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Ghost Hunting with the Wilson Boys

The Wilson brothers are Ghost Hunting detectives. Hailing from the hearts of Delaware. They’ve been ghost hunting for almost ten years. The Wilson brothers have been to almost every state and multiple cities within those states. Seeing towns from the hot deserts to the coldest of valley’s. Only the best of the haunted places are investigated by them. Nothing is off limits when it comes to their expertise. They’ve hunted homes, to prisons, graveyards and landmarks. Ghosts towns are by far their favorite. The two boys received a phone call from someone in New Mexico.



They had heard of the Wilson brother’s. Solving and disproving more true and false ghost claims than any other paranormal researchers, these boys were the real deal. Asking them to come down to Lake Valley, New Mexico.

Lake Valley had been around since the early 1900’s. It thrived for many years and then all of a sudden vanished. Becoming you know, one of those ghost towns, talked about through communities around the area. It was as if all of the townsfolk picked up all of their things in one day and left. Some families left so quick that there were things left on tables. It’s a mystery as to what happened and where the people went. No one investigated the town or ever looked into where the people who lived there ended up. The family that bought the town from the state of New Mexico called the Wilson’s. This family’s names is the Crown’s.

The Crowns came into the small town and had their look around. Peeking in houses and in the shops. Looking over the streets. They went to the graveyard that was in town and saw there were no tombstones. They found it weird that there were no gravestones. Did this mean that no one in that town died? If no one ever died where did they go? It lead them to wander if no one actually ever left the town. Maybe the entire town still lived there. They just happen to be in the afterlife and couldn’t be seen or heard. They needed the best to come in and investigate what was going on. The Wilson’s reputation far proceeded them. 4624585456_900a447f91_zAlways bringing the best and most up to date gear that could help them track down any form of afterlife and paranormal activity.

The Wilson’s gathered up their gear. It was going to be a long drive coming from Delaware all the way down to New Mexico. They would fly but they carried to much gear and was much to expensive to leave in the hands of any airline. The boys saddled up their van with everything they would need and made their two day journey down to Lake Valley. Living off of red bulls and fast food joints along the way, better time was being made than they had expected. Both of them were more than excited to get into this town. Their investigation beforehand gave them some history on the town but there wasn’t much to be found out. They pulled into town half a day ahead of schedule and met up with the Crowns to discuss where any activity may have been and when they could get started.

werewoofs-ghost-hunting-on-ghost-town-trial-7-08-2016The Wilson’s were eager to get hunting. Bringing the afterlife to fruition was what they searched for. Discovering ghosts is what they lived for. It was a challenge to say the least. The two boys went into the first house in the town. Making every room a priority and giving each aspect of the investigation their full attention. Evening was rolling in and as any paranormal investigator knows…night time is when the real hunting begins. For whatever reason, ghosts seem to present themselves more at night, than at any other time during the day. I’m not sure anyone has truly figured out why but it would seem that nighttime is the closet to death that the afterlife can come to live in. It is believed that some are stuck in this life for two reasons. The first reason is they are being tortured to stay here by the devil. The second reason is they are being taught a lesson from god and can’t cross over until they’ve learned.

Both of the brothers brought their gear out in the house. Ready to catch any life form or words that came into context. They knew it would be far and few between on what they could see and hear but they wanted to do their best. They wanted to bring everything they could to the table and fully give one hundred percent to their customers. They left the first house and moved on to the second. They stood around and asked simple questions. “Who lives here? What do you want with us?”, they said to the ghosts. No response came…but the hairs on their arms began to stand up. Answers were what they wanted. Knowing that they may never get another chance in this town they began to prod. Poking at the ghosts. The Wilson’s were getting close.

Haunted Honky Tonk


Moving on to the third and last house on that street. A simple sigh came through their channel, “I am here. I am here.” Both brothers looked at one another and gazed in astonishment. They heard the voice and understood what it said. This was extremely strange for any paranormal investigator. Usually it was a short word or a grasping for air…if that. The afterlife trying it’s best to be heard or seen.

