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The town of Deadwood, South Dakota has as much cultural history as any town in America. From gambling and drinking to the famous Wild Bill Hickok shooting. Deadwood was found in the late 1800’s and was in the heart of the Dakota Territory Gold Rush. It brought a slew of wealth to town and also a enormous amount of problems. Robbing and killings were frequent. There was too much money floating around the town with too many greedy people.

Fast forwarding to modern time one of the prominent hotels and gambling establishments is the Deadwood Mountain Grand. Located high up on the hill overlooking the entire town of Deadwood. Bringing thousands in each weekend to have fun and enjoy themselves. From gambling, to eating and concerts this one of the best casinos in the town.

Every now and then you can see an older man roaming around the town. He’s tall and slender. Wearing a long black coat, black boots and a fedora everywhere he went. His face had a thick and long white beard. His finger nails were longer than normal and his skin was as pale as they came. He was only ever seen wandering around the town in the evening. Passing under street lights always with his head down. Everyone that passed him by never noticed that each street light that he passed by there was no shadow that followed him. To some this would make one scratch their head. For a select few that knew anything of the dark world, this meant only one thing, he was a vampire. This vampire’s name Monty Vladmire.

Stony Hollow Cliff

Stony Hollow Cliff

His hometown is Glasgow, Scotland. He made his way to America in the mid 1800’s and eventually came to Deadwood. Setting up home here and watching the change of the town he began to make himself an established figure. Buying and selling buildings and land. Setting up casinos and hotels. Falling in and out of love and watching people and friends die around him. It really was a hard thing to be, a vampire that is. Knowing that you are going to outlive everyone and everything. You were going to obviously have your life and heart threatened over and over. Strange if you really think about it.

Monty was no stranger to having his life threatened. Having been around for hundreds of years, making both friends and enemies, he had the thickest skin of them all. No deals went on in the town without his approval. Everyone knew Monty was the sheriff of Deadwood without the badge. The Deadwood Mountain Grand was his baby. He’d worked hundreds of years to get such an amazing location and incredible casino. He wasn’t aware now but in his near future all of his hard work was going to try and be taken away. Monty would have to take measures he thought would never come about. It was going to be time to unleash his inner darkness upon this town, but it wasn’t going to be for just evil.

Monty was walking around his hotel when he heard his right hand man call out for him. Monty went over to where he was and asked him what the fuss was all about. His employee said, “You need to come out to the balcony. There is something you must see.” He walked outside and saw a fog rolling over the hills from all sides. He knew the weather here was always out of control but nothing to this magnitude. Lightning was striking all of the surrounding hills and thunder was booming through the town as loud as cannon blasts.

Ghostly Greyhounds


Monty went back into his casino and went up to his office. Through a hidden wall led to his layer. He walked to his library and found a prophecy book. Opening it up he looked at page one hundred and seventy six. It prophesied of a rumbling in a small town in the dead of night. A terror would be brought upon the people and war would rage. Monty looked up from the book and a chill came over the room. It’s difficult for a vampire to become scared or worried but he was getting there.

He went back out into the casino and called to his right hand man, Nicholas. “Nicholas, we need to shut the hotel down early and get everyone out”, Monty told him. Nicholas replied back, “What are you talking about? A little fog and thunder is putting us down for the evening?” Monty explained the prophecy to him. It made Monty sound like he was losing his mind but he had never steered Nicholas wrong yet. Nicholas went to all of the security and gave them the orders to close up shop. The customers began either walking out of the casino and restaurant or back up to their rooms.

Monty left the hotel and made his way down to the middle of the town. He began going to each casino and telling each owner to keep everyone off the streets and in their rooms. A storm, is what he called it, was coming to Deadwood. A storm that was going to be bloody and violent. Monty walked back out to main street and stood in the middle of the brick laid street. Looking up and down the road, the lamp posts began to flicker, and the ground was beginning to shake. He knew something was here that wasn’t thunder. A



lightning bolt hit the Saloon Number 10 that was off to the left of him and the fog came down consuming the streets. He rushed back up to the Deadwood Mountain Grand. The fog was becoming more thick the higher he went. He reached the casino and went up to his layer. He pulled out a vile of blood and drank it. Unleashing the demon vampire in himself. He was a special kind of vampire. The only blood he drank was from werewolfs. It was about to become clear to Monty that the werewolves had turned into werewolves. Shape shifters turning from human to wolf. They were coming in a swarm to exact their revenge on him.

