Keenan Angel

Nicky, Brian and Julie were traveling through Mongolia. This was their first outing together and a trip they had been planning for years. They weren’t doing your ordinary hotel, spa, pool and relaxation trip. They were backpacking through the toughest parts of the Mongolian


mountains. It wasn’t just the mountains that were tough, but in Mongolia there always seems to be some sort of battle raging. Between the rebels living in the mountains and the military that live in the towns trying to push the rebels out of the mountains and out of Mongolia. The passes that these three were hiking was right smack dab, in the middle of this. Luckily for them, these wars were the least of their worries. A monster roams underneath the ground in Mongolia. It travels up and down the hillsides and has been the cause of many wars. It kills its victims by either spraying venom at them or with an electric discharge. This monster is the Mongolian Death Worm. It’s unknown how long its been here, but there are writings on walls that show a worm underneath the ground popping up, killing humans.

Nicky, Brian and Julie were roughly halfway through their travels and about three days in the journey. They had already been through two sketchy areas of the mountains and had heard bullets firing in the distance while they slept one night. Of course this would be a scary experience for anyone, but they understood what the risks were before even flying across the water and touching down here. They were here to explore. To see a different side of life and nature. How things work in different parts of the world. They wanted to just live. They were certainly going to try and live…or should we say…stay alive. Nicky was a in the best shape of thel three of them. She usually led the pack and knew where to go. She was the “Queen of the Outdoors”. That’s what her  two friends called her. She was a hundred yards ahead of the other two and saw a camp off in the distance. She signaled to them and when Brian and Julie caught up, they started setting up camp.

In the Mongolian forest it was more dark than anything they had ever witnessed before. If they weren’t around their campfire it was hard for them to see anything. They wondered how in the world there could even be a war at night. How did they see each other or did they just fire


their guns and hope for the best. After being at camp for a couple hours, they started to hear gunshots in the distance again. Then all of them heard something that frightened them. They saw a bright flash in the distance, followed by some screams. All three friends looked at each other and tried to gather what that might have been. Maybe someone stepped on a landmine. It couldn’t have been an electrical issue because there was no electricity out here. There wasn’t a storm going on, so it couldn’t have been lightning. After that flash occurred everything went silent. No more gunshots and no more yells.

Julie asked if they should go and investigate what happened. Nicky and Brian looked at her as if she had lost her mind. Anyone probably would ave looked at her that way, knowing where they were at in the world. Julie was adamant about exploring. She had a gut feeling that something wasn’t right. She wasn’t wrong either. Something had happened. A terrible nightmare had come over these mountains once again. The same nightmare that has been haunting the Mongolian people for hundreds of years. The three decided they should go see what went down. What’s the worst that could happen? They all end up shot and dead in the hills where no one can find them. That’s the worst that could happen, Brian was thinking to himself. Each of them threw on a backpack with minimal supplies and all three had flashlights. As they walked further into the forest they started to hear voices. They were very faint and sounded like they were in trouble. No one was able to make out what they were saying and knew that is was the Mongolian people. They came up to a small campsite that had a dimly lit fire and saw bodies laying everywhere. Some of them had smoke rising off their bodies and others had limbs missing. Nicky, Brian and Julie all looked at each other in horror, not believing what they were seeing. Some of the men that were hurt were still alive and reeling in pain.

Julie happened to be a paramedic and went around to each body to check on them. Some of them were clearly dead and the ones that weren’t, didn’t have much time left. All three decided there wasn’t much here that they could do and that they would head back towards their campsite. Just as they were beginning to leave, a rumbling started underneath their feet. It started off gently and then gradually grew worse. It felt like an earthquake was going on underneath them. Brian yelled to the other two to begin running. Running was more difficult than standing still. The ground was shifting from left to right and it didn’t take long before all three of them were on the ground. They stood back up and looked at each other, trying to figure out what to do.

As they were bickering back and forth about why they shouldn’t have come here and how they should get out, the ground beside them exploded into the air. A monster came flying out of the dirt. Debris was left all over the ground and the Mongolian Death Worm was now on the ground looking right at them. It was a hideous creature. It was about as long and as big as a car. All three of them shined their lights at it. The death worm opened up its mouth and there must have been a thousand teeth inside. It started to curl up backwards and spit a venom at the three of them. Brian, Nicky and Julie all ducked down and the venom just barely missed them. It hit a tree that was directly behind them and began eating the bark away. Julie now


knew how some of those men lost their limbs. They didn’t have anything for weapons, except for a lighter, some hairspray that Nicky always carried and a ten inch long knife that Brian had holstered on his belt loop. The death worm slowly started moving towards them but not in a direct line. He started circling them. Sort of like a bird does when it’s stalking its prey.

All three of them knew this wasn’t going to end well for anyone. They waited until there was a clear opening and the death worm was the furthest away it would get. They all dashed off into the night. Running as fast as they could. The worm was right behind them. It swerved back and forth with its entire body, like a snake does. Creeping in closer and closer on all of them. It jetted its body into the air and landed on top of Julie. Instead of using its venom or electric charges, the worm did something out of its norm, it swallowed her whole. Nicky yelled, “Julie! No!” Tears were rushing down her face and Brian tried to pull her back. They couldn’t stay here and cry about it, as bad as that sounds. If they were going to stand around, neither one of them would make it out alive. Brian grabbed Nicky’s hand and they were off running again. The death worm jumped into the air again, but this time went in the ground. The worm was chasing them from underneath the dirt again. The worm let out a shockwave of electricity that penetrated through the entire mountainside. Brian and Nicky were both struck by it and fell straight down. It wasn’t a shock that would kill them, but it was big enough they weren’t able to move for a couple minutes. They laid by each other and looked into one another’s eyes. The death worm popped back out of the ground and landed at their feet. It slowly circled them, opening and closing its mouth. The worm stopped at their heads and looked at each of them. Brian was regaining a little bit of body control. He reached for his knife and before he had it unholstered, the death worm hit both of them with his venom. The venom covered both Brian and Nicky from head to toe. It was only a matter of seconds before nothing remained of either of them. The death worm went back to where he had come out of his hole and slowly sank back down into the earth.
The End

December 30, 2016

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