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March 15, 2016
Wailing Woman of Transept Trail
The Wailing Woman of Transept Trail
March 22, 2016

Lattice Orbweaver Spider


Spotted Orb Weaver

Being the third largest spider family, there are over 2800 species in the Orb Weaver Spider Family.

Orb Weavers with their small fangs may be reluctant to bite. But when they do you can expect pain with numbness and swelling. Also be prepared to feel nauseous and dizzy.








The Black and Yellow Garden Spider are most visible in the summertime and commonly found in garden areas, parks and woodlands making their webs about knee height off the ground in sunny areas. The female garden spider often eats the male after mating. If she feels threatened in her web she will deliver her bite that will cause mild swelling and the pain of a bee’s sting.









There are two reasons to be wary of the Tarantula, its barbed fangs that can deliver the pain of a wasp sting and its barbed, venomous abdominal hairs! When the Tarantula feels threatened it uses its legs to cast hairs in its victim’s face.  These hairs can cause skin rashes to swelling or even worse, breathing problems!










Masoala Jumping Spider is part of the largest spider family with over 5000 species of Jumping Spiders. Not only do they have 8 legs, they have 8 eyes! This spider does not build its web to hunt, instead it gets close enough to its prey attaches a dragline and then springs into action! They can capture prey much larger than them by injecting their venom!!








The Wolf Spider’s bite is toxic but is not fatal, however very painful as their fangs puncture and tears skin. The swelling, redness and pain can lasts up to 10 days!!

Wolf Spider








On the other hand the Black Widow’s bite is highly toxic and can be fatal! The pin prick of a bite results in two red dots, swelling and the pain can progress throughout the whole body. The victim’s body can also experience breathing problems to symptoms of shock causing convulsions and soon becoming unconscious!










Recluse Spider is the most venomous of any spider! Fortunately it is very shy and thought not likely bite people which is a great thing as no antivenom exists for this spider’s bite and it is likely to produce a fatality!!!



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