These Photos are all captured by the WooFDriver on his Midnight MUSHing Ghost/Monster Hunting Expeditions!! Have a look for yourself as usually everybody has their own perspective and view of a photo. These photos also provide a behind the scenes look at how the WooFDiver and his crew do all of this.

You will notice different hues of the pictures as some are blueish, pinkish, grayish, etc... This is how the different cameras he uses capture these nighttime shots with IR lighting. BUT if you look closely you will see lots of reflections, lens flare, or even smoky/foggy like appearances. The WooFDriver believes this in some cases maybe paranormal happenings as they are showing up in these photos.

Please comment on the individual photo of what you see. The WooFDriver will try to respond and let you know if there were any other memorable experiences from that photo and maybe discover some conclusions from your exchange. Additionally, if you read the reference from where each photo was taken you may know more of what to look for such as if this was a Civil War area or a known wildlife/monster sighting place!


More pictures if you're not afraid, yet!!