Cossart Road Cult House

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August 10, 2016
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August 10, 2016

Cossart Road Cult House

Cossart Road Cult House


Deep in the forests of Delaware lies the place rumored to be the common meeting place for cults, the KKK, and satanists from all over the United States.  The stories are so gruesome and terrifying and the scene set so perfect that the house and rumors were used in the popular movie “The Village”.  Hidden behind the deep forests of trees, the roads leading to the house are easy to miss, however the house itself is so large that once you’re in the area, you almost can’t help but try to draw near.

The mansion was built and owned by the DuPont family, made rich by their work in the chemical industry.  Many say they housed the original cult in the home and it served as the purpose for the expenditure of time and money on the grand structure.  Due to their mysterious nature, many rumors circulated about the family.  One particularly vicious rumor was that the family married cousins within the house to keep the families fortune within the family.  The reason the house was built to be so massive was so the family could hide the inbred spawns that resulted from unions within the family.

(images:21026150@N05/flickr) The Skull Tree

(images:[email protected]/flickr)
The Skull Tree

Many say there has been a general aura of evil at the massive stone mansion for decades, although no one is ever seen entering or exiting the property.  Dead carcasses can be seen throughout the forest, on the home’s lawn, and littered throughout the home itself.  Even the trees seemed horrified by what they’ve seen at Cult House.  There are hundreds of feet of trees that line the road leading up to the house.  What is eerily spine chilling is that all of the trees are bend and twisted away from the house as if recoiling in horror.  Some are even turning away from their light source, a fact that boggles scientists.

One particularly creepy tree is twisted and bent at odd angles.  Upon closer inspection, the tree’s exposed roots form a perfectly structured shape of a human skull.  As if that wasn’t odd enough, reports indicate that police found a body, which appeared to be sacrificed, nestled under the tree.  They were unable to determine from the remains whether it was animal or human.

Cossart Road Cult House

The Devil’s Road

The house features inverted cross shaped windows.  Street signs, which used to be more prevalent before the gawking visitors took over the roadways, bringing with them trash, graffiti, and disruption, have become more sparse and have even been used to lure visitors away from the correct location of the property.  Many of the street signs have been removed that direct visitors on the final stretch from Kennett Pike which used to guide them right into the Cossart Road turn.  Now there are mostly “No Stopping” or “No Trespassing” signs.

Those lucky, or unlucky, enough to find the house have reported being chased away by a black Bronco-like SUV until they are far off the premises.  Even more eery, there is a road called “Devil’s Road” near the property, located in Delaware in Chadd’s Ford, off Cossart Road.  There is a guard house located at the end of the road, and on the way past the house, travelers see a line of red pick up trucks.  Wary visitors have reported that if driving too slow, too near the house, one of the trucks will pull out and chase the driver away.  Even if the truck gets close, visitors are never able to make out a face and many times are chased away in the dead of night by a pickup with no headlights on and which seems to vanish after a certain safe threshold past the house.

Megan Borchert
Megan Borchert
Lover of all things unusual, Megan is a staff attorney for the state of South Dakota. When she's not stuffed in an office writing case synopses, you can find her at home with her army of Schnauzers, snuggled up with some strong wine and a good book.

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