Filter by is all about getting you and your dog out on the trail and exploring everything nature has to offer, even if what it has to offer is a bit out of the ordinary. For the things that keep you up late at night, and haunt your dreams, you might not want to think about them all the time, but there is no use denying that there is something out there. Whether that something be out of this world like ghosts, monsters, aliens, etc. or another member of the wildlife community looking for a bite to eat. The WoofDriver and his WoofPak are willing to brave whatever nature dares throw at them and bring it to you, unedited for your viewing pleasure.

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Listing of the National Park the trail is located


State National Park is located

Chilkoot Trail

The Chilkoot trail is a daunting and strenuous hike, most definitely not for the faint of heart. This 33-mile trail is half in the U.S. and half in Canada. It begins near Skagway, AK and ends in Bennett, British Columbia in Canada.

Chilkoot National Historic Site Alaska

Golden North Hotel on Chilkoot Trail

The Golden North Hotel, is a quaint little hotel in Skagway, Alaska which is right along the Klondike Trail and close to the Chilkoot Pass. Although, this quiet hotel may look sweet and cozy it has a very exciting night life and not for the reasons you might believe. According to ghost story tellers, there has been numerous reported ghosts that haunt this hotel on a regular basis.

Chilkooy Trail Alaska

Skinwalker Kushtaka

The Kushtaka is a shape-shifting otter man that inhabits the southeastern portion of Alaska and a little bit of Canada. Unlike most skin-walkers, Kushtaka is said to only take the form of otters, half-otters half-men, and sometimes just hairy men

Tongass National Forrest Alaska

Demon Caretakers of Dimond Center

When contractors look to rise a new building, they probably don't typically choose the site of a sacred ancient burial grounds from thousands of years ago. Unfortunately, that's exactly what happened to builders of the Dimond Center in Anchorage, Alaska, who accidentally constructed the building over a grave site dating back to the early Native American populations who settled in the area.

Far North Becentennial Park Alaska

Something Sinister in Sardis

Sardis, Alabama was named after one of the most infamous Biblical cities in the early centuries. Sardis was known for being the home of the church that received the fifth of the seven letters that were sent to the churches in Revelation.


Fragrant Fouke Monster

Deep in the Southern United States, Arkansas is known for its parks and recreational area. The area houses mountains, caves, rivers, and hot springs. Known for the Ozarks region, hiking trails and limestone caves bring many visitors every year.

Hot Springs National Park Arkansas

The Dastardly Deeds of the Dogboy

Quitman, Arkansas is a small town full of rich history. Filled with older homes and long time residents, it is one of the oldest communities in north central Arkansas, with stories to match. It was a major trading center until 1870 and was a popular enlistment hub for young Civil War soldiers.

Hot Springs National Park Arkansas

Wailing Woman of Transept Trail

Located in Grand Canyon National Park, Transept Trail takes you near the North Ridge of the Grand Canyon. It’s a 3.4 mile, out and back, dog and kid friendly hike that runs between the North Rim Campground and the Grand Canyon Lodge. The rebuilt Grand Canyon Lodge, that is, the original was burned down in 1932. People tell of a face that was seen in the flames of this fire, a face that still haunts the lodge. The face of the Wailing Woman, also called the Wandering Woman. Some believe she may be the actual La Llorona that Mexican legends speak of.

Grand Canyon National Park Arizona

Haunted Happenings at Boot Hill

Boot Hill Cemeteries were common names for the cemeteries of the wild west. They garnished their name from the gunfighters and other rough and tumble men who died with their boots on. Usually it was due to a violent death like gun fights or hanging.

Coronado National Forest Arizona

Toying Around at Tony Ranch

Haunted Canyon number 203 in Tonto Forest Arizona is home to gorgeous hiking trails, diverse wildlife, and a long, rich history. Much of that history revolves around the expansion of the area during the silver and gold rushes. Mining towns quickly cropped up and brought hundreds of prospectors from all over the country.

Tonto Forest Arizona

Barker Ranch

Death Valley is a National Park with around 3.4 million acres of beauty and wonder. It's known for being extreme in nearly every way. The landscape ranges from the dry sunbaked desert scenery to the lush green beauty of the oases. One of the records it holds is that of having the highest recorded temperature of 134°F.

Death Valley California

Bermuda Triangle of Yosemite

Tenaya Canyon lies in an area of Yosemite National Park that tourists rarely see, maybe for more reasons than one. The dangerous and beautiful canyon has been explored by few only a few adventure hikers, presumably because of the hazardous terrain, but perhaps also because of Chief Tenaya's curse on the land.

Yosemite California

Bridalveil Fall Trail

In the colder seasons, when the flow is light and the wind is blowing, the water seems to not touch down at all. The wind is somewhat of a constant thing around this waterfall. The Ahwahneechee called it Po-ho-no, meaning “evil wind.”

Yosemite National Park California

Char-Man of Camp Comfort, California

Camp Comfort in Ojai, California is anything but comforting after hearing the heavily shared stories of the many less than charming entities who call it home.

Channel Islands National Park California

Chilling Cries on the Chilnualna Falls Trail

Hikers on the eight mile Chilnualna Falls Trail have a treacherous journey on their way to Grouse Lake. Not the easiest to reach or for the faint of heart, the total trip spans over nineteen miles round trip at over seven thousand

Yosemite National Park California

Grieving Ghost in Golden Gate Park

San Francisco is known for being the cultural, commercial and financial center of Northern California. The second most densely settled large city (after New York City), San Francisco is the fourth most populous city in California.

San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park California

Racetrack Playa

With a name like Death Valley, you have to expect that some creepy history is bound to show up. Like many other places with sinister sounding names, Death Valley doesn't disappoint. Located in the southern part of Nevada and California, this National Park is the hottest and driest of all U.S. National Parks.

Death Valley California

Skidoo Ghost Town

Death Valley; you can almost feel the spirits in the air just by thinking about it. Many people have lost their lives to the unforgiving desert land, while trying to cross unprepared. In the early 1900’s during the huge gold pandemic it wasn’t uncommon to turn up human remains when the pickaxe hit the ground. So many unmarked graves, lost and all alone.

Death Valley California

Tahoe Tessie

Move over Nessie, there's another lake monster vying for the spotlight and she's a little more local! In the vast depths of Lake Tahoe there resides a mysterious and often mischievous creature known widely as Tahoe Tessie; or just Tessie, for those who feel they know her a little better. Oh boy, and there are a lot of people who feel that way! The amount of sightings is staggering, yet never ending.

Tahoe National Forest California

The Space Brain

Everyone has heard of Roswell, the Men in Black, etc. But the truth is, there are even stranger incidents than the most well-known alien-related incidents. Weird things don’t just happen in uninhabited deserts; unlike cryptids, who normally hide in placed where humans dare not tread, aliens have no such qualms with delving into populated areas to do… whatever it is aliens do to people. It can be scary, for those involved as well as those who hear about it later. An abduction could happen to anyone. Yet… there are still some stories that are more humorous than others.

Palos Verdes Peninsula California

Wolfe Manor's Wild Past

Clovis, California is the home of the 8000 square foot Wolfe Manor. Located at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the Wolfe Manor of Clovis is considered the most haunted location on the entire West Coast.


Devils Hole

When the Manson Family was hiding out not far from here, in Death Valley, it's said that he was looking for a secret world located somewhere underground. Many people have speculated that he chose Death Valley as his hideout because he was convinced that Devils Hole was the entrance to this secret world. Witnesses claim that he would leave the camp with someone else and return alone.

Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge California

Cliff Palace Tour

The Anasazi, or the “ancient ones,” were an ancient civilized group of Native Americans dating back to 13th century A.D. Their descendants today are known as the Pueblo natives.
Mesa Verde Colorado

Slide-Rock Bolter

Colorado has had a history with strange, mysterious beasts. It’s not a surprise that large reptiles have always been part of this land’s lore, given that Colorado is home to a good chunk of fossils, some never seen before in other parts of the world.

Rocky Mountain National Park Colorado

Something's Shining at the Stanley Hotel

Opened in July of 1909, the Stanley Hotel provides breathtaking, panoramic views of Lake Estes, the Rockies, and Long's Peak. Located six miles from Rocky National Park, the 140 guest room hotel is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places and the Historic Hotels of America. Just an hour from Denver, Colorado, the Stanley Hotel boasts over 14,000 square feet of historical luxury.