The Wilson boys were gathering sounds that they have never heard before. Hello’s and goodbye’s, were coming through the speakers. It was hard to hear whether the sounds were true or possibly just whispers in the night. The Wilson’s knew they were real but getting anyone else to believe in ghosts was almost as hard as getting people to vote for a president. Most people didn’t care and the other people didn’t want to. It wasn’t until about two in the morning that the Wilson’s began to get some real evidence. Real proof that maybe ghosts just might happen to be here. The Wilson’s were going to have to get clear evidence. It was becoming abundantly real that they were on to something. Something that was going to change the likes of paranormal activity forever.

They left the third house with smiles on their face. Grinning ear to ear knowing they caught gold. More activity happened in this one house then they’ve ever caught their entire careers. Something was definitely going on here. Both the boys walked out on to the main street and looked around. All of the street lights went out and a burst of cold air consumed the town. The

Stuckey Bridge Scare


Wilson’s put their bags down and pulled out their EMF readers and digital video cameras. Turning in circles the they were trying to capture anything they could find. The temperature readings were fluctuating so badly it would almost have one believe the gear was faulty. Anything could be farther from the truth.

The entire town lit up like a Christmas tree, but it wasn’t from the lights. In every house and on every street corner stood a ghost. Families big and small. Lonely old men to running children. Looking at each other in disbelief, they thought this must be a dream. Either that or they had done massive amounts of LSD and this was one hell of a trip. Luckily for them they weren’t the drug using kind. This was the mother load. This is the adventure every ghost hunter or paranormal activity searcher lives for.

Gathering their thoughts and making sense of this quickly, they started walking. Using their meters and scanning their cameras through every house and down every alley. Walking up to one couple on the street, they asked them how long they’d been living here. The father says, “All of our lives. Quite nice here wouldn’t you agree?” The two brothers looked at each other and weren’t quite sure what they meant. The Wilson’s thanked them for their time and moved

(images:teemu08/flickr) Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop

Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop

on down the road. They walked into a convenient store. The shelves were full of dust and dirt. Some of the glass was broken on the doors to the cooler. In amazement people were shuffling around inside. Grabbing imaginary things off of the shelves, which must of seemed real to them, going up to the cash register and paying. The two brothers went up to the cashier and asked how long she had been working here. She said this was her first week and that she really loved talking to the public. This was the ideal job for her.

It was becoming clear to both of them that these people had no idea they weren’t alive. It’s as if whatever event occurred, it happened so quickly, everyone had no recollection of dying. The citizens of this town continued on their daily routines, passing each other by and living their…most unique lives. The Wilson’s had a tough job on their hands. Finding out what happened here and how they can prove this to the world. There was going to be some long sleepless nights ahead in their future.

Ghost Hunting with the Wilson Boys (Part 4)

It was time to delve in to the details. The Wilson’s went from being paranormal researchers right into hard hitting journalists, getting to the bottom of the story. They decided they’d act like Jehovah’s witnesses and just start going door to door, building to building, until they uncovered some concrete answers. The first few couples they talked to didn’t have much information to say. It’s hard to uncover what’s going on when all of the people aren’t aware that something is different. Everything in their town and lives seem to be in order. The two boys came upon a little religious nick-nack shop. Filled with bibles, crosses and any other novelty item that can come to mind. A small middle aged woman ran this store. The Wilson’s went in and said hello. She told t

(images:nevadatourism/flickr) Gold Hill Hotel and Saloon

Gold Hill Hotel and Saloon

hem about the specials she had going on and showed them around the store. They asked her if she had seen or heard anything strange. Something that seemed out of the ordinary. She pondered for a minute and began telling them about the other evening.

The full moon was out and it was right around two in the morning that a bright light shined over the entire city. It lasted for maybe ten minutes. When the light shined down all of the city lights went black. The doors and windows shook for a few seconds. After that everything went back to normal. The Wilson boys were writing every piece of information down that she was telling them. Hoping to piece something together and find a better idea of what went on. They thanked her for her time and then left.

They moved on down the road to the only house they hadn’t visited yet. It was a family of five, well six, mom and dad along with three small children and a dog. Dogs usually have a sense for things. A different instinct they posses. It was obvious they couldn’t talk to the dog but maybe it would show them something. Knocking on

Fragrant Fouke Monster


the door a little girl answered. The brothers asked if they could speak to her parents. She obliged, shut the door, and a few seconds later both of them came to the door. The brothers and the two parents conversed back in forth for a few minutes. Asking the same questions they asked the woman at the bible shop. The family couldn’t be sure if anything strange went on, claiming they were heavy sleepers. The kind of sleepers, if a tornado happened and spun their house to the land of Oz, they wouldn’t know. Not very helpful for an active investigation of a walking ghost town. Thanking them for their time, the boys left. They started to head do the sidewalk when they heard a bark coming from the back yard.

