Midnight Mushing Hunt

Midnight Mushing Ghost Hunting is when the WooFDriver takes his WooFPAK (Pack of Huskies) to Mush like a traditional Musher but instead of being on a regular sled they use a sled on wheels!! (For more info on the WooFDriver’s Sleds on wheels click here.)

In any case, they travel all over the east coast region of the USA to MUSH trails at night in search of spirits, ghosts, monsters, or any paranormal activity they may find! Using the latest in technological night viewing equipment and specialized lighting; as well as cameras to document all their finds. For a complete equipment listing and explanation please visit the WooFTEK Website by clicking here.

WooFDriver has been doing these Midnight MUSHing Ghost/Monster Hunts for years and this library shows his earlier vintage footage when some of this technology wasn’t quite yet available so these videos might seem yet a little more mysterious. Additionally, sometimes they weren’t able to stop and investigate all the eerie sights and sounds, but upon your review you may see paranormal activity. Especially, when his pack of Dogs pick up on a scent and therefore pick up on the pace so keep your eyes wide open and attention focused!

Some areas where they were able to stop and explore include uninhabited old houses and structures dating back to the 1800s or earlier!! Please put your comments down and if you can reference the time in the video that you pick up on something.

Remember, this is a whole new concept ghost/monster hunting with a pack of Dogs in a Dog Cart (sled on wheels) where they can set the pace and direct us to their instinctual finds and lures!!

February 1, 2016
National Mall Trail

National Mall Trail

On December 3, 2012 the WooFDriver took the WooFPAK on a Mushing tour of the National Mall Trail. On this trail you ride by the United […]
January 29, 2016
C&O Canal - Falling Waters

C&O Canal – Falling Waters

On November 6, 2013 the WooFDriver took the PAK on a Midnight Mushing Tour of the C&O Canal Towpath in the area of Falling Waters at […]
January 29, 2016
C&O Canal - Lock 33

C&O Canal – Lock 33

On September 22, 2014 the WooFDriver and his crew took the WooFPAK on an exciting Midnight Mushing Tour of the C&O Canal in the area of […]
January 29, 2016
C&O Canal - Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

C&O Canal – Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

The WooFDriver has mushed the WooFPAK through this area of the C&O Canal Towpath several times, at milepost 60.8 the town of Harpers Ferry. This should […]