The Greatest Escape Ever (pt 7) ~ ‘What REALLY Happened…’~ by Bentley Bryant

As the News Spreads
The Greatest Escape Ever (pt 6) ~ As the News Spreads…~ by Bentley Bryant
November 4, 2016
Big Moose Lake ghost
Mourning Big Moose Lake
November 10, 2016

The Greatest Escape Ever (pt 7) ~ ‘What REALLY Happened…’~ by Bentley Bryant

HUNGER. The deep retching feeling, if you wanted to call it that, of this now SubStance that was once OsKar and the KheMi-OoZe. After grabbing OsKar and pulling him back, mostly out of curiosity, the OoZe had slowly begun to morph and combine itself with OsKar. It had now been nearly 2 hours since the two entities morphed into 1. . . .SubStance. Even though the 2 would be morphed into 1, the shape still resembled OsKar the most. But it was evident that OsKar, the fun-loving pet, was no longer present.

The little guy had really fought to be free of the OoZe once it had grabbed him, snatching him back effortlessly. Its touch burned OsKar at every contact point and the smell that it gave off was worse than burned, rotten flesh. The more he struggled to be free, the more tangled he became, the more the tentacles of the OoZe burned him. By the time the OoZe brought his limp body back, OsKar was completely unconscious. His last conscious thoughts were that of struggling, still, to break free. After all that he’d been through… to get this far and have his plan disrupted by this Green Jello. It was his last chuckle before slipping away.

It was hard to believe that over 2 hours had passed since everything had transpired between the 2. The process of the 2 morphing resembled that of a Boa Constrictor swallowing an Ostrich’s Egg. In the end, the SubStance that the 2 became was exhausted and slept for a while after the mutation was complete. The slick purple-ish, lime green-ish color of the SubStance was an interesting combination of the 2’s previous colors. It seemed to have a defense mechanism that consisted of black spikes that protruded out its back, larger to smaller down its back from its “head” to its bottom. . . sort of.

The ‘spikes’ were as hard as nails with very sharp points. Each one contained venom that was the same potency of mixing the venom of a Cottonmouth Snake with that of a Brown Recluse Spider. In other words, 2 or 3 of these stuck anywhere into the body of a 13,000 pound African Bush Elephant and it would die within 30 minutes. Several large sewer rats, not learning from their buddies found out the shiny spikes down the SubStance’s back were indeed deadly. As the rats closed in sniffing, some out of curiosity and some because they were looking to get a bite of the large tasty looking blob, the spikes would automatically hone in on their movement and fire from the body of the SubStance into the bodies of each unsuspecting rat. By the time it woke up there would be several very large and very dead rats all around it. Before the mutation, it was a lot easier to make out what OsKar was. Now it was darn near impossible. Most people would have no idea exactly what it had become, as time would soon tell.

It was just After MidNight when the SubStance began to stir from its deep sleep. Its hunger, the sheer cause of its awakening, was deep and guttural. Now almost frantic, it like everyone and everything else, had no idea what it was or where it was. There was no recollection of part of it once being OsKar or the part of it once being KheMi-OoZe. With all of the confusion that brings along with knowing that you are extremely hungry didn’t work at all for the SubStance. It first woke up and looked around. The dead carcasses of rats were everywhere. Even though he had no idea of what they were, the stench they gave off almost made it gag. A natural reflex for an unnatural thing.

Still not knowing exactly what it was or where it was, the SubStance tried to ‘stand-up.’ It almost immediately fell backwards into a pile of dead rats. On it’s 2nd attempt, it stood this time for at least a minute, before it began to wobble. This time it fell forward into a pile of dead rats. Now, tired of falling and getting hungrier by the minute, it began to crawl with the aid of the shiny spikes that now stuck out all around the SubStance. They helped him propel forward, slowly, but at least it was moving. As it crawled over and through the carpet of dead rats, It began to sense that food was near, which caused a clear slime to pour from an opening that seemed to be its mouth.

Back at one of the unknown Kozmann Labs, 3 of their top notch scientists had been working around the clock, long before the accident had even occurred. It was well known, in this particular lab, that some of the KheMi-OoZe had spilled the day of the accident. Due to the nature of its consistency, the OoZe that ‘escaped’ that day had been being monitored before it was loaded on the K-3 Truck. The signal that it gave off, started very strong but had begun to weaken here as of late. Not really knowing what to expect from it, especially out ‘in the field,’ the scientist monitored its movements with complete excitement. During the evaluation, from afar, it was discovered that the OoZe didn’t travel far from where it had been “accidently spilled” and slipped down into one of the City’s sewer drains.

Less than 50 feet, to be exact. A potential ‘fly on the wall,’ might have been curious enough to wonder if this whole ordeal was somehow no ‘accident’ at all. A few things that would never be shared with the public: The fact that a week before ‘the accident’ several Surveillance Cameras were installed all around the area where the accident happen. Then there was the idea of this particular company having its 1 and only accident 3 generations into its very existence…?

There were some that were still asking questions about this and found it a bit strange…. Or the fact that the “Driver,” from Kozmann Khemical Kompany, apparently unhurt in the whole incident, never exited the truck to ensure everyone was safe right after the crash. He did exit after the K-3 Yellow-Suits showed up, ‘put on his own Yellow-Suit,’ and rushed to the back of 1 of the K-3 Vans which sped off shortly after he entered. It was as if someone, or 3 someone’s knew that with all of the Crash-Hoopla going on, no one would notice that the “Driver” was actually a Mannequin.

Especially 1 that was quickly and flawlessly pulled out, placed into a Yellow-Suit and carried by the Kozmann Kleen-Up Krew, left arm over neck, right arm over neck… like 2 people might do for anyone that was shaken-up. Nope, not even the closest onlookers noticed this detail. A true David Copperfield moment. The truck? It was operated by remote control from the same Scientific Lab we’re currently speaking about. Actually, as soon as it left the dock at Kozmann’s, it was being guided by remote control. No wonder the K-3 Response Team was there on site within seconds of the crash, arriving several minutes before any of the City’s Response Teams could get anywhere close.

ALL of this might explain why after the CRT’s arrived, none of them were allowed within the K-3 Tape that was put up to create a barrier between the K-3 Response Teams and the public. They were all instructed to stand back and watch with the rest of us.

Bentley Bryant
Bentley Bryant
Hello Readers, I am originally from a small town in South GA where everyone loves a good story. I now reside in AZ with my Wife and our 2 daughters, who are very supportive of my efforts here on WereWoofs. Being a movie buff (along with spending a number of years in the Military and Prison System, as a Senior Correctional Officer) I've seen and experienced, a lot of things that I equate to a good story. Writing about these various events, and adding a bit of mystery, comedy, suspense, horror and intrigue comes natural. I'm not sure if I have a specific 'genre,' but for now, it seems, most of my stories will be suspenseful and spooky, with elements of real life events that I have personally experienced. It is my hope that you enjoy reading my stories as much as I enjoy writing them. HappySpookyReading! Bentley Bryant

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