Wehrum Ghost Town Trail

Erie Canal
Erie Canal
February 1, 2016
trout run
Trout Run
February 2, 2016

Ghost-Town-TrailtextThe WooFDriver went on a Daytime Mushing Tour with the WooFPAK on the Wahrum Ghost Town Trail in Pennsylvania to see what they could see during the daytime hours.

The Ghost Town Trail gets its name from the once thriving mining towns of Wehrum and Bracken, that once existed along the railroad corridor. There are a few remnants of these former towns. Most of the ghost towns are located on private property not open to the general public.

Just south of the trail is Bolivar, Pennsylvania where it is claimed that the spirit of a Native American girl haunts the school’s campus that is located next to her stone marked grave. Unexplained sights and sounds of her are reported by both students and staff members. It is also believed that she is to blame for the death of a child who was hiking the campus grounds.

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