Underrated Ghost Stories And Mythical Creatures All Over The World: Eighty-Third Stop – St. Petersburg, Russia

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Underrated Ghost Stories And Mythical Creatures All Over The World: Eighty-Third Stop – St. Petersburg, Russia

St Petersburg city pinned on a map of Russia among other World cup 2018 venues.

St. Petersburg, a city in Russia, is full of history. It is a port city in the Baltic sea and was the imperial capital for 200 years. It was founded in 1703 by Peter the Great and today, the city remains as the cultural center of Russia.

An aerial shot of one of the attractions in St. Petersburg in Russia

An aerial shot of one of the attractions in St. Petersburg in Russia. (Link: https://www.araioflight.com/15-best-attractions-saint-petersburg-russia/)

There are a lot of places to visit in St. Petersburg like the Mariinsky Theatre that hosts both opera and ballet, the State Russian Museum, the Hermitage Museum, the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, Peterhof Palace, Saint Isaac’s Cathedral, Peter and Paul Fortress, and many more. There is also a canal tour in St. Petersburg and it is in the manmade Obvodny Canal.

However, Obvodny Canal isn’t really visited for the purpose it serves. It is visited because of the supposed paranormal activities that happened here.

Sunset reflected at the Obvodny Canal

Sunset reflected at the Obvodny Canal. (Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Obvodny_Canal)

The History Of Obvodny Canal

The Obvodny Canal is the longest canal in St. Petersburg, Russia as it is eight kilometers long. During the 19th century, it served as the southern limit of the city. The water from it flows from the Neva River.

The Obvodny Canal today

The Obvodny Canal today. (Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Obvodny_Canal)

In the past, the Obvodny Canal was not that practical to go to because it was in the outskirts of the city. Only the poorest workers lived there.

The Obvodny Canal is significant in St. Petersburg because of its hydrotechnical facility and being a waterway between the port and upper Neva. Also, it is one of the artistic features of St. Petersburg and also serves as a conditional border of the southern industrial part of the Russian city. Around the Obvodny Canal, there are a lot of buildings, both civil and industrial, as well as bridges and support walls. They are all of importance to the architectural history of St. Petersburg.

The Obvodny Canal at night

The Obvodny Canal at night. (Link: https://www.lonelyplanet.com/articles/historic-st-petersburg-guide)

A Curse On St. Petersburg And Obvodny Canal

St. Petersburg was supposed to be the new capital but it was stripped off of the title in the early 20th century. It was one of the cities that suffered a lot because of World War II. Some claim that the city is actually cursed that is why there are a lot of misfortunes that happens here.

Most notable are the weird and unexplained events that happened at the Obvodny Canal. Accordingly, while the canal was being built, strange things already started to take place. Workers usually complained of really painful headaches and there was no explanation for this. Others also suffered from different health problems.

Worst, workers also massacred each other for no reason. Allegedly, some of them had unexpected outbursts of violence and this caused them to kill their co-workers. Despite these strange and unfortunate events, workers were still ordered to finish Obvodny Canal.

The Suicides At Obvodny Canal

Sometime in 1920, while the construction of Obvodny Canal was ongoing and the workers dug through the lands, they discovered granite plates and these were suspected to be tombs. However, the local archeologists were not permitted to fully study these plates because the construction would be delayed. The workers were then ordered to destroy the plates that were believed to be tombs and went on with the construction.

By 1923, it is believed that because they destroyed the tombs, suicides started to take place at Obvodny Canal. The suicides took place while workers worked on the Borovsky Bridge over the Obvodny Canal. This bridge is now known as the Suicide Bridge as coined by the locals.

An old photo of Obvodny Canal

An old photo of Obvodny Canal showing the Borovsky Bridge. (Link: http://midnightsocietytales.com/2014/05/01/real-life-creepy-place-suicide-canal-heart-saint-petersburg/)

Legends claim that the workers and other people started to drown themselves in the canal. Some even threw their infant children into the water.

Many of the suicides were successful and the few who have survived were questioned later about what happened. These survivors all had a common story – they either did not know why they jumped or that there was an invisible force that pushed them off the bridge and into the waters. Rumors swirled claiming that if people get too close to the canal, it has a hypnotizing effect as if something was inviting the person to get into the water.

Others did not feel the urge to jump off the bridge but they claim to have seen the corpse of a woman in white. She floats face-up and when people call for help, the woman disappears.

Another possible explanation for the paranormal activities at the Obvodny Canal is that during the thirteenth century, Swedish knights murdered women of the small tribes in the area. The shaman of the tribes was also killed. It is believed that these woman and the shaman were buried in the place where the Obvodny Canal was made.

To this day, there have been reported suicides every ten years in the Obvodny Canal.

Some boats touring the Obvodny Canal in St. Petersburg

Some boats touring the Obvodny Canal in St. Petersburg. (Link: https://meetrussia.online/saint-petersburgs-rivers-and-canals/)


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