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Move over Nessie, there’s another lake monster vying for the spotlight and she’s a little more local! In the vast depths of Lake Tahoe there resides a mysterious and often mischievous creature known widely as Tahoe Tessie; or just Tessie, for those who feel they know her a little better. Oh boy, and there are a lot of people who feel that way! The amount of sightings is staggering, yet never ending.

Tessie’s legend is intriguing. She brings in people from all areas, giving them hope that they will see something phenomenal. The chance to see a real USO (unidentified swimming object) that many have spotted, is very appealing. If Tessie is in the mood for it, she just might give the people what they want. Of course, she’s just as likely to take what she wants.

[image:CastsandCultures/flickr] Plesiousaurus


have taken out an entire family. Has her mischievous nature turned violent? As vast as Lake Tahoe is, perhaps being confined to this one place has her restless.

There’s a rumor that Tessie was created by two groups; one was looking to boost the economy, while the other wanted to bio-engineer something incredible, but needed the right location. A real life lake monster would satisfy both parties. A good theory, if you don’t account for the unpredictable nature that a live creature carries.

It’s said that she was created with the fossilized DNA of a dolichorhynchops. This was an aquatic dinosaur from the Cretaceous time period with a long body, four flippers and long jaws housing thin teeth. These teeth are meant for catching fish in order to swallow them whole, not for tearing things apart. This doesn’t match Tessie’s bloodthirsty tendencies. It’s possible that she was engineered, instead, with the DNA of an older cousin; the Plesiosaurus. The Plesiosaurus was from the Jurassic time period. It had a longer neck and teeth built for tearing. Sounds about right.

Tessie was created and placed in a confined area near cave rock, where she could hatch from her egg. The belief is that she escaped this confinement when she was around 18 months old. She’s been decreasing the fish population and tormenting boaters ever since. She likes to play with boats and try to capsize the large ones. Ski Fun Boat Company loses around 10 boats every year, due to damage or sinking.

[image:MikeScott/flickr]Cave Rock was sacred to the Washoe Indians who called it "the lady of the lake," due to it's profile of a womans face.

(image:MikeScott/flickr)Cave Rock was sacred to the Washoe Indians who called it “The Lady of the Lake,” due to its profile of a woman’s face.

Sightings of Tessie have been steady since the 1950’s. She’s described to be anywhere from 10 to 80 feet long, she ranges in color from black to turquoise and she’s smooth yet reptilian. She’s been seen as a large, black, hump rising out of the water and traveling nearly 60mph. She was once described as a 30 to 60-foot-long creature “as big around as a telephone pole,” jumping out of the water and diving back in, catching fish. She is always described as a serpentine creature who doesn’t move as a reptile would. Snakes and other reptiles move from side to side, but Tessie has always been seen moving up and down in an arching manner.

Lake Tahoe is the 2nd deepest lake in the U.S. and the 6th largest in volume. It’s the 16th deepest in the entire world! It’s pretty safe to say that a bio-engineered creature could easily be residing there. With so many witnesses, Tessie’s story has blossomed. She even has a Facebook page! But does she really exist, or is she just a ploy to attract people to Lake Tahoe?


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