Ghost Hunting Adventures

Welcome I am Bill “WoofDriver” Helman and I am your host here on Let me start by saying we ride in the darkness of the night with a pack of wolves in search of any paranormal activities that may be out there. We ride in historic areas that are rich in American history including Civil War battles with the British which established the United States. So there’s plenty of possibilities lurking out there.

My team, myself and of course The WoofPak are always alert and evaluating sights, sounds and clues we find along the way. We use an extensive array of equipment that enables us to see in the dark and document our finds. This is not a network show, so you won’t find any actors or big-budget props this is just full of cold hard facts. You might ask what’s the lure behind what we do, and I will tell you that it started with my passion and love for getting my WoofPak out to do what they were born to do; which is run and pursue their instincts. Because in the area where we live, the spring and summer months are, in most cases, too warm to do the exercise they need to engage in, so we run in the coolness of the night. While under the midnight moon the nocturnal animals and paranormal activities are much more likely to present themselves.

I am personally and professionally trained martial artist with deep roots in spirituality and self-defense. With my understanding and knowledge of internal energy’s or what is referred to in most for eastern cultures as Chi. I, therefore, feel I can read and have an almost 6 sense for understanding what may be lurking out in the darkness of the night. My team stays in close communication and usually when were with the WoofPak at least two of us are present. Again, because of my martial arts background I feel confident and safe on all of our journeys. I look forward to bringing in these expirations and discoveries to you for your evaluation and learning, and to experience what we are so fortunate enough to be doing.

April 21, 2016

Parkland Property

Recently on one of my adventures the I found in an abandoned house, the house was interestingly located on either Park land or property that’s available […]