Underrated Ghost Stories And Mythical Creatures All Over The World: Ninety-Sixth Stop – Pomfret, Connecticut

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Underrated Ghost Stories And Mythical Creatures All Over The World: Ninety-Sixth Stop – Pomfret, Connecticut

The cemetery at Bara-Hack

In Pomfret, Connecticut, there are a lot of people visiting the area because of the many outdoor activities that could be done there. There are also a lot of places to visit like the Mashamoquet Brook State Park, where you can go camping, the Sharpe Hill Vineyard, a winery, and many more.

A scenic view at Pomfret, Connecticut

A scenic view at Pomfret, Connecticut. (Link: https://www.tripadvisor.com.ph/Attractions-g33890-Activities-Pomfret_Mystic_Country_Connecticut.html)

However, another reason why people visit Pomfret Connecticut because of a ghost town that is said to be full of paranormal activities. This town is called the Bara-Hack village, which was once a settlement but was later abandoned by its inhabitants.

The former site of Bara-Hack village

The former site of Bara-Hack village. (Link: https://andrikyrychok.wordpress.com/2008/11/12/pictures-from-the-ghost-town-of-bara-hack-pomfret-ct/)

The History Of Bara-Hack Village

The Bara-Hack village was settled in back in 1778 by one Johnathan Randall Esq. and Obediah Higinbotham. They fled from a farm because the British advanced in the area. Randall already bought the area previously and when they had to leave where they initially lived, they built their homes in Bara-Hack. They were able to complete a water wheel powered mill, a business that produced spinning wheels to produce textiles, farms, other livelihoods, and a burial ground.

It was abandoned by the year 1890 because of the economic problems and the original founders already died. People then started to leave until it was completely lifeless.

What remains of the Bara-Hack village

What remains of the Bara-Hack village. (Link: https://www.pinterest.ph/pin/488288784591064444/?lp=true)

The Ghost Stories Surrounding Bara-Hack Village

Locals refer to the ghost town of Bara-Hack village as “The Village Of Voices” because apparently, many who have visited the area have heard things that sound like the former settlers remain to live in the area and as if they never left. Accordingly, the daily lives of the people who once lived there could be heard in the area.

Ruins at the Bara-Hack village

Ruins at the Bara-Hack village. (Link: https://alchetron.com/Bara-Hack,-Connecticut)

Some claim that they heard children laughing and playing, dogs barking, cows mooing, and the sound of wagon wheels being pushed around.

The strange things that happen at the Bara-Hack village reportedly started even when Randall and his companions settled in the village. Randall’s slaves reportedly started seeing ghostly appearances like that of a ghost of a baby and the former residents in the area who recently died. The slaves claimed that they saw these ghosts near the cemetery. Speaking of the cemetery, other visitors said that they saw the ghost of a bearded man and a small child near the elm tree at the cemetery.

Comments Of Visitors, Paranormal Experts Regarding Bara-Hack Village

One professor from Harvard and Radcliffe College wrote about Bara-Hack village saying, “Although there is no human habitation for a long distance round about and no one goes there except the very few who go to listen, yet there is always a hum and stir of human life. It is as though sounds were able in this place to get round that incomprehensible corner, to pierce that mysterious soundproof wall that we call Time.”

A paranormal investigator named Paul Eno went to the village and he was with a group of students. The students reportedly saw ghosts like a bearded face floating in the air and a baby near the elm tree. The students confirmed that people visiting Bara-Hack could really hear the sound of the town when it was still busy and functioning.

Another member of the group claimed that he was restrained by unseen forces while he was operating the cameras. The same person added that he could not move any other way except towards the cemetery.

The cemetery at Bara-Hack

The cemetery at Bara-Hack. (Link: http://adventureswithmeg.weebly.com/bara-hack.html)

Three Rhode Island parapsychology students also visited Bara-Hack sometime in 1971. During their visit, they said that they encountered a sense of depression upon entering the property, they heard constant barking of dogs and mooing of cows, and heard strange human voices. They went back months later with a bigger group and they claimed that one of the new members of their team was frozen in one place and could not be moved physically.

Tips When Visiting Bara-Hack Village

If you want to visit Bara-Hack village and you want to look around, you must secure a permission to investigate. You could be charged with trespassing if you do not.

The owners, however, rarely allow anyone in the property. Visitors usually go there at their own peril.

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