C&O Canal – Taylors Landing

C&O Canal - Devils Alley
C&O Canal – Devils Alley
February 4, 2016
C&O Canal - Monocacy Aqueduct
C&O Canal – Monocacy Aqueduct
February 4, 2016

C&O Canal – Taylors Landing

C&O Canal - Taylors Landing

On the night of September 19, 2014 the WooFDriver took the PAK on a Midnight Mushing Tour of the C&O Canal Towpath in the area of Taylors Landing at milepost 80.9. Taylors Landing is in Mercersville, Maryland which is named after Charles Fenton Mercer, the first president on the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Company from June 1828 to June 1833. Taylors Landing is named after John William Taylor, who operated the general store here for over fifty years.

Heading east on the towpath is Lock 36. Here there is an old abandoned house on the hill that is reportedly haunted. It is told that the family who lived here would hear sobbing, moaning, heavy walking and chains dragging across the floor. The grandmother even saw a ball of fire that crossed over her bed. Most of the activity stopped when the father shouted “Walk all night. I’m going to bed!” It is said that even on the darkest of nights you can see lights shining through the windows of the old house, but if you look at them directly they will quickly disappear.

www.nps.gov to learn more about the C&O Canal Towpath

Please enjoy the photo album from the Midnight Mushing Tour from September 19, 2014!
Midnight MUSHers Taylors Landing 9.16.2014

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