Rocky Mountain National Park Colorado

Wasted Wealth at the Henry Webber House

Aspen Colorado is well known throughout the world as one of the prime ski resort areas. The area initially pulled in settlers due to the large silver boom. Mining towns cropped up throughout Colorado and the area began producing riches for wealthy investors. An area that was once nothing more than run down mines was now a rich and highly sought after land

Rocky Mountain National Park Colorado

Melon Heads

One of the most absurd creatures spoken of in modern legend is the Melonheads. The Melonheads are humanoids with massive, veiny heads and relatively small bodies. They are said to hide in isolated places and will attack anyone who comes too close. Whether this is for self-protection or because the Melonheads are malevolent creatures varies from one telling to another, as well as location. In some stories the Melonheads will even eat those who stray onto their land. There are legends of Melonheads from several different states including CT, OH, and MI

Conneticut, Ohio, and Michigan

The Maddening End of Midnight Mary

Midnight Mary, as she came to be called, of New Haven, Connecticut, lived a quiet life where she was nothing of consequence. It was her death that made her infamous.


Dudleytown’s Damned

Dudleytown, a small settlement in Cornwall Connecticut is probably deceiving, given its name. Dudleytown is not really a town at all, but the name given to the area settled by generations of the Dudley family. At its peak, the town was home to about twenty six people. The area is better known by its nickname, the Village of the Damned.


Cossart Road Cult House

Deep in the forests of Delaware lies the place rumored to be the common meeting place for cults, the KKK, and satanists from all over the United States. The stories are so gruesome and terrifying and the scene set so perfect that the house and rumors were used in the popular movie "The Village".


What’s Lurking in Lums Pond?

Lums Pond State Park contain the largest freshwater pond in Delaware. Boasting nearly 1,800 acres, the park is located near Bear in New Castle county. The park's centerpiece, Lums Pond, encompasses over 2,000 acres. Being designated a state park in 1963, the area is known for its beautiful camping, freshwater fishing and challenging trails. Although only given its state park status somewhat recently, the park was first the site of several Native American hunting camps. The area was a thriving community as far back as the 1800s.

Lums Pond State Park Deleware

Delaware's Death Pen

Fort Delaware is better known as "The Death Pen." The site is the home of a haunted prison, located on Pea Patch Island in Delaware. Pea Patch Island is a small island located on the Delaware River. The fort is a pentagonal, military style structure. While it has undergone many restorations over the years, many of the original features still exist, allowing visitors a unique opportunity to explore the grounds and old prison.

Fort Dupont State Park Deleware

Calusa of the Everglades

In the Florida Everglades, there once lived an ancient civilization of Native Americans known as the Calusa. The Calusa were unique in that they had a hierarchy of established leadership among several different villages. There was a “King” of sorts who held meetings with other “noble” people and close advisors to rule over the villages in the area. Each village had their own leader, who would then answer to the “King.” They would bring offerings and sacrifices to please their ruler.

Everglades Florida

Curse of the Calusa

The ancient Calusa were a large group of Native Americans who functioned much the same way a medieval colony would. There was a ruler who resided in a village that would be the capital. He had his trusted advisors who helped him make important decisions. There were those who acted as nobles would and on the opposite end, there were the commoners.

Everglades Florida

Florida's Fierce Fight

Fort Cooper State Park is one of the many beautiful state parks in Florida. Fort Cooper is located in Citrus County in Inverness. The state park spans over seven hundred acres and was established as a state park in June of 1972. It is the home of countless deer, turkeys, opossums, bobcats, owls, herons, and cardinals.

Fort Cooper State Park Florida


Altamaha-ha is said to be like a mix between a crocodile, a manatee, a dolphin, and an eel. It is said to have a long neck, the head of a croc, the body of a manatee, and the tail of a dolphin, although it is usually depicted with one large, diamond-shaped tail fin as opposed to the forked tail fins of a dolphin.

A Good Fortune in the Bonaventure Cemetery

Italian for "good fortune", Savannah Georgia's Bonaventure Cemetery was built in the 1800s and purchased by the city in 1907. The cemetery is located ten minutes from the historic district of Savannah. Described as a sculpture garden, the cemetery was made famous for hosting the "Bird Girl" statue and being the garden featured in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Bird Girl was sculpted in 1936 and features a young girl, wearing a contemplative expression, and holding out two bowls from her side. The statue was later removed and is currently housed in a nearby museum in Savannah. The cemetery is also famous for being the final resting place for Oscar Wilde and Jim Morrison.

Spirits of St. Simon's Island

The past practice of slavery in the United States is a cold, dark part of America's history. While many stories involve heartbreaking accounts of men and women ripped from their families and forced to participate in backbreaking labor, there are also stories of hope, commonly shared amongst the people.
Fort Frederica National Monument Georgia

Kilauea Iki Loop

The Kilauea Volcano is an active volcano located on the Big Island of Hawaii. The local legend says that it was created by Pele, "the volcano goddess" or "goddess of fire," and that her spirit is often still seen wandering about.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Hawaii

Menehune of Hawaii

The Menehune of Hawaii is a very unique type of creature. They cannot rightly be called cryptids, as they are rumored to be a race of people, and yet they cannot really be called a civilization, as their current settlements cannot be found and documented.

Volcanoes National Park Hawaii

Prisoner's Harbor

Santa Cruz Island is the home of Prisoner Harbor. In February of 1830, a United States ship called Maria Ester anchored off Santa Barbara, California. John Holmes, the captain, asked permission from Romualdo Pacheco, the commander of the Presidio, to drop off his cargo.

Channel Islands National Park Hawaii

Paranormal Palace

Many tourists travel from all over the world to catch some rest and relaxation on the beautiful island of Hawaii. Honolulu, spanning over ten acres is a common destination due to its beauty and history. One of the most popular sights on Honolulu island is Tolani Palace.


Night Watchers, Mo’o Wahine, and Hawaiian History

The Kaniakapupu Ruins, located in Honolulu Hawaii are one of the island's best kept secrets. Added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1986, the area is largely unpublished and hard to find. Kaniakapupu means "song of the land shells" and King Kamehameha III, turning the area into his Summer house, named it after "heiau" or the sacred healing site, the place of relaxation.

Kaniakapupu Ruins National Park Hawaii

Monster Turtle Obojoki and the Van Meter Visitor

There is supposedly a monster lurking within the blue depths of the lake, although one of more natural origins than some of the other cryptids that could be mentioned..


The Goulish History of Gitchie Manitou

Gitchie Manitou is a small nature preserve located in Lyon County, near Larchwood, Iowa or fifteen miles east of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Reports indicate the land was an ancient Native American burial ground. It's a popular place for relaxation and recreation. But in November of 1973, it was the home of a gruesome murder of four Sioux Falls teens and rape of a young Sioux Falls girl.


The Shadowy Silhouette on Stony Hollow Cliff

Deep in the heart of the corn belt lies Burlington, Iowa. Burlington is located in the far South Eastern side of Iowa, and serves as the county seat for Des Moines County. Nearly three thousand residents call the town home and eight miles north of Burlington lies the Stony Hollow Cliff.

Herbert Hoover National Historic Site Iowa

Villisca Ax Murder House

Villisca, Iowa is a tiny town nestled in the southwest corner of the state. Unexpected among the peaceful cornfields and quiet streets sits a home where murder and terror have set up residence. The Villisca Murder House was the site of the most horrific unsolved crimes in Iowa history.


Idaho's Wild Wapaloosie

The beautiful terrain of one of the United State's most western states provides the perfect habitat for things like black bears, salmon, western rattlesnakes, mountain lions, wolves, deer, elk, moose, bighorn sheep, geese, ducks, otters, beavers, badgers, raccoons, muskrats and foxes.


Frights of Farragut

Farragut State Park lies over four thousand acres in the north west United States. Founded in 1964 in northern Idaho, it is a common tourist stop on the southern tip of Lake Pend Oreille in the Couer d'Alene mountains. Thousands of people flock to the area to camp, picnic, hike, mountain bike, cycle, fish, boat, swim, and horseback ride.

Farragut State Park Idaho

Hungry in Owyhee

Named after the islands of Hawaii, the Owyhee Mountains in Idaho are a popular destination for hikers and travelers. Spanning over eight thousand feet in elevation, the highest peak of the Owhyee Mountains is Hayden Peak. The area is full of gorgeous mountains and terrain, especially the Mahogany Mountain, near volcano craters of dormant volcanoes.