Both of them went around to the back and saw that dog. They went up to him and tried to see what he was doing. The dog was trying to dig, he couldn’t because he was dead, so the boys began to dig down where the dog was. A little under a foot of dirt removed the brothers came upon something.

Ghost Hunting with the Wilson Boys (Part 5)

The Wilson’s wiped away the dirt and pulled up a rock. It was oval shaped and as they cleaned it, patterns began to show up, looking like ancient writings. On the rock there were was a square carving at the top with lines coming out. Towards the bottom of the lines there were stick figures drawn. The back side was completely smooth and there were no other rocks or artifacts buried in the same area.

They went back to their van, opened up the back doors and jumped inside. Each pulled out a laptop and a black suitcase. Inside the suitcase were small brushes, cleaning solution and a scanning tool. The tool was all digital. Taking a scan of both the front and back of the object, it would make a three hundred and sixty degree template on the laptop screen and look for any anomalies.

ghost hunting

(image: AlexMC/flickr)

Whether that be searching for parts that weren’t able to be seen by the naked eye or foreign matters detected. Once the scan was complete and the replica was put on the screen they noticed two unique red flags. The first was a layer on the rock written in some coded message. It looked like brail at first glance except instead of the bumps sticking out they were indented in. The second piece that came through the computer was a liquid sample. It looked like DNA but it was a layer that covered the entire rock. It wasn’t human and it wasn’t from any animal. The testing brought back one word, unknown.

They had bits and pieces of information. The unknown rock and what they had been told by the towns people. Trying to piece everything back together, daylight was coming soon, which inevitably meant the ghosts wouldn’t be out. Taking that into consideration they decided to call it a night and get some rest. Refreshing their minds was going to be a necessity if they planned to get to the bottom of this haunting that was occurring.

Eyes wide and bushy tailed, the day was off to a dashing start. To put it better the night was off to a dashing start. They crawled out of their van. Gear in hand and of course the town lit up like the Fourth of July again. Families roaming around and taking out their daily activities. Knowing they wouldn’t have much time left in the town they talked about probing a little harder. If it made some people uncomfortable, so be it, they were already dead anyhow.

The Wilson boy’s went back to the religious store. Opening the door the bell rang and they walked in. The woman greeted them and asked to show them around the shop. She had no recollection of them ever being there the night before. This meant that these ghosts in this town had no memories. They just lived the same day over and over again. If that was the case, which day were they BannackMontanaliving? Was it a random day throughout their lives or possibly the day where everyone disappeared. If this didn’t raise questions who knew what would. The Wilson’s asked her the same thing and she replied with the same previous answer. They thanked her again for her time and left the little shop. Heading back to their van, going to grab the rock, they figured out what they would do. The two brother’s were going to walk around town with the rock out and see if anyone said anything or recognized it.

With the rock in plain view they began walking up and down the sidewalks. Finally a man stopped them. He stared at them with a puzzling look and said, “Where did you find that?” One of the brothers replied, “It was buried in a yard a few blocks away”. The man looked down then back up at them. “You need to go put that back where you found it, now”, he sternly told them. Wondering what he had meant and why it mattered the boys agreed, but only to get him off their backs. This rock wasn’t going anywhere. It was clearly a key to something and the biggest piece of the puzzle they currently had.

Moving down the street they both continued to play with the rock. Hoping to spark some interest again from someone. The two brothers were nearing the end of the block when a light flickered. They brought their meters out and began scanning. Pointing their equipment towards the allies and up and down the streets. Suddenly all the lights went out. All of the ghosts that were in the town disappeared. A giant white light illuminated the entire town and sky. This happened for what seemed like to them only a few minutes, little were they aware, this continued for hours. Finally the blinding white light went black and the street lights came back on. The ghost citizens appeared again and everything looked like it was back to normal. The Wilson’s looked at each other and their jaws dropped. They were both ghosts. All of their equipment was in afterlife form. The rock that they had been holding was gone. What ever that light was had just turned them. They looked down at the ground where they had been standing and carved into the dirt was the symbol that was on the rock. Aliens.

The End

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