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March 8, 2016
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March 8, 2016



Water Beetles swimming in the stream. Most water beetles can only live in fresh water, but there are a few marine species that live in inter-tidal waterways. There are approximately 2000 species of true water beetles throughout the world! One of the species is called the Giant Water Bug and is said to be the most painful insect. It can leave permanent damage to even humans! This giant insect can grow over a foot long! And prey on fish, snakes and even baby turtles!!








The small bright green Six Spotted Tiger Beetle is a very active creature. Unlike most other beetles it has the ability to run and fly at great speeds. When they feel threatened they deliver a painful bite to humans! So when you spot one, be sure to give them their space!

The common name and the species name refer to the number of small white spots on the beetle’s metallic-green body, usually numbering six. But that is not always true, as some individuals have more spots, fewer spots, or none at all.

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