Mahogany Mountain Idaho

Hull House's Hellish Guest

The Hull House in Chicago was constructed by Charles J. Hull in 1856. In 1889, Nobel Prize winner Jane Addams and Ellen Starr Gates took over the home in order to educate and improve the lives of European immigrants. The house, unfortunately, was located in the darkest corner of Chicago.


Tuttle Bottoms Monster

Story of an eight-foot-long ape-like creature with a face like an anteater. It lumbered into view on all fours before rearing up in front of them, beady eyes inspecting the cars curiously.


Resurrecting Mary

Many people have epic stories about riding in taxi cabs. Some are stories of crazy passengers, some are hilarious cab drivers, and others may involve antics of riding around the city. Some drivers share stories of wild adventures and even being stiffed. What many people's stories don't include are stories of phantom passengers and vanishing ladies.


More Than You Asked For at Ashmore Estates

Ashmore Estates is a historic building outside Ashmore, Illinois, constructed in May of 1916. Formerly, the estate was Almshouse, part of the Coles County Poor Farm which operated from 1857 to 1869. The Almshouse operated until 1959 until it was purchased by Ashmore Estates Inc who private psychiatric care. Closing in 1986, the estate was abandoned until 2006 when restoration efforts began.


Diana of the Dunes

Alice Marble Gray was born in 1881 to a cultured, well-to-do Chicago family. At sixteen years old, she enrolled at the University of Chicago, studying math. She graduated in 1903 and studied in Germany. After some time, she returned to Chicago and worked as a editorial secretary for a well-known magazine

Indiana Dunes National Park Indiana

Green Clawed Beast

Indiana has seen its share of aquatic demons, monsters, and hairy, Bigfoot-esque marauders that haunt the banks of the Ohio River. There are so many sightings and so many different descriptions and names for these creatures.


Doomsday at the Dunes

Dunes State Park is a popular visitor attraction in Chesterton, Indiana. Located just fifty miles from Chicago, the two thousand acre park was created in 1925. The park was added to the National National Landmarks in 1974, with an ongoing focus on preservation. Many people travel to the park each year to enjoy hiking trails, dunes, the Great Lakes, the nature preserve, cycling, camping, singing sand, fishing, the Haunted Shores, birding, swimming, and sunbathing

Indiana Dunes National Park Indiana

Hair Raising Hannah House

The Hannah House is a popular tourist destination in Indiana. The home is notorious for the part it played on the Underground Railroad. In 1858, the house was utilized as a passage station as slaves traveled discreetly, fighting their way to freedom. One of the groups of slaves would forever change the Hannah House and the future guests to come


Mystery at McConnell

Wichita Kansas is the proud home of the McConnell Air Force Base. Built in 1941, the base is still maintained as originally planned for its current use. The McConnell Air Force Base is named after Fred and Thomas McConnell who were Air Force pilots and World War II veterans.


Hopkinsville Goblins

About half a century ago, 1955, in the small hamlet of Kelly, located in the state of Kentucky, we were reminded why we once feared and abhorred the small creatures. The Hopkinsville Goblins, as they are now known to be called, appeared out of nowhere and terrorized several families. They were given the name “goblins” because of their appearance: green-gray with round faces, pointed ears, and long arms tipped by sharp, pointed fingers, but the fact is, these goblins are very different from what the classic goblin folklore describes.


Mammoth Cave

The Mammoth Cave in Kentucky is the world’s longest cave system and said to be known as one of the scariest places on earth, with a documented 150 occasions of unexplainable paranormal activity. And rightfully so, as the stories that surround this hiking trail and cave system are even more disturbing than the unexplained ghostly encounters.

Mammoth Cave


The Haunted Honky Tonk

Bobby Mackey's Music World sure doesn't sound like a place of murder or terror. Currently, Bobby Mackey's palace is a night club and honky tonk bar, located in Wilder, Kentucky. Bobby Mackey owns the bar and is a country singer.

Bartlett Park Kentucky

X Marks the Spot at the X Cave

X Cave is one of three caves that make up the Carter Caves State Resort Park in Kentucky. X Cave is named as such because the four entrances to the cave meet in the center, forming an X. The other two caves in the resort are the Saltpetre Cave and Cascade Cave. Saltpetre is known for its history with mining and as a preserve for certain species of bats. Cascade cave is the biggest of the three caves and features an underground lake room and an underground waterfall.

Tygarts State Forest Kentucky

Old Legends in Old Louisville

Old Louisville Kentucky is the historic district and neighborhood making up the largest preserved district. It maintains the highest concentration of stained glass windows in the United States. Old Louisville spans forty eight city blocks and used to be home to some of the wealthiest residents in Kentucky.


Louisiana's Looting Lafittes

The Barataria Preserve is Louisiana's wild wetlands, spanning over twenty thousand acres. The bayous, swamps, marshes, and forests provide perfect sunning spots for snakes, turtles, gators, and over two hundred species of birds. At the heart of the Barataria Basin is the town of Jean Lafitte, one half of Louisiiana's most notorious pirate team.

Barataria Preserve Louisiana

Murder at the Myrtle Plantation

Myrtle's Planation is a historic home built in 1796 by General David Bradford. Located in St. Francisville, Louisiana, it is called one of America's most haunted homes. The plantation has a history of violent deaths, tragic endings for children, and money troubles.



Louisiana is home to some of the most intriguing lore of any state in America. Home to New Orleans, which is well-known for its very unique practices involving voodoo and spirits, it is no surprise that there are countless ghouls and goblins said to roam the bayous and swampland around it. Lore-rich as Louisiana is as a whole, however, there is one creature who predates even the state’s frightful traditions of voodoo dolls and witchcraft. In some tales, this beast even predates the state itself.


New Orleans' New Resident

Algiers is one of the oldest neighborhood in New Orleans, Louisiana. The ward is on the National Register of Historic Places since 1978 and a designated local historic district since 1994. The area was popular for jazz music, its many churches, libraries, and for the infamous Hurricane Katrina. It also became popular in the 1930s for reports of the Devil Man of Algiers.


Plantation of the Paranormal

Cane River Creole is a National Historic Park in Louisiana. Spanning over two hundred acres, it was formally established in 1994 on Cane River Lake. It is well known for its cotton plantations and features two of the most intact plantations in the United States. There is a rich history for land owners, slaves, workers, and farmers.


Beware the Bridgewater Triangle

Some say the paranormal energy is due to the extreme amount of violence and crime that has occurred in the area. Some say it’s the energy that causes the violence. For example, in November of 1978, the body of fifteen year old cheerleader Mary Lou Arruda was discovered tied to a tree.


The Dover Demon

The Dover Demon is a very well-known cryptid that was spotted in Dover, Massachusetts in 1977. It is said to have a large, melon-ish head with a rather spindly body. It is often mistaken for a cat, dog, or sometimes even a short person. It is bipedal, but switches between moving around on two legs and four legs fairly easily, seeming to prefer running on all fours when it wants to get away. Witnesses describe a face with no nose and large orange or green eyes, as well as smooth, peach-colored skin. It is roughly humanoid, although somewhat bendy and weirdly-shaped. Its hands and feet have six long fingers that fit to whatever it is holding or standing on, rather like roots..


Wander Past Camp Windigo

Summer camps and camp fires have always been a common setting for gory ghost stories, told by the young and old. In efforts to outdo each other, people often take turns trying to scare those poor folks who feel shivers up their backs, despite themselves. Western Massachusetts is home to many a ghost story, as the home of the famed Camp Windigo.

Isle Royale National Park Massachusetts

Might Want to Axe These Vacation Plans

On 92 Second Street in Fall River, Massachusetts lies an innocent enough looking home. The Victorian style home was built in 1845 by Charles C. Trafton. Currently being used as a bed and breakfast and museum, guests are able to stay in a three story, eight roomed home, complete with antique furnishings from the nineteenth century.


DC's Demon Cat

Washington, DC is a city full of rich history. Named in honor of United States founding father George Washington, the city was founded in 1791. The city is most famous for serving as the national capital and housing all three branches of the federal government.


Frederick's Freaky Flyer

Frederick County, Maryland was founded in the 1730s by a group of German immigrants. The county is located in the northern part of Maryland and is the home to about 240,000 people. Frederick County is home to the presidential retreat Camp David and the Army's Fort Detrick. It is also the home of an unsightly beast.

