C&O Canal – Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

Gold Mine Trail
Gold Mine Trail
January 28, 2016
C&O Canal - Lock 33
C&O Canal – Lock 33
January 29, 2016

C&O Canal – Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

C&O Canal - Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

The WooFDriver has mushed the WooFPAK through this area of the C&O Canal Towpath several times, at milepost 60.8 the town of Harpers Ferry. This should be the perfect location for a Midnight Mushing Tour!

The town of Harpers Ferry West Virginia has a long history of bloody violence and of natural disasters, leaving behind many restless spirits to wander its streets and buildings. Tragedies from all ages have left their scars on this town, from the Civil War soldier who still marches down the street to a young girl who is still screaming for help after being burnt by fire in 1830.

www.hauntedhouses.com to read more about the spirits of Harpers Ferry

Photos from the WooFPAK’s Midnight Mushing Tour on October 4, 2013!
Midnight MUSHing C&O Harpers Ferry 10.04.2013

Video footage from Mushing in the Harpers Ferry area of the Towpath!

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