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Fort Knox, of Fort Knox State Park, is located in Prospect, Maine.  Built during the Revolutionary War, the camp spreads over one hundred and twenty acres.  It was built in 1844 and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1969.  Although it never saw battle, it was manned during wars like the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and the Spanish-American War.



Fort Knox was the first fort in Maine built out of granite.  While that would eventually come back to haunt the site, it was a welcomed addition to the area.  It was named after Henry Knox who was the United States Secretary of War and Commander of Artillery during the American Revolutionary War.

Still mostly in tact, the mid nineteenth century granite coastal fortification site is a popular destination for tourists worldwide.  Many come to see one of the United States’ best preserved and most accessible forts in the United States.  It is mostly entirely open to the public who can peruse buildings and explore weapons of the period.  Many are drawn to the huge cannons and artillery walls.

An interesting fact about Fort Knox is that after building was started in 1844, the granite and construction were very intensive and expensive.  Unfortunately, funding was withdrawn in 1869 and the fort was never completed.  The site is still remarkable however, leading visitors through an entry site for an observation tower and down the Penobscot Narrows Bridge.

As previously mentioned, Fort Knox was the first granite fort in Maine.  Many were excited about the new endeavor and the fortress of safety and protection it would provide.  Unfortunately, they were unaware of what many researchers have discovered about the properties of granite, especially in relation to ghosts and hauntings.



Granite and rock material is considered a conductor for residual haunts.  Residual hauntings are similar to a playback or recap of a past event.  Many times, the apparitions or spirits that appear in a place with residual hauntings are similar to a type of recording of the event- playing back like a broken record long after the moment in history has passed.  They are especially common at the place either at or near the location of death for an individual.  British archeologists have studied conditions and have determined that moist rocks and other items can “store” these memories and can “replay” them under certain conditions.

Many speculate that this is the cause for much of the paranormal activity that occurs at Fort Knox.  Ghost sightings and visions of apparitions have widely been reported.  Many appear in duster coasts or uniforms, one closely resembling the old caretaker of the 1880s.  Thermal imaging cameras brought in by researchers have showed strange anomalies.  Similarly, electronic voice phenomena have been recorded.  Breathing, laughter and footsteps have been heard.  Some have been touched or pushed, or had odd objects appear in photographs.  Lights have been seen in the arch way, locked doors open and slam shut by themselves, and an odd presence seems to make its home in the security room, often messing with cameras and monitors.

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