Monocacy National Battlefield Maryland


There are many old, old legends surrounding him, from the magical, to the natural, to the supernatural, all stories end in one result: a creature that is half-man, half-goat roaming the wilderness near Beltsville, Maryland.


Gold Mine Trail

The Gold Mine Trail, in the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historic Park, is a beautiful trail that's full of nature and wildlife. This three mile trail starts at the Great Falls Tavern Visitors Center and loops back around to end in the same location. This path takes you near the ruins of the old Maryland Gold Mine where mysterious things have happened.

Chesapeake & Ohio Canal Maryland

Mounting Tension in Mount Rainier Maryland

Many people are familiar with the popular book and movie about a young girl afflicted by a possession. The Exorcist tells the story of a demon possession, the trauma faced by the girl and her family, and the painful efforts of clergymen to free the girl from the Devil's hold.

Mount Rainier National Park Maryland

Sykesville Monster

Bigfoot sightings occur all throughout the United States, and similar sightings across the seas in a variety of countries. Tales of big, hairy, humanoid creatures caught somewhere between a person and an ape crop up pretty much anywhere in the world with only minor differences. The Yowie of Australia, the silver-pelted Yeti of the Himalayan Mountains, and, of course, the American and Canadian sasquatches all have three major similarities: big feet, frightfully tall statures, and a thick, musky stench. Coincidence? How could all of these legends have all of this in common? How could the tales endure to this day? Is it all part of some worldwide government conspiracy?


Battle, Betrayal, Murder and Headless Men

The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historic Park houses the nearly two hundred mile long Chesapeake and Ohio Canal. The canal has been operating for over one hundred years, utilizing the Potomac to provide a method for hauling coal, lumber and agriculture to other areas.


Horrors of Haynesville Woods

In northern Maine, off US Route 2, hides the Haynesville Woods. The route was previously the most used route for truckers hauling potatoes out of Maine. It is also the subject of the hit song "Tombstone at Every Mile" by Dick Curless. The road is notorious for accidents and even has some 90 degree turns, making travel for semis difficult and dangerous.

Bryce Canyon National Park Maine

Maines Mystery Beast

Maine is a wild state. With a little more than one million residents, it is definitely not one of the most densely populated states in America. The state is well-known for its wildlife preserves, game trails, and numerous camping sites, which leaves a lot of wilderness for strange creatures to establish a home and a reputation. Granted, Maine does not have any monsters or ghouls that stick out greatly, such as the Jersey Devil, but what the state’s mysteries lack in fame they make up for in numbers.


Misfortunes of a Maine Maiden

Camden Hills State Park overlooks the Penobscot Bay in Camden, Maine. The park was created in the 1930s by the National Park Service. Stretching over five thousand acres, the area is known for Mount Battie and Mount Megunticook. The area is also popular for thirty miles of hiking trails, horseback riding, biking, skiing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, hunting, camping, lakes, and picnicking.

Camden Hills State Park Maine

Fury of Fort Knox

Fort Knox, of Fort Knox State Park, is located in Prospect, Maine. Built during the Revolutionary War, the camp spreads over one hundred and twenty acres. It was built in 1844 and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1969. Although it never saw battle, it was manned during wars like the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and the Spanish-American War..

Fort Knox State Park Maine


The Dogman does not carry an ax, nor any weapon of any kind. He is usually described as a being that stands upright like a man, has the hairy body of a wolf or dog, and then a face lost somewhere between an ape and a canine.


Dragon Deep in the Missouri River

The Missouri River is one of the longest rivers in North America. It was one of the main routes of western expansion of the United States during the nineteenth century. The trail was blazed as fur trappers and explorers explored the areas around the river in the 1800s. Pioneers and steamboats use the river as a source to cultivate new developments across the country.



The Wendigo is a terrible spirit in Native American culture, specifically those of the Cree, Ojibwe, Innu, and most of the tribes surrounding the Great Lakes. Tales of the Wendigo have continued to spread and now can be found throughout most Native American cultures, even in the heart of the United States, but the beast is generally associated with the colder climates of Canada and the northern states.


Sleeping Bear's Sleeping Beauty

Michigan, part of the Great Lakes of the United States is the famed seat of the auto industry and the headquarters of the Motown record company.  It is also the home of some great nations of Native American tribes that roamed the lands in its earlier history.  One of those great tribes was the Ottawa tribe, which provided some great depth to the states' rich history.


Eerie Energy of Eloise

Eloise Asylum is a large hospital complex located in Detroit Michigan. Situated in Wayne County, the hospital was in operation from the early eighteen hundreds through the nineteen eighties. Spanning over nine hundred acres, over eighty buildings housed up to twelve thousand patients.


Never Ending Party at the Palmer Hotel

Minnesota's Palmer House Hotel is a historic hotel, originally hosting over thirty small rooms with a common bathroom. It now boasts nineteen additional suites and rooms. The hotel was even added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1982. But rooms and titles are not the only claims to fame for this hotel, it is also the most haunted place in Minnesota.


Ghostly Greyhounds and Haunted Hibbing

The Greyhound Bus Museum was established in 1989 in Hibbing, Minnesota. Hibbing is the birth place of the American bus industry. Minnesota hosted the first bus line, running from Hibbing to Alice in 1914. The mode of transportation was especially popular because of the minors. As the miners supported the mass transit industry, the Greyhound operators quickly became millionaires


Dancing Lights at the Devil's Promenade

Joplin, Missouri is located in the southwestern corner of the state. Joplin is the largest city in Jasper County, serving as home to over 50,000 people. Some people are familiar with Joplin due to the EF5 tornado that touched down in May of 2011.


Angry in Avilla

Avilla, Missouri is a rural village in Jaspar County. It is the fourth oldest settlement in Jaspar County, spanning just over twenty square miles. Housing just over one hundred people, Avilla was founded in 1856. The town itself was surrounded by pastures, farms, forests, and streams, providing breath taking scenery and almost seeming to close the town in amongst itself.


Never Leaving the Natchez Trace

The Natchez Trace is a barren pathway that runs diagonally across the Mideastern United States. The Natchez Trace National Parkway commemorates the old Natchez Trace trail that was originally formed by bison and other grazing game that followed the Cumberland Plateau.

Natchez Trace Parkway Mississippi

Creeped out at Keesler

Keesler Air Force Base, located in Biloxi, Mississippi, was built in 1941. It was named in honor of second lieutenant Samuel Reeves Keesler, Jr, a Mississippi native who was killed in France during the second World War.


The Bustling Belton Chalet

West Glacier, Montana is home to the Glacier National Park. The Park boasts over fifteen hundred square miles of wilderness area, located in the Rocky Mountains. There are over seven hundred miles available to hike, lakes to explore, peaks and valleys to surmount, and grizzly bears to run from. Even more scary than the grizzly bears, West Glacier is also home to the Belton Chalet.

Glacier National Park Montana

What's Floating in Flathead Lake?

In 1889, James C. Kerr directed the happenings on the U.S. Grant steamboat just like any other day. Little did he know that the fateful day would be the first sighting of one of Flathead Lake's most terrifying inhabitants. He and his crew saw what looked like a log approaching the ship.

Flathead National Forest Montana

Montana's Mining and Mischief

Setting the stage for an interactive museum experience, ghost towns have often been a favorite site for tourists worldwide. Intrigued by the way of life so meticulously preserved from the past, they are given the unique opportunity to immerse themselves into a way of life so unlike their own.


Little Bighorn’s Lasting Battle

The Battle of Little Bighorn is forever immortalized at Little Bighorn National Battlefield. Home of Custer's Last Stand, the site memorializes the final battle of George Armstrong Custer's seventh calvary and the Lakota Cheyenne and Arapaho.


Burning Down Bannock Montana

Bannock Montana is a ghost town located in Beaverhead County, Montana on Grasshopper Creek. Located on the south west tip of Montana, Bannock was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1966 and founded in 1862.


Carolina’s Curious Circle

Campers looking for lovely scenery, adventurous hiking, and a chance to meet the Devil himself will find no better spot that Harper's Crossroads in Bear Creek, North Carolina. Called the Devil's Tramping Ground, a forty foot circle lies in the middle of the woods.