The werewolves families and friends had been murdered for centuries by this Dracula. This vampire had no regard for any of them except his own thirst. It was the only thing he cared about to keep himself alive. The werewolves had been planning this attack for decades. Gathering up an army to bring down his precious town. There would be nothing left of him and everything he valued. Anyone that will come in the way of their revenge will be left to the dust. A feeding frenzy is what the werewolves are on the hunt for. One hundred werewolves were coming down the mountain like a waterfall over Deadwood. It was only a matter of minutes before they were going to be unleashed on the town.

Paranormal Palace


Monty made a decision that might possibly haunt him for the rest of his days. This was a war and Monty knew that. The only way he could save his town and the people that lived there was to turn some of them into vampires. Those that were turned would have abilities that they could only dream of. It would also bring a horror that they couldn’t imagine. A life long thirst for blood and loneliness.

Monty turned only the closest people to him into vampires. He turned Nicholas first and then a few fellow business partners that he had around town. All together five vampires were going up against one hundred werewolves. Three of the vampires lined the streets. Standing in the shadows of the alleys and waiting for the werewolves. Nicholas and Monty stood on top of the Mountain Grand, hearing the howls and the paws, rushing down the mountain side.

The werewolves stormed the town and filled the streets. The walked by the stores, growling and howling, looking for Monty. The three vampires jumped out from the alleys, grabbed the werewolves and flew back into the alleys. The vampires did this over and over again. Once back in the alley the vampires ripped the werewolves apart and sunk their fangs into the necks of the Skin Walkerwolves. This happened so fast and so frequently it dwindled the werewolves down to almost half of what they came with.

Monty knew the vampires were winning. Both him and Nicholas flew off the Deadwood Mountain Grand and landed in the streets. Seeing the wolves face to face they began to help they other three. Picking up the wolves and tearing them apart. Throwing them through the buildings and biting through their chests. The wolves were howling left and right in pain and death. It wasn’t long until the werewolves were down to eight. Three of the wolves lunged at one vampire and tore his head off and threw it at Monty. He yelled and flew at them in anger. Two werewolves side blinded him and put Monty through a window. People screaming from inside, Monty got back up, rushed back out the window and through both the wolves down the street. His eye’s turned blood red and all the lights on the street went black.

Monty looked at the last remaining werewolves. Nicholas landed on the other side of the werewolves. Both vampires looked at each other and dashed forward with lighting speeds. The clash they rougaroumade with the werewolves sounded like a deafening blast from the thunder. The two kinds of monsters tore each other apart. Vampire flesh flying in the air. Werewolf hair being lobbed in clumps, landing on the sidewalk and howls being tossed up. Monty and Nicholas knew that time was almost within grasp to finish this once and for all. Monty fought with all the wolves.

Nicholas was thrown up on to the rood of the Silverado and continued battling up there. Monty grabbed one wolf and tore him in half. Nicholas tossed one wolf off the roof. The other two vampires ran to the werewolf and had their way with him. Nicholas stood at the edge of the roof, looking down, Monty looked back up at him. One of the few remaining werewolves creeped up the building and stood up behind Nicholas. On his hind legs he raised his claws and opened his giant mouth. Monty saw this and yelled at Nicholas, “Look behind you!” Just as he turned around the werewolf sunk his claws into the neck of Nicholas. He put his jaw around his head and tore it clean off. The wolf howled and pushed Nicholas’ body off of the building. Falling through the foggy air and slamming into the pavement.

Monty stood in disbelief. Another friend and dare he say family member was gone again. This always happened and for a split second he thought maybe he was the problem. He was the common denominator in all of this. He brushed the idea off and soared up the building. Grabbing the werewolf and slamming him forward and backwards into the roof. They both went collapsing through the roof and landed on a pile of old slot machines. Monty shoved the werewolf into each machine. The werewolf stood up. Monty threw him through a brick wall and came crashing into the street. The werewolf laid there almost dead. Monty walked out and stood over the werewolves’ lifeless body. Monty’s eyes went from blood red and dark black. He said to the werewolf, “You

Banff Springs Hotel

(images:jordanmcrae/flickr) Banff Springs Hotel

killed my best friend. This is where you die.” Monty picked him up and ripped his head off. The two remaining werewolves retreated back up the hillside. Running from the vampires as fast as possible. Monty stood tall with the other vampires. All of them walked back up to the Deadwood Mountain Grand. They went in to Monty’s layer. Shook up to say the least, and rivaled with emotion from victory, they sat around the fireplace and drank werewolf blood. Toasting to each other and to the fallen. Monty was by far the most sad. Nicholas might as well have been a brother to him. He knew he gave his life for what mattered most. The continuation of Monty’s legacy and most importantly the human race. Right as they clanked their glasses together an enormous howl lit up the air…
The End

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