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Deckers Creek, WV – 8.02.2019
September 6, 2019
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September 9, 2019

Darkness. As humans our vision is limited in the dark, even using bright lights. There are many voids where our eyes can’t see. So night time to can be mysterious, especially in the wilderness. Some might even say night is scary. For the Woofdriver night invokes his curiosity.

The WooFDriver, and his dogs, trek the wilderness and explore trails in the summertime darkness, to avoid daytime heat. Huskies are cold weather dogs, they can’t exercise in the summer otherwise. They have thick double coats. After 25 years he has become nocturnal, enjoying the enchantment of the wild dark wilderness.

Over the years, he has adapted technology to give him further vision into the darkness– Night vision goggles, infrared lighting and custom modified cameras, to name a few. He has discovered and explored a world few have ever experienced. His Huskies naturally have better nighttime senses. While he is exploring, they use their senses too!. But they can see better in the dark, have enhanced hearing and very enhanced smell. Often they sense things long before he does.

It was his dogs reactions that got him into Ghost Hunting. They would react to things that he couldn’t explain. He started using specialized equipment to determine if his dog’s reactions were paranormal based. As the Woofdrivers interest and curiosity grew he teamed with paranormal investigators. And continued to learn and research on his own, to further uncover deep dark mysteries and secrets.

The Woofdriver is based in the Mid Atlantic, the rich history of the area is a target rich environment. Many trails are in historical locations, or pass by them. Many landmarks, going back to the founding of our country, are open to the public.

The Woofdriver is an outdoorsman, and brings his dogs on long runs multiple times a week. He has got in the habit of running the paranormal gear constantly while he is out. You never know what you may pass! Especially when going by abdonanded 200 year old buildings! But this creates a LOT of content. Too much for he and his team to review.

So he is reaching out to everyone that might be curious and want to experience this virtually, yet firsthand. Using very technically sophisticated systems he has developed, he has created a way for you to go on the Ghost Hunt Trail with him as an investigator. Yes, he has invited YOU!

Yes you read this right, as he adventures up to 30 miles, in the still of the night down the trail, there is many happenings that his equipment captures on film and audio. A lot of times he doesn’t even realize something has happened unless he stumbles upon it when he or his team review the footage. How exciting and eerie at the same time! WooFDriver has time synced his equipment so when an event happens it will be reviewable in multiple formats from different gear. What that means is if you are viewing and exploring one of his virtual reality videos and you see something for example at 24 minutes and 13 seconds you can then go to equipment of the same adventure at 24 minutes and 13 seconds and explore if something occurred there too! This means you can actually validate or disqualify evidence that the WooFDriver didn’t even know happened.

For instance, on one of the first adventures where he was pioneering this system, he went back to review the footage days latte. He noticed when he was conversing with his copilot, when he broached certain subjects the Ovilus (converts audio that is not in a humans hearing range to a humans audible levels) was picking up and translating relevant words! Maybe telling the past or the future? To further this example WooFDriver was talking to his copilot about his wife and all of a sudden the OVILUS said “LOVE”! This might not seem surprising, but neither mentioned “wife”, they just referred to his wife by her name. So, without further knowledge nobody or nothing else would know they were talking about WooFDriver’s wife. There is definitely something going on here. The WooFDriver didn’t even realize the Ovilus said that until he was reviewing the footage after the trip occurred. He then realized that an energy was with them at this point and communicating.

With my interactive paranormal investigating system you will be able to experience first hand Equipment and technologies used by the famous ghost hunting TV shows such is the Ovilus , puck , SLS cam and even the portal. Maybe you’ll find gems hidden in my footage like above! I invite to look and would love your help!

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