Uwharrie National Forest North Carolina

Heed Cape Hatteras' Hurricane Warning

Located off the coast of North Carolina, Cape Hatteras National Seashore sits at the end of the Gulf Stream. It is the nearest landmass to Bermuda at just 563 nautical miles away. So many ships have been lost at Cape Hatteras that it has been given the nickname "The Graveyard of the Atlantic."

Cape Hatteras National Seashore North Carolina

Sewer Monster

Sewer systems are a popular breeding ground for all kinds of urban legends. New York’s sewer gators, the black swine of London, the lizardman of Pennsylvania, the list goes on. Every country with indoor plumbing has a tale from a time in history when some creature or another got trapped in the sewers, living off of feces and whatever else they could find until they reached monstrous proportions and preyed upon those tasked with maintaining the sewer systems. These legends have always been treated as jokes, both before and after the problems were dealt with.
North Carolina

Spearfinger Norton Creek Trail

Cherokee legend warns of Spearfinger, a witch that supposedly haunts Norton Creek and feasts on wayward children. There is, however, a friendlier ghost in the same area. More than a few lost hikers have reportedly been led to safety by a mysterious floating light.
Great Smoky Mountains National Park North Carolina

Tragedy or Triumph at Tar River

In the heart of northeast North Carolina lies the Tar River. Eventually becoming the larger Pamlico River, the name was given to Tar River as a result of the tar laden barges that traveled out to sea down its long expanses of water.
North Carolina

Freaking Out at Fayetteville

Spanning over 147 square miles and presiding as the county seat of Cumberland County, North Carolina, is Fayetteville. Fayetteville was settled in 1762 and maintains a current population of about two hundred thousand people. While the town has a rich history, one of the biggest claims to fame for Fayetteville is Fort Bragg, a major United States Army installation.
North Carolina


The Thunderbird is considered to be a cryptid bird with “wings so large that each flap produces a sound like thunder”, but generally any bird that is exceptionally large or strange can be mislabeled as a Thunderbird. At times they are described as Rocs, the massive mythical eagles with wingspans spanning a hundred feet or more. At others it seems that the Thunderbird is actually a pterodactyl, a featherless creature with the head of a crocodile. These varied images and interpretations are likely due to the melding of cultures that occurred when settlers were working their way into Canada and the Mid-Western United States.

North Dakota

No Snores at Chateau de Mores

A French aristocrat and entrepreneur, Marquis de Mores built the Chateau de Mores in 1883 to serve as a hunting lodge and Summer house for him and his family. Settling in what is now known as Medora, North Dakota, the small city was named after the Marquis' wife, Medora. The two story wood frame home was built over one hundred and twenty acres.

North Dakota

Tricks at Trollwood

In 1895, the city of Cass City, North Dakota opened the Cass County Hospital and Farm along the Red River. It was designed as a hospital for the less fortunate. They also provided nursing home services to its impoverished citizens. One of its biggest opportunities was the Poor Farm.

North Dakota

Dreadful Days in Dunseith

Rolette County, North Dakota is home to the city of Dunseith. The city of Dunseith was plated in 1882 and named for Jeanette Dunseith Eaton, mother of the town's original founder, William Eaton.

North Dakota

North Omaha Nights

North Omaha, Nebraska's Hummel Park is often highlighted for its hiking, playgrounds, horseshoe pits, picnic shelters, disc golf, the Riverfront, the Missouri River Overlook, and the Devil's Slide natural cliff. Many residents from the area spend long summer days relaxing at the park and enjoying time with friends and family. What many of those residents will caution however, is that no sane person enters that park any time after the sun goes down.

Hummel Park Nebraska

Hill's Highway Heckling

Betty and Barney Hill were a couple like any other, sharing in ups and downs, peaks and pits. What made them unique is the experience they shared together in Portsmouth, New Hampshire in September of 1961. Neither of them would forget that fateful time, at least not without the help of medical intervention and plenty of hours of therapy
Lowell National Historical Park New Hampshire

The Curse of Mount Chocorua

A gorgeous 4.3 mile hike will take you to the top of Mount Chocorua in Albany, New Hampshire. The summit is located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The rugged trek treats hikers to a gorgeous view of the lakes, mountains, and forests in the area. The peak of Chocorua is noted as being one of the most photographed in the entire world. At the top of Mount Chocorua, you will also find the site where Sokosis Chief Chocorua cursed the settlers of the area before jumping to his death.
New Hampshire

Small Islands, Big Stories at the Isles of Shoals

The Isles of Shoals are one of New Hampshire's popular attractions. Located in the gulf of Maine stretching across to New Hampshire, there are eighteen reported islands, although nine are considered the primary for the area established in 1614. The Isles of Shoals were added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1974 and the area is anything but lacking when it comes to interesting history..
New Hampshire

Beelzebub of the Barrens

In a heavily forested area of coastal plains along Southern New Jersey lies the Pine Barrens. The Pines are called such due to their sandy acidic nutrients and poor soil. The area is largely rural and undisturbed. Because of the wildlife present in the area, the Pines were made part of Pinelands National Reserve. They served as the first National Park.
New Jersey

Jersey Devil

The Jersey Devil is a well-known mythical creature that is said to inhabit the Pine Barrens of New Jersey, although Devil sightings have been reported throughout most of southern New Jersey and even the border cities of Pennsylvania. The first thing witnesses will mention is that the creature has glowing red eyes, curved horns, and wicked fangs, like a dog or wolf. It is also described as having the head of a horse, wings like a bat, the legs of a bird, cloven hooves, and a dragon-like bearing. Occasionally it is said to have the body of a kangaroo. The size of the beast is disputed. A few claim that the beast has a wingspan of only four feet, but many, especially in the most recent sightings, state that the creature is tall, hairy, and powerful enough to wreck vehicles. In these sightings the distraught victims often claim that it was as big as a man or larger.
New Jersey

Somerset's Sinister Secret

Most of the time, trees are regarded as a vital part of life. They give oxygen, stabilize the soul, and protect wildlife. They provide the supplies necessary for many of our necessary commodities and materials for tools and shelter. In New Jersey however, one tree disregards all those things and is regarded as nothing short of sinister.
New Jersey

Creeped Out at Cape May

Cape May New Jersey rests on the southern tip of New Jersey where the Delaware Bay meets the Pacific Ocean. It is the nation's oldest sea shore resort and is one of the country's oldest vacation resort destinations. Cape May is considered a National Historic Landmark due to the victorian architecture still present on the cape.
New Jersey

The Bride of the Tularosa Basin

Located in Tularosa Basin in White Sands, New Mexico, the name of the National Monument could not be more fitting. Glistening white sands in wave-like dunes engulf over 275 square miles of New Mexico desert. New Mexico's treasure is the world's largest gypsum sand dunesfield.
Oliver Lee Memorial State Park Mew Mexico

A New Name Doesn't Save This Highway to Hell

Famed as being one of the most haunted places in America, a two hundred stretch of land known as "Highway 666" has had more than its share of stories and troubles. Despite being renamed to "US Route 491" in 2003, trouble has continued to follow anyone brave enough to travel down New Mexico's Highway to Hell.
Mew Mexico

A Walk in the Park (and Over Corpses)

People travel from all over the world to see Lake Mead National Park in Boulder City, Nevada. Of the 407 national parks in the nation, Lake Mead is the sixth most popular. The National Park System attracts visitors by promoting the park, nearby Las Vegas and the Hoover Dam. One thing not promoted is the park’s reputation for being the “park where you are most likely to trip over a corpse.”
Lake Mead National Park Nevada

Sin City’s Got a Different Type of Spirit

There is no one right answer to finding the best hotel in Las Vegas. Some travelers want to be on the Strip, near Sin City's non-stop party. Others are won by a great price, nice accommodations, casino games, or specific hotel amenities. One thing most travelers aren't looking for is a room they can share with a stranger- and even if they are, it's probably not a spirit one.

The Yellow Jacket Mine Misfortune

In the 1800s, dreams of striking it rich sent hundreds of people running to the coasts. Mining towns were set up to host the wide variety of travelers who packed up everything they had and risked their lives at a chance for success.

