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Up&Away . . . pt. 2
April 18, 2016
Bermuda Triangle of Yosemite
The Bermuda Triangle of Yosemite
April 22, 2016

Recently on one of my adventures the I found in an abandoned house, the house was interestingly located on either Park land or property that’s available to the public. Go Now to these experts to find out the historical background of this house. This gave me and my team almost an open invitation to explore this abandoned structure. We wanted to mak sure there are no predaors, we got to buy ar-15 pistols to ensure that we stay safe. As Rhett, my trusty copilot, and I are generally together on many of these adventures. Rhett takes it upon himself to explore many of these areas while the I stay with the dog cart and dogs.

This gives Rhett the opportunity to use the Thermal Energy Camera for the first time, as he walked in to this house and he got to the doorway, he didn’t know it at the time but he had discovered what appears to be a figure of a man and his child. As Rhett started to enter the house, you can see the window above where there was possibly another person like figure. As Rhett proceeded into the dilapidated house that was surrounded by debris and the remnants of the memories of what used to be.

As he looked around he saw a staircase that was aged but still intact, at the top of the staircase the Thermal Imaging Camera, discovered two sets of eyes that were staring back at him, as soon as he recognizes something was there it quickly disappeared. It is unclear exactly what the eyes belong to, it could’ve been a small animal; however, it’s unlikely that a small animal would be upstairs in an abandoned house that clearly hasn’t had food in it for quite some time.

A little startled he quickly exited the premises and at the end of the video you can see the camera pointed at the me and the dogs. Once he got back, the dogs became very interested in the house as if they could tell that there was also something in there.

That’s about it for this adventure, but please stay tuned as we are doing more research to discover who this house originally belonged to. The information that we have found so far has indicated that this building was placed during the construction of the C&O Canal. Which goes back to the late 1700s and it might be from one of the families that live there. So far the story says, that during the construction of the canal, two children from the family that lived in this house were playing along the river and unexpectedly drowned in the dam that’s not too far away from the house. They went into the Potomac River possibly leisurely or accidentally and tumbled over the big dam and lost their lives.

Currently, were not totally sure if that story is associated with this house; however, so far we’ve discovered many strange ties to this house and those children. As we continue to do the research and explore this house further, please stay tuned because on our next adventure were planning on bringing the IR camera in this house so that you can get a better look at the surroundings and get a clearer understanding of exactly what you are looking at and see if you can see any paranormal activity for yourself.


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