Sturgis Rally Zombies

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Sturgis Rally Zombies

Day two of the rally was under way. The rally brings all different crowds to town. Hell’s Angels come in, the average bikers, the bikers traveling with their motorcycles in trailers and the people just looking to regain some of their youth for a week. Concerts were letting loose at all different venues and motorcycles were ripping through Sturgis and around the Black Hills. Most bikers that come to the rally are your average office joe. There are some that are the “one percenters” as they call themselves. The true bikers. Hellions on two wheels and don’t take a lick of anything from anyone.

The second day was winding down and something strange was happening just a couple miles outside of Sturgis. One of the well known biker bars, The Full Throttle Saloon, had a commotion happening in the main bar. A fight broke out between two bikers. One of them was very large, no he wasn’t fit, and the other biker looked, almost sick like. The larger biker tossed a few solid punches at the smaller man and knocked him around a little bit. The punches didn’t seem to phase the smaller biker. His eyes were blood shot and he smelled horrible. The smaller man began running and jumped on the larger guy. He bit the side of his neck and started tearing apart his shirt. The small man lifted up the man and threw him against the corner of the bar. The man’s head hit the bar and split open. The small man ran over to him and began licking up his blood and scooping up the brain matter that was coming out. Everyone that was watching started screaming in horror. They had no idea what was going on. The small guy looked up from his eating frenzy at everyone standing around him. His eyes were black and the whites of them were red. He stood up and cocked his head to the side and started walking funny towards the other people. He began making screeching noises and grunting. Everyone in the bar started running out and towards their bikes.

This man had contracted something. It was never found out what he had or how he got it. What this man had become was a Zombie. Yes, the same zombies that are seen in any movie, bad scifi show or book of brain eaters. The zombie left the Full Throttle and headed towards downtown Sturgis. The people that had fled the bar on their bikes headed towards town too. A flood of bikers from the bar came in and began causing a stir in town. They began telling everyone that a murder had happened at the Full Throttle. They said a cannibal was here and he was heading towards town. Most people thought they all were a bunch of crazies, or had too much beer. They continued on with their night of partying and listening to music. The bikers in town should have listened. It didn’t take too long for the Zombie to show up in Sturgis. He began walking through town but didn’t attack everyone in his path. He pushed people to the side and some of them out in to traffic. He didn’t know any better. This zombie just had his eyes set on brains and blood. He pushed one couple out of the way. The women was shoved into the wall of a building and the man went out into the street. The man turned the zombie around and punched him square in the face. After he punched him and saw what he looked like he was a little startled. The zombie stood upright and pushed the man against the wall next to his wife. He bit both of them in the neck and slammed his hands through the woman’s chest. The people walking by on the sidewalk screamed at what they just witnessed. The people driving by on their bikes or in their cars swerved and crashed into each other. Cars were slamming into the back of each other. Bikes were being run off into tents and bikers were being tossed up into windshields and car hoods. Panic and pandemonium had set in.

The man that had fallen victim at the Full Throttle began twitching. He started rolling around and having almost convulsive movements. Suddenly he sat straight up and looked around. No one was in the bar. He got to his feet, moved outside and heard the noises coming from downtown Sturgis. This new zombie set his sights on the town. There was nothing left for him here. On main street in Sturgis the man who the Zombie had been on the sidewalk began changing. He was rolling around on the ground and then off into the street. He stood up and a car hit him. The man got out of the car and walked to the front, looking to see if the person he hit was okay. The zombie stood up and slammed the mans head down into the car, repeatedly. It wasn’t long until his brains were running out. The Zombie began eating the brains and then continued down the street. Screams were heard left and right. Men and women, all who came to have a good time, were now being murdered by these flesh eating, brain munching, zombies. Chaos had now filled the entire town. The police, who could barely contain the three hundred thousand people that came into town every day, were now having to try and keep mass panic under control. The police chief radioed the national guard and the army to tell them what was happening.