The Yellow Jacket Mine Misfortune

Pyramid Lake is a geographic sink of Truckee River, located in Nevada, just northeast of Reno. It was first inhabited by the proud nineteenth century Paiute tribe. The Paiute War was even fought at the very site. Pyramid Lake was not first mapped until 1844, and is one of the largest natural lakes in Nevada.
Truckee River Nevada

The Montauk Monster

In July of 2008, a group of friends were walking along Ditch Plains Beach near the business district of Montauk, New York. They were looking for a nice place to sit and hang out for a bit, when they noticed some people closely inspecting something on the beach. Curiosity got the better of them and they, too, went to see what was causing such a stir.
New York

Staten Island's Signature Murder

New York's Staten Island is well known for its museums, landmarks, beaches, and parks. Many visitors travel to New York each year to take the Staten Island Ferry to participate in sight seeing adventures. People watch baseball at Richmond County Bank Ball Park, visit the historic Richmond Town, or explore local maritime heritage at the Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Garden.
Staten Island New York

Dastardly Deaths of the DeFeos

Amityville, New York is a small village in Babylon, Suffolk County. At just under ten thousand people, it's hard to imagine that such a small town could be the place of something so greatly terrifying. The town forever became a household name after the gruesome deaths of the DeFeo family in 1974.
New York

Mourning Big Moose

Big Moose Lake a remote lake on Moose River in upstate New York. A beautiful destination, many travel there for vacations, boating, water skiing, hiking, cross country skiing, snowmobiling, and visiting Pigeon Lake Wilderness Area. Spanning over twelve hundred acres, the lake is about three miles long and one mile wide. The large lake supports both Webb and Long Lake
New York

Living Legend of Letchworth

Letchworth Village of Rockland County New York is a residential institution. Providing housing and treatment for the physically and mentally ill, Letchworth was initially opened in 1911 with over one hundred and thirty buildings. In 1850 the first polio trial was held on the grounds, bringing much notoriety, and also plenty of scrutiny to the growing facility.
New York

A Haunted Castle in Ohio

When medieval castles come to mind, Ohio is probably nowhere in the picture. Well there's an interesting story about the 1/5th replica of a French Normandy and English, architecturally inspired, medieval castle that was built near Loveland, Ohio. It was built mostly by one man, Sir Harry Andrews, and it took him 50 years to finish it.

The Loveland Frogmen

In the Cincinnati area of Ohio, there's a suburb that sits alongside the mysterious Little Miami River. Rivers in and of themselves evoke a feeling of wonder as they carry water and wildlife from one place to another, always changing.

Paranormal at Prospect Place

Prospect Place, located in Trinway, Ohio, was built in 1856 by George Blackburn who was a popular abolitionist. Blackburn was responsible for saving the lives of an estimated thousand escaped slaves. Sometimes referred to as the Trinway Mansion or the Prospect Place Mansion, the mansion was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1979 and the Underground Railroad Site Association List.
Monroe Basin State Wildlife Area Ohio

Oklahoma’s Underwater Demon

Nestled in the United States' beautiful midwest lies the Sooner State, Oklahoma. Many travel to Oklahoma for the lovely Great Plains landscapes, including mountains, lakes, and forests. Oklahoma claims the largest number of lakes created by dams in the United States. Housing over two hundred dam created, man made lakes, Oklahoma is sure not to disappoint water seeking recreationalists.

Oklahoma's Ominous Omens

Oklahoma is the 28th most populated state, located in the southern United States. Known for being a major producer of natural gas, oil, and agriculture, Oklahoma is also economically based in aviation, energy, telecommunications, and biotechnology. Oklahoma is a wide expanses of mountain ranges, prairie, forests, plains, and mesas.

Dead Man Walking? Meet Dead Woman Crossing.

Dead Woman Crossing is located in a small, unincorporated community on Deer Creek, in Custer County Oklahoma. The town only has about one hundred people on a good day, so rumors and stories travel fast. One story revolves around how the tiny crossing got its disturbing name.

Washing Up at Fort Washita

Fort Washita is located in Durant Oklahoma and was built in 1841. Added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1966, the fort served as a former United States military post during the Civil War.

A Chance Meeting at the Oregon Caves Chateau

Built in 1934, the Oregon Caves Chateau is like stepping into a time machine. Located adjacent to the Oregon Caves National Monument, the six story chateau has ten sides and twentieth century architecture. The Chateau retains most of its original features.

The Creatures of Crater Lake

Crater Lake is a cascade range in Southwest Oregon. The cistern holds bright blue, pure rainwater spanning over twelve square miles. The crater was formed as a result of a now dormant volcano, Mount Mazama, over seven thousand year
Crater Lake National Park Oregon

Portland's Terrifying Portals

Portland is Oregon's largest city and got its greatest boom in population due to the Oregon Trail. The water access helped develop the city as a hub and was a large part of the city's early economy. It also was the reason Portland became known as one of the most dangerous port cities in the world in the twentieth century. It was known as a hub for organized crime and racketeering, often referred to as the "Forbidden City of the West".
Oregon Trail Oregon

Bad Ride at Barlow Road

Rhododendron Village is a tiny, unincorporated community in Clackamas County Oregon. The village makes up the Villages at Mount Hood. Named after the mass amounts of Rhododendron bushes found in the area, the village began as a summer resort colony, stemming from a history as an old logging camp.

Dead Mans Hollow

There have been a lot of deaths and mysterious happenings surrounding Dead Man's Hollow. A crazy legend and tons of folklore are what came of it all. Haunted not only by it's eerie beauty of the ruins that time and nature have claimed, but also by the lives that were claimed there as well. There's even a fabled creature that has been sighted, but never found. It's the area's very own Big Foot or Loch Ness Monster.

The Green Man

In western Pennsylvania there are rumors of a ghost… a green specter haunting a lonely stretch of highway in Beaver County. Legend tells that this restless spirit will shut off perfectly working vehicles that cross his path and chase the unfortunate souls he has trapped. Through lucky circumstance, he has yet to actually lay hands on anyone he has encountered, but the fear and wariness of the roads he is said to haunt still remains, along with severely freaked out witnesses.

The Fallen Soldiers at Gettysburg

The battle at Gettysburg lasted three days and turned into one of the bloodiest battles in history, leaving both the union and confederate armies diminished and over 50,000 dead on the field.

Philly’s Phantom Bus to Nowhere

Many people in big cities are used to using public transit to get from place to place. They are no stranger to waiting at bus stops or using maps to select the best route to get them to their destination. Many are even able to visualize the routes in their heads, just by seeing the number on the front of a bus marquee

Lost Livelihood at Eliza

Pittsburg Pennsylvania is home to the Three Rivers Heritage Trail. The twenty five mile trail incorporates the Allegheny River and Monongahela River which join to form the Ohio River.

Mercy Brown

In the late 1800's there was a girl born to a good family, who suffered through great pain in her short life. Her name was Mercy Lena Brown, but those who knew her called her Lena. Sometime in her childhood, she started making a quilt using whatever material she could find. It ended up being a very intricate and beautiful piece that still remains with descending family members. Some call the stitching she used, the Wandering Foot. Superstition states that anyone who slept under a blanket with this stitching, would be lost indefinitely and cursed to wander forever.
Rhode Island

Cold History at Colt State Park

Dedicated in 1968, Colt State Park is a prized landmark of Bristol, Rhode Island. Spanning over four hundred acres, the area is popular for hiking, jogging, biking, horseback riding, boating, picnicking, and fishing. .
Rhode Island

Mutilating Lizard Man of Scape Ore

On June 29, 1988, a teenager was on his way home from work at 2 AM. Unfortunately, he blew a tire on the way and pulled to the side of the road to fix it. After successfully replacing the blown tire, he began to stand up when he heard a thumping sound from behind him.
South Carolina

Cursed Woman or Mad Monster at Wompus Woods?

