, however, that you won’t particularly find in the list of your tour guides is the Carroll College. It may not be popular as a tourist spot but it is popular for being haunted.

A sign somewhere in Carroll College showing the name of the school. (Link: https://www.carroll.edu/safety-emergency/sexual-misconduct)

History of Carroll College

Carroll College is a private Catholic school in Helena, Montana. It has a total of 21 buildings and sits in 63 acres of land. It was first proposed to be built by the first bishop of Helena, John Baptist Brondel. He said that he wanted to establish a Catholic college so they can produce future priests to serve the diocese of Helena. However, Brondel passed away without the college materializing.

Later, Bishop John Patrick Carroll, the second bishop, dreamt the same dream of building a Catholic college. In the year 1909, the dream was put into reality. Then-president William Howard Taft helped in building St. Charles Hall. The goal was to have men enrol in the all-men’s liberal arts college with courses focusing on priesthood, medicine, teaching, law, and engineering.

An undated photo of Bishop John Carroll. (Link: https://www.carroll.edu/mission-catholic-identity/bishop-john-carroll)

It was initially called Mount Saint Charles College but it was changed into Carroll to honor the bishop as the founder in the year 1932.

An old photo of Carroll College. (Link: http://www.helenahistory.org/carroll_college.htm)

After World War II, more courses were offered and Carroll College started admitting female students.

Carroll College continued to grow and just this year, it was ranked at the number 1 Regional College in the West via U.S. News and World Report. The college has been holding the top spot for the past decade.

The Haunted St. Charles Hall

Although Carroll College remains decorated in terms of academic excellence, it is also decorated with many ghost stories from students, staff, and visitors.

Accordingly, the most haunted building in Carroll College is the St. Charles Hall. Today, the same building no longer serves students for their classes but it was converted into a dormitory.

A photo of the facade of St. Charles Hall. (Link: https://billingsgazette.com/st-charles-hall-carroll-college-helena/image_20b5c1c6-43eb-531f-8f9b-0e6cf586e644.html)

The most haunted floor at St. Charles Hall is said to be on the fourth floor particularly the men’s bathroom. In 194, a student reportedly blacked out while brushing his teeth in the same bathroom. Because he blacked out, he fainted and hit his head on one of the sinks in the bathroom. The student had haemorrhage in his brain and was taken to the hospital. However, he did not survive and died of pneumonia a few weeks after the incident.

After the unfortunate incident, students who used the same bathroom already started feeling strange occurrences and paranormal activities. Some said that whenever they brushed their teeth or washed their face and they glance at the mirror, they see the man who died. The man could be seen with a head wound and was standing right behind the person doing his business in the bathroom.

Other shared their experiences about blood coming out of the faucet instead of water.

Later, the bathroom had to be locked up and it remains to be locked to this day. However, there are still activities happening in the bathroom. Those who live in the dorm claim they can hear scraping sounds from the other side of the locked bathroom as if someone wants to get out of there.

The same bathroom is opened during Halloween season. It is used as a haunted house attraction.

The Ghost of St. Albert’s Hall

Another area that is said to be haunted at the Carroll College is St. Albert’s Hall. Allegedly, a nun jumped from a window to her death. Other conflicting statements claim that she did not commit suicide. She only died in the building after she became ill. Either way, after her death, people working in the building claim to have seen and heard her walking up and down the halls.

Outside St. Albert’s Hall in Carroll College. (Link: https://plexuss.com/college/carroll-college)

An assistant director at the college shared in an interview, ““Sometimes people working at night have a feeling of someone ushering them out and saying ‘go home.’”

A paranormal investigator named Christopher Moon also visited St. Albert’s Hall to check if the stories are true. He claimed that after his visit, he was able to communicate with a ghost named Matilda Sebastian. She was a nun at the college. It is unclear what the nun told Moon during the visit.

Other Hauntings

The other manifestations in the building include a student reportedly jumping out of a window to commit a suicide. Students claim they saw the same event being replayed in front of their eyes on certain evening.

Others have shared their stories about seeing priests who remain at the Carroll College after their deaths.

None of these stories were confirmed but you’ll never know what to believe unless you go and check out Carroll College for yourself.

A scenic photo showing Carroll College. (Link: https://www.carroll.edu/admission-aid/visit-campus)

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