The Space Brain

Columbia Trail NJ
Columbia Trail NJ
February 1, 2016
Hopkinsville Goblins
Hopkinsville Goblins
February 1, 2016

SpaceBrainWereWooFSBigfoot comes up a lot when one delves into the mysterious world of the cryptids. He is the poster boy for the unexplained, the monster celebrity. But the fact is, Bigfoot’s origins are very terrestrial and more than likely exceedingly mundane. For now, we will leave the world of cryptids and focus instead on a different kind of mystery: that of UFO sightings and abductions. In public, speaking of such things will garner as much skepticism and scorn as talking about Bigfoot, if not more. Yet, is this incredulity genuinely because people do not believe, or that they are afraid to believe? Is it because the concept of extraterrestrials moving among us is frightening, or because it is absurd?

Governments in the past have revealed that there have been investigations into Unidentified Flying Objects, yet they remain oddly secretive and vehement on not revealing anything of this to the general public. Many believe that this is because they have their hands on alien technology and do not want word getting out to the enemies of the state, while others believe the governments are simply protecting the public from the knowledge because of the widespread panic and controversy it would cause. Yet this begs the question: if the government truly is protecting us, why are there so many cases of unexplained disappearances, animal and human mutilations, temporary abductions, and cases of families being stalked by little grey men? If we are being protected, and if these stories are to be believed, one might think that they were doing a poor job of it.

Everyone has heard of Roswell, the Men in Black, etc. But the truth is, there are even stranger incidents than the most well-known alien-related incidents. Weird things don’t just happen in uninhabited deserts; unlike cryptids, who normally hide in placed where humans dare not tread, aliens have no such qualms with delving into populated areas to do… whatever it is aliens do to people. It can be scary, for those involved as well as those who hear about it later. An abduction could happen to anyone. Yet… there are still some stories that are more humorous than others.

When one hears the name “Space Brains”, one automatically thinks of a campy horror flick with poor visual effects and even poorer acting, a sci-fi special, if you will. But Space Brains are actually a real thing, something that terrorized a pair of young men in the summer of 1971. Peter Rodriguez and John Hodges were residents of the Palos Verdes Peninsula. The pair of them were on their way home from a friend’s house one night. They had barely left the driveway when a pair of creatures appeared in the middle of the road. Neither of the men could recall them walking or rolling in front of their car, but they did appear suddenly. The creatures resembled giant blue-gray brains and had a strange, misty aura surrounding them. One was the size of a softball, while the other was the same size and shape as a human torso. They each had a reddish orb wedged in the center of their frontal lobes, something the men assumed were large, glowing eyeballs.

Naturally, this didn’t sit well with the pair. They skirted around the odd creatures and floored it all the way to Rodriguez’s house. Hodges dropped him off and upon returning home, he realized that instead of twenty minutes, the trip had taken him two whole hours! Time loss is something that a lot of alien abductees experience, sometimes accompanied by disorientation, dizziness, and paranoia. The longer the gap in one’s memories, the worse the other symptoms tend to be, so it was lucky for these two that their time lapse was only two hours instead of much, much longer.

Many abductees will grapple with these holes in their memory for their entire lives. As one might run a tongue over the gum where a lost tooth once resided, some people can never be comfortable with the loss of these memories and spend many nights awake, thinking about what could have happened to them. Many have stated that they felt violated in a way that they could not describe, betrayed by their own lack of memory and inability to recall what happened to them.

So it was with John Hodges. The loss of two hours bothered him so much that five years later he sought the help of professionals, going through the process of hypnotic regression in order to finally get the answers to his questions. Many feel that this sort of process is completely bogus, allowing for the supposedly “hypnotized” individual to make up anything they want while pretending to be in a trance-like state. It has, however, served as the only means to get any details out of the repressed memories of abductees and other people who have seen or heard things too strange for the mortal mind to comprehend. It has also served to help many people with psychological issues uncover the source of their troubled minds, yet for some reason the method is still discredited by most professionals.

The tale that Hodges told under hypnosis was an alarming one, especially now that some of the things the aliens told him have come to pass. Although before he had stated that he merely saw the brains in the road and got home without incident, in his repressed memories he was able to recall that the brains in the road spoke to him. They said, “Take the time to understand yourselves, the times draws near when you shall need to. You shall not remember this incident until we meet again.”

Hodges took his friend home, but upon returning to his own house, he was petrified at the sight of the brains waiting for him in his driveway. He blacked out at the sight of them and awoke in what he referred to as a “control room”. Tall, bald, thin-lipped aliens stood around him, explaining that the brains were simply devices that they used to communicate with human beings. They went on to warn him of a “power” that humans possessed, and telepathically showed him the dire consequences of using this “power” and also showed him images of a ruined, shattered planet that had also contained too much of the very same “power”. The aliens warned of a calamitous event that would take place in 1987 and cautioned Hodges to “Take the time to understand yourselves. The time draws near when you shall need to!” This definitely does not sound like a warning to Hodges, but a warning to humanity as a whole.

Obviously, there was not a calamitous event in 1987, but many have come to the conclusion that the alien was referring to the Chernobyl Incident, which occurred one year earlier. It is perhaps because of these aliens’ interference that the catastrophe was not much, much worse, and perhaps it was through Hodges’ hypnotic regression that the aliens’ words made it to the right ears to prevent such a thing. We, with no foresight, cannot know for certain.

It does seem extremely farfetched to believe that there’s a race of beings completely unknown to us that cares to nudge us in the right direction in order to secure our survival. Many people think that these aliens have much more sinister motives in mind, while others are hopeful that they are our intergalactic guardian angels. Some disbelieve these stories altogether.

But this is certain: more than just one person has seen unexplainable glowing blue lights off and around the Palos Andres Peninsula in California.

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