Cowpens, South Carolina may not seem like a town worth noting. At a population of just over two thousand people, the entire town has a total area of just over two square miles of land. One claim to fame the town boasts is being the home of the Battle of Cowpens, fought during the American Revolutionary War.
South Carolina

Bad Humor at Bad River

South Dakota was admitted into statehood in 1889. Pierre has been the capital since 1889 due to its geographical center. Pierre is named after Pierre Chouteau Jr., a fur trader, who established Fort Pierre in 1832. At just 14,000 residents, Pierre is the second smallest state capital
South Dakota

Hanging Tree

Hanged Man seeks revenge on towns people that treated him poorly.
Rapid City Park Service South Dakota


He is supposedly a dapperly-dressed gentleman with a stovepipe hat and long coat. In some tales he is said to be over ten feet tall, peering into second-story windows. Whole apartment buildings have reported seeing him poking around the area. There is no description of his face, but in some stories he is said to be a normal-looking older man, while in others he is said to have no face whatsoever. Sometimes he isn’t referred to Taku-He at all, and is instead referred to as Walking Sam.
South Dakota

Devils Bathtub

As any such horror story begins, it's usually a place, something that draws the person in. Next comes what happened at that place. Whether it be a curse, a murder or some other tragic accident. Then again sometimes nothing happens. Often it's just a story made up to create a scare. Hauntings are a common thread among stories. Looking through the history of terror, all bad things seem to come at night.
South Dakota

The Bell Witch

Anyone who grew up in Tennessee can tell you about the Bell Witch. She is a powerful myth, caught somewhere between witch and poltergeist, that has been used to frighten children throughout the state for generations. Of course, most stories of the Bell Witch are farfetched and heavily altered to fit certain areas so that the tales will strike closer to home in the frightened young minds of those being forced to listen. To put it plainly, the Bell Witch is a campfire story, told and retold with the same chilling line at the end: “and it happened in this very forest, in a cabin not too far from where we are now…” The usual spooky storytelling drivel.

Ghost House Loop Trail

Ghost House Trail is located in Big Ridge State Park in Tennessee. It’s only a little over a mile long, but you might be running before you reach the end. There’s a reason for it’s namesake. This trail takes you past the Norton cemetery and right by the ruins of the old Hutchinson house. This house is where the trail get’s it’s name from, but it’s not the only tale of terror in the area.
Big Ridge State Park Tennessee

Hutchinson's Ghost House Trail

In a gorgeous stretch of forest that was part of the first western frontier lies Big Ridge State Park in Tennessee. Lying in the Cumberland Mountains, the trails explore over fifteen miles. One well known trail is Big Ridge State Park's "Ghost House Trail." .
Big Ridge State Park Tennessee

The White Screamer of White Bluff

White Bluff Tennessee is a small town in Dickson County. With a population of just over three thousand people, the town is often quiet and reserved. Everyone knows each other and just like any small town, there are certain quirks and stories that old town residents are happy to pass down with those interested enough to listen. .

Big Bend National Park

Big Bend is a National Park in Texas that, quite frankly, is a hiker’s paradise. Located along the U.S./Mexico border, this vast desert provides a multitude of diverse landscape. With river scenery, desert land, mountains and a large variety of wildlife you might not want to leave. The solitude that such a large unoccupied area presents you with is astounding.
Big Bend National Park Texas

Black-Eyed Children

They are known to appear out of nowhere, often in the middle of the night, and knock on your door. If you answer, they will ask for a harmless favor, such as to use the telephone or to use the bathroom, etc. Whoever is unfortunate enough to meet them, however, will instantly become paranoid, overwhelmed by an incredible sense of danger, yet at the same time they will feel the urge to give the children what they want. Whatever they want.

The Devastated Donkey Lady

As the seventh most populated city in the United States and the second most populated city in Texas, San Antonio boasts being one of the fastest growing cities in the United States.

Bear Lake Monster

While it is described as a long, serpentine creature, the Bear Lake Monster has many unique characteristics that are in stark contrast to the serpents marauding the ocean’s shores.

The Condemned Cottonwood Paper Mill

The Cottonwood Paper Mill, or the Granite Paper Mill as it was later called, was built in 1883. Located in the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon in Salt Lake Valley, Utah, it was once a busy site for paper making. Workers used paper making equipment to grind logs from nearby canyons into pulp.

Victim of the Beast 666

Salt Lake City is the heavily populated capital city of Utah. It's history is well known as having been established by Brigham Young and other Mormons in 1847, who irrigated and cultivated the valley. It therefore became headquarters of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or the LDS Church, and is historically considered a holy city by church members.

Famous Cave at America Fork Canyon

America Fork Canyon is a large canyon located in the Wasatch Mountains in Utah. The area is very well known as the home of the Timpanogos Cave National Monument. Many visitors come from all over the country to take part in hiking, biking, horse trails, camping, fishing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, cross country skiing and backcountry skiing.

The Pigman of Northfield, Vermont

In 1971, a small town Vermont school dance started just like any other. Like many teenagers, one group was enjoying some drinks in a sand pit before going to the dance. When they came rushing into the dance, some crying and all panicked, the town could not believe what had gotten them so upset..

Chesapeake Bay Monster

The Chesapeake Bay Monster, or Chessie, as it has been affectionately nicknamed by the locals, is a sea serpent about thirty feet long with a body one to two feet in diameter. It is commonly described as sleek and black with a football-shaped head. In some cases it is also said to have flippers, but most sightings are of merely a head and neck protruding curiously from the water before the mysterious beast retreats to the watery depths of the bay.
Chesapeake Bay Virginia

Beastly Battles at Ball’s Bluff

Ball's Bluff is located in Leesburg, Virginia in Loudoun County. It is the home of the Ball's Bluff Battlefield Regional Park and National Cemetery. Spanning over two thousand acres of park, the land was once home to a famous Civil War battle field. Many people travel to the battlefield to participate in tours and over seven miles of walking trails.
Ball's Bluff Battlefield Regional Park Virginia

Jumby Bay

Many trails at Virgin Islands’ historical plantations, including those at Jumby Beach, are said to be haunted by mischievous spirits the locals call "jumbies." Apparently, there is a female one in particular that has it out for men walking the self-guided nature trail to Annaberg Sugar Mill Ruins.
St. John's Jumby Beach Virgin Islands

Ottie's Bluff Mountain Monument

The Appalachian Trail is one of the most popular hiking trails in the eastern United States. Running through Virginia, it is the longest hiking only foot path in the world. It is also said to be haunted by four year old Ottie Cline Powell who roams the woods after his fateful death one dreary winter.
Virgin Islands

The Dark History of the Virgin Islands Reef Bay Mill

Known for its white sand beaches, destination cruises, and barrels of rum, the Virgin Islands has long been a popular vacation spot for tourists worldwide. Over two million visitors flock there annually for food, shopping, and relaxation. What many of its visitors don't know is that the islands are deep rooted in a dark history.
Virgin Islands


Considered to be a hybrid between the sasquatch and some kind of pterodactyl or bat, the batsquatch is rumored to have soared out from the depths of the earth during the eruption of Mt. St. Helen in 1980. It is said to have blue-gray fur, a wolfish face, and a great pair of bat wings protruding from its back. It seems to resemble a gargoyle in body shape, though it has also been mistaken for the mothman on a few occasions, as it seems to possess the ability to interfere with the electrical workings in cars and other devices.


Columbia River's Colossal Claude

Considered to be a hybrid between the sasquatch and some kind of pterodactyl or bat, the batsquatch is rumored to have soared out from the depths of the earth during the eruption of Mt. St. Helen in 1980. It is said to have blue-gray fur, a wolfish face, and a great pair of bat wings protruding from its back. It seems to resemble a gargoyle in body shape, though it has also been mistaken for the mothman on a few occasions, as it seems to possess the ability to interfere with the electrical workings in cars and other devices.

Mount St. Helens National Park Washington

Defying Gravity at Prosser Gravity Hill

In Washington, drivers have experienced an odd phenomenon. Known as Gravity Hill, drivers stop their cars at a certain point on a hill, seeming to extend up into the horizon. After putting the car in neutral, and letting off the break, the car is pulled or pushed uphill. Even more creepy, some drivers have found odd markings on their cars after making it up Prosser Gravity Hill.


Iron Goat Trail

This trail, located sixty miles northeast of Seattle, will take you over small creeks on wooden bridges and through a colorful forest of evergreens, ferns and alders. But beware the ghosts of the fallen, for this place had a tragic ending that resulted in the deaths of many.
Stevens Pass Washington

The Mysterious Lake Crescent

Lake Crescent is a place that's quiet, serene and breathtakingly beautiful. Not to mention the haunted factor that it exudes. Sometimes a place that is truly haunted, not only by spirits but by history as well, can be even more beautiful than imagined. Albeit in a tragic sort of way. The tragedies in life are what make us painfully aware that the beauty in the world should be appreciated and never overlooked.
Glacier National Park Washington

Beast of Bray Road

Cryptid hunters have labeled this creature as being one of many misidentified Bigfoot sightings, but locals will adamantly assert that this creature has a more canine appearance, though it still has a flat, apish face, which is why they will sometimes refer to it as the Manwolf. Some people even believe that the Beast of Bray Road is a werewolf, or something similar to the Michigan Dogman

Hoax or Hodag?

