DIY Ghost Hunting

Ever wanted to be a Ghost Hunter?

Love all the cool gear, but don’t have any?  We do!

But we can’t review all our material.

You can be a virtual Ghost Hunter!

Help us find Ghosts!


We have run many trails using our 360 cameras and various ghost detecting equipment.  The Ovilus records sounds that the human ear can’t hear, including spiritual voices. FLIR cameras record infrared light emissions.  The EDI+ meter detects electromagnetic emissions , as well as vibrations, pressure changes and humanity.  The 360 camera, and cameras on all this other equipment will be synced to the second.

SO, you can watch one video, and for instance listen for the Obelisk to find voices, then switch over to the 360 video at the same mark in the video, and look around and find the ghost.  Or look at the infrared video on the FLIR.  How cool is that?!?

We encourage you and other followers to start a conversations in the YouTube comments with other Virtual Ghost Hunters and compare notes.  Many ears are better than one!

Below are the runs we’ve done using this multiple, synced camera setup.  Each will have a 360 video, and then one or more ghost hunting gear videos.  Check them out, find a ghost, and comment in YouTube!  BE the ghost hunter you’ve always wanted to be.



September 6, 2019

Deckers Creek, WV – 8.02.2019

Deckers Creek Trail is near Morgantown WV.  A Rail Trail along the Monongahela River.  It is rich in history, passing coal mines, queries, and the 100+ year […]
September 6, 2019

DIY Ghost Hunting Intro

Darkness. As humans our vision is limited in the dark, even using bright lights. There are many voids where our eyes can’t see. So night time […]