It didn’t take long before hummers and helicopters were heading towards Sturgis. Helicopters flew over the city and recorded everything. Cars were on streets and smashed into vender’s tents. Buildings were catching on fire. People, well the newly forming zombies, were chasing everyone and killing them. The non-infected ones were running for their lives. Bikes were flying around everywhere and bikers were shooting the zombies as they drove by. Bullets wounds to the body didn’t seem to phase them, but if you shot one directly in the head, the zombie was done for. Seems to be par for the course for any living creature. You can’t do very much without a brain.

The army came in and with force. They road blocked the entire town. For the time being, until higher orders came down, no one went in or out. That means the people inside that weren’t infected, now had to hide from the zombies or fight them. A lot of bikers were ex-military and fighting came second nature to them. For a good majority though, they were just regular average joes. All around town groups started forming and merging into different sectors. The morning of the third day came and more than a quarter of Sturgis was either dead or had become infected and were now zombies. The zombies were growing in number and the military saw that something had to be done. Some of the people inside the borders didn’t like that they were being contained when there wasn’t anything wrong with them. This small group of about three hundred people began devising a plan. They were going to get their bikes, cars and any weapons they could get their hands on and make a run for the blockade line. The military caught wind of this and sent a helicopter over the the camp they knew this group was at. They dropped a care package with a note that read, “If you try to leave, deadly force will be used.” This only angered the group of bikers more. They weren’t going to be held captive waiting to die in this town full of zombies. They moved up their plan to leave and started all the engines to their vehicles. They made sure their guns were ready to go. Little did these bikers know, all the commotion they were making had attracted a group of zombies. Just as the bikers were getting ready to go, a group of sixty zombies swarmed their camp. Gun shots rang out across the whole town. The military guarding the perimeter heard the gunfire and knew what was happening. It looked like they weren’t going to try to make a run for it tonight.

The military had set up headquarters just outside of Sturgis. Day four of the rally was here and things were only getting worse. From the aerial footage they were receiving, it didn’t look like the zombies had grown too much, but the people were getting restless. It wouldn’t be long until rioting happened and large groups would make a run for it. If the military didn’t do something to try and contain this, disaster would be in store. The generals were trying to decide what to do. They could bring in storage containers and build them up around the city. Once the containers were in place they could have a quarantine area where people could come and finally be let out if they weren’t infected. Another option would be to send a seal team in to try and eradicate the zombies. It would be a next to impossible mission, but there were qualified men that could get it done. The only option…if all else failed is to remove the city. Yes, remove the city from the face of existence. After going over all the options, they decided to go with the seal team. It was the quickest option…besides the last one. The storage containers would take too long and the last option was, hopefully out of the picture.

Day five came and the days seemed to be piling up faster then they cared to admit. The general heading up this operation called in the Alpha’s. These men were the best of the best. The Alpha’s were a thing of legend. You only heard about them when things got bad, really bad. They were called in to annihilate. The group was made up of five men. When people hear stories of the Alpha’s, and there’s only five men, they often laugh and say that can’t be possible. Rest assured it is and there are only five. Rich, Greg, Mav, Henry and Clint are the five men who make up this group. They’ve never lost a man in battle. This group has been together for twelve years and all five men had been in the army, in separate groups, for another nine years before that. They live and breathe freedom.

This assignment was unlike anything they’ve ever seen. These boys have been in the deepest, darkest jungles and the scariest parts of the world. They’ve seen things only nightmares are made of. This may, most likely, be the worst nightmare yet. When they received the call from the general, he said they were needed in Sturgis, South Dakota. Rich was the leader of the group and laughed on the phone and repeated, “Where?!” At first he thought it must be a joke, but then quickly realized, this was no joke. They hopped on a plane and headed for South Dakota. The men landed at Ellsworth Air Force Base. They were met by a convoy of hummers and drove straight to the dead zone. The military had named it this because most people were dying, or were dead and zombies, or they were on the brink of wanting to die.

The team met with the top military officials to go over a plan of action. The officials had a general idea of what they thought would be the best tactic, but wanted input from these vets to see what the best course of action would be to take. The morning of day six was here and from the reports, more than half the town was either dead or zombies. The number had grown substantially and would keep climbing if they didn’t move in quick. The team decided they wanted to be dropped in the middle of town. There wasn’t much activity there and most of the zombies had began moving to the outskirts. They needed to get all their equipment ready and would be going in the following night at 11 pm. They were going to need night vision goggles, an endless supply of bullets and some sort of escape vehicle if things were to go south.