Oneida County is the heart of the north woods of Wisconsin. Located deep in Oneida County is Rhinelander, Wisconsin. Rhinelander has a population of about eight thousand, however, it is the retail hub of northern Wisconsin and upper Michigan.
Nicolet National Forest Wisconsin

Something Sinister at Summerwind Mansion

Deep on the Wisconsin-Michigan border, in West Bay Lake, lies the remains of a once beautiful Victoria mansion. Summerwind Mansion was built in the early 20th century as a fishing lodge. It was later bought in 1916 by Robert Patterson Lamont to serve as their family summer home.

Bunny Man

The Appalachian Mountain Chain is the oldest mountain chain in the world. They have seen tens of thousands of years pass by, accumulating a mystique and majesty that has awed mankind for generations. There are many shadowy corners to these mountains, and of course the settlements around them are bound to see and experience many fantastical things. Virginia is one such state primarily dominated by this mountain chain, and there are many interesting monsters and odd happenings to talk about.
West Virginia

Haunted Harpers Ferry

With the gorgeous flowing waters of the Shenandoah and Potomac rivers sending their soothing sounds into the area and the majestic Blue Ridge mountains standing guard all around; one might imagine Harpers Ferry to be a serene place to forget all that troubles you. This is a place where history runs deep and has seen the true nature of mankind. Appearances are only surface deep. When you delve into the bloody past of Harpers Ferry, you'll find nothing serene there but the beauty of nature.
Harpers Ferry National Historical Park West Virginia


The Mothman is a creature of undefinable origin, one of the most widely-recognized mythical beings in the world. The name “Mothman” is derived from the fact that this monster has moth-like wings, though its body is distinctly humanoid. Head-shape varies from one story to another, but this might be because one of the defining features of the beast is its glowing red eyes, which might distract witnesses from any other notable facial features. Anyone who looks into those eyes also becomes overwhelmingly paranoid, sometimes for months or years after coming into contact with the Mothman.
West Virginia

Point Pleasant's Unpleasant Guest

Point Pleasant, West Virginia was anything but pleasant in the 1960s. The area was a hotbed of paranormal activity including mutilated animals, UFO sightings, men in black, phantom phone calls, electrical disturbances including police radios, telephones, and televisions, missing time, coincidences, repeating numbers, and missing animals.
West Virginia

The Cursed Park at Lake Shawnee

Deep into the trails of Princeton, West Virginia lies Lake Shawnee Amusement Park. Built in 1920s, the amusement park was a popular summertime retreat for coalfield families and their children. However, since 1966, the park has lied abandoned and forgotten after two tragic deaths. Considering it cursed, most locals steer clear of the dangerous area.
West Virginia

The Flatwoods Monster's Mustard Gas

Flatwoods, a small, sleepy town in West Virginia, hardly seems like a place that would garner attention worldwide for a monstrous claim to fame. The Flatwoods of West Virginia are home to the Flatwoods Monster, otherwise known as the Braxton County Monster, the Lizard Monster, or the Phantom of the Flatwoods.
West Virginia

Platte River's Phantom Ship

Guernsey is a tiny town located in Wyoming. Boasting just over a thousand residents, it sure wouldn't seem like there would be much of a reason to talk about the town and its location in Platte, County. While seeming like just a sleepy, forgettable town, residents of Guernsey keep a big secret.

The Mummy of the San Pedro Mountains

The San Pedro Mountains of south central Wyoming are located 60 miles southwest of Casper, Wyoming. Two prospectors, Cecil Main and Frank Carr found more than they bargained for when gold mining the rich area.
Sierra de San Pedro Mártir National Park Wyoming

Castle of the Rockies

The Banff Springs Hotel, or the "Castle of the Rockies", has its home in the Banff National Park, located in Alberta, Canada. The hotel was built as a luxury hotel in the nineteenth century as a grand railway hotel. Opening on June 1, 1888, guests were awed by the unparalleled views of the Rocky Mountains and the proximity of the hotel to the thermal springs.
Banff National Park Canada - Alberta

Past Prisoners of Prince Wales Hotel

Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta, Canada is home to the Prince of Wales Hotel. Opened on July 25, 1927 on the Great Northern Railway. The series of hotels was grand and allowed for Summer guests to stay along the famous trails of railway.
Waterton Lakes National Park Canada - Alberta

Pukaskwa National Park's Pukasu and Perilous Waters

Pukaskwa National Park is Ontario, Canada's largest National Park. Established in 1978 on Lake Superior features boreal forests over seven hundred square miles and is home to black bears, moose, falcons, lynx, caribou and wolves..
Pukaskwa National Park Canada - Ontario

Visitors Losing Their Heads Over Nahanni National Park

Deep in the Dehcho Region of the Northwest Territory in Canada lies Nahanni National Park. Nahanni got its name by the indigenous Dene people. In their language, Nahanni means “river of the land of the people”.
Nahanni National Park Canada

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State National Park is located

Lehigh Valley

The Sun Inn, this location has been investigated by paranormal groups that say the spirits are still with the building.


Cape Cod Rail Trail

From its start as a bootlegging operation, being allegedly owned by the Irish Mafia, then later taking on the role of a boarding house which female boarders turned into a house of ill-repute.


National Mall Trail

The Capitol building has many reports of ghostly haunts throughout the years. There is even said to be a “demon black cat” that makes its presence known just before national tragedies and changes of Presidents


Western Maryland Rail Trail

This fort has a long history, in 1756 the stone fort was built to protect settlers during the French and Indian War. It was utilized in the American Revolution to prison British soldiers. Union troops were often stationed near the fort to guard the C&O Canal during the Civil War.


NCR Trail

At the Maryland end of the trail is the town of Ashland. It is said that here you can hear the sounds of iron worker, William Burns hammering away into the night. It was his job to drill holes and set dynamite at the bottom of the furnace


C&O Devils Alley

It is in this tunnel where you can hear the crying of a young girl and some have said that she placed her small hand on theirs while holding onto the tunnel’s railing.


Taylors Landing

Here there is an old abandoned house on the hill that is reportedly haunted. It is told that the family who lived here would hear sobbing, moaning, heavy walking and chains dragging across the floor


Monocacy Aqueduct

When the people who worked on the canal helped evacuate troops from the Battle of Balls Bluff, one of the boats capsized drowning the soldiers on board. It is told that the soldiers still haunt this part of the canal today


Columbia Trail

At the Publick House, it is said to be haunted by ghostly apparitions that make growling noises and leave behind cold spots and phantom perfume

New Jersey

Erie Canal

The fort was active during the French and Indian War and location of a horrific massacre by French-Canadians.

New York

Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike

In the August of 1939 while digging in Laurel Hill the roof collapsed bringing down a 14 ton boulder that killed three instantly. The fourth was pinned under the boulder by the arm. His arm was amputated and he later died in the ambulance headed to the hospital.


GAP Trail – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

It is rumored that the spirits of steel workers, that were on strike in 1892, might be still wandering the building here in their dirt covered clothes


Stony Valley Railroad Grade

This area has suffered much tragedy. Alongside the railroad grade to the east there is Indiantown Gap, where a summer hotel for the rich was location in the early 1800's.


Trout Run

There is a legend that there was once an insane asylum located in this wooded area that burned down.


GAP Trail – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

It is rumored that the spirits of steel workers, that were on strike in 1892, might be still wandering the building here in their dirt covered clothes


Wehrum Ghost Town Trail

TBolivar, Pennsylvania where it is claimed that the spirit of a Native American girl haunts the school's campus that is located next to her stone marked grave.


Hemlock and Upper Bucks Ridge Road

The Pioneer Cemetery is also known as Pandemonium, the name of the long gone village. It is here where it is told that a little girl still wanders the woods in search for her mother. Unexplainable sounds and voices can be heard in this area.

West Virginia

Harpers Ferry

The town of Harpers Ferry West Virginia has a long history of bloody violence and of natural disasters, leaving behind many restless spirits to wander its streets and buildings.

West Virginia

Lock 33

This raid in 1859 was an attempt to start an armed slave revolt but was defeated by the U.S. Marines.
West Virginia

Falling Waters

With 1,760 casualties throughout the 10 day battle, there is no wonder why some claim to still hear the noise from this battle during the night..

West Virginia

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