Greg was the arms man of the group. He gathered all the cool weapons they would use and carried most of the extra ammo, in case any of the crew ran out. Henry and Clint were the sharp shooters. They preferred sniper rifles over regular AR’s. Mav was the wild man of the group. He loved anything that had a trigger and let out hell fire in every direction. They gathered all of their supplies and loaded into the helicopter. The military was going to drop a hummer close to the entrance of Sturgis, in case things went awry.  They would only need to make it a couple miles on foot and would have transportation. It was eleven and the helicopter circled the center of town. They dropped the extra gear first and then one by one, each man jumped out. They all pulled the strings on their chutes and floated down into the hell hole that waited below them.

After they landed in town they decided to take the back half first. From the reports, there wasn’t a lot back there. Most of the people that were left, and the zombies, had moved to the front of the town. Henry and Clint saw a couple zombies in the distance and fired some rounds. Easy targets they were. It only took about an hour to sweep the back half of the town. Most of the people they ran into were folks in hiding. The soldiers told them to keep hidden and  the town would be reopened by morning. Greg, Rich, Mav, Henry and Clint moved towards the center of town and into the hot spots. Henry and Clint found some buildings where they could climb onto the roofs. They sat up there and kept an eye out on their fellow brothers down below.

Mav, the wild man, took the lead in front of the other three. Rich and Greg weren’t far behind him. As they moved through the city, zombies were swarming them from all sides. They were turning, like a merry go round, shooting each of them dead in the head. They had enough ammo to get the job done, but didn’t want to waste any. Rich and Greg each had a pistol in both hands and were lighting up the town like the O.K. corral. Henry and Clint were sitting up on their perches, knocking zombies off one by one. Each had a couple shots that were lucky and took two zombies out at once. Mav was running rampant around in front of them. Knife in one hand and gun in the other. He looked like an army ninja. If a body count was being kept, Mav was at the top of the list.

Henry and Clint came down from their buildings. They took off running to catch up to the other three men. They were almost to the front of the town and had taken out ninety percent of the zombies. They could see the hummer that was waiting down the road for them. There was roughly five blocks to go, but they couldn’t let their guard down. They made it past the first block with no sign of zombies. Coming up to the second, they could see movement behind some trees and houses. They split up and came at the zombies from both sides. When they rounded the back of the house, there must have been a thousand zombies, feeding on brains and tearing people apart. Mav did what any soldier would do. He pulled out his machine gun and laid down a reckoning among those lifeless creatures. Mowing them down, row by row until, click-click from the gun. He was out of bullets. He called for Greg, who came running  with more ammo. Mav was getting reloaded while the other three were laying down cover fire. The zombies kept coming and coming. The men were all beginning to run low on bullets. They pulled back and started heading toward the hummer. They weren’t going to let these zombies win. They hadn’t lost a battle yet and today wasn’t going to be the day.

When the men reached the hummer they all piled inside, except for Mav. He stood up in the back while Rich was driving. There was a 50 caliber machine gun mounted to the top of the hummer.  As Rich drove back towards the house, the zombies were coming up the street. Mav was on top holding down the trigger and laying waste to any zombie that was in front. Rich stepped on the gas and began taking out the zombies with the cattle guard bolted to the front of the hummer. Zombie limbs were flying all over. Rich slammed on the brakes and came sliding to a halt. They didn’t see any more zombies coming out of the woodwork. They drove around Sturgis, up and down every street, and all they saw were citizens. People ready to leave this town and get back to their homes. The soldiers took the hummer and drove to the front lines. The military guards opened the gates and they were congratulated immensely for their service. A job well done once again. As all five men were walking back to their ride, waiting to take them to the airport, Greg looked down at his arm. Just below his shoulder was a cut that had come from a zombie. The cut was already swelling and turning green and red. He had been infected…it wouldn’t be long until…he was a zombie.

The End.

Keenan Angel
Keenan Angel
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