The Greatest Escape Ever (pt 6) ~ As the News Spreads…~ by Bentley Bryant

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The Greatest Escape Ever (pt 5) ~ “Special Oath of Silence…” ~ by Bentley Bryant
November 4, 2016
The Greatest Escape Ever (pt 7) ~ ‘What REALLY Happened…’~ by Bentley Bryant
November 4, 2016

The Greatest Escape Ever (pt 6) ~ As the News Spreads…~ by Bentley Bryant

Araya’s parents had their own FaceBook Accounts, so getting the word out about their daughter’s missing Pet reached several 100 people within seconds. They were working in their respective offices when her dad stumbled across some of the bizarre news that had been spooling throughout the city for quite a few hours. All Headliners now, he began to read through them intensely and found an interest in 2 particular cases.

The cases involving the bum and the 2 City Workers stood out to him for some reason. The bum, perhaps since he was found not far from the entrance to their building. He couldn’t figure out his interests in the case of the 2 City Workers, but he was interested nonetheless. Pulling out his NotePad, he noted that cases happened within hours of each other but more importantly, they happened very close to the time OsKar went missing. Was this a coincidence? Could sweet and innocent OsKar have had anything to do with the death of these men? The fact that he’d slept in the same room as his daughter made him cringe at the thought.

Of course his mind was playing tricks on him. He was tired having missed work since this whole ‘OsKar’s Missing’ fiasco began and he didn’t even want to think about the sleep he wasn’t getting. Switching the NewsFeeds over to his cell phone, he paused it until he reached the restroom facing the side of the building where the bum was found. Once in there, he closed the door and turned his phone up to where it was audible enough to not disturb his wife or Araya. As he began his own investigation, it didn’t take him long to find the unlocked window that OsKar had slipped through. Slowly opening it up, he peered out to the fire escape and several floors down to the alley where the bum was found. Standing there for longest time, imagining the effort OsKar must have put in to climb all the way down to the bottom…. Never mind the climb, but the planning that had to have gone into organizing his escape alone was insane. Caught up in his thoughts and with the news feeds going continuously in the background, he had no idea that his wife had entered the restroom and was now standing behind him.

As she began to call him, softly at first as to not startle him, ‘Honey?’ The 3rd ‘Honey, are you OK?!’ caused him to spin around and reach for his phone that he’d left on the counter. Realizing that his wife was holding it and probably had been for a while, by the look on her face, Araya’s dad stood there for a moment…speechless. After taking some time to fill his wife in on his thoughts and shocking evidence of OsKar’s well planned out escape, the night of his disappearance, she looked out of the window in shock. Staring down in the area where the body of the bum was found, she wondered just how much damage had OsKar caused?! She had always suspected he was a lot smarter than he would ever dare show but was now convinced of it. Finally, after several moments of staring and silence, she asked her husband, ‘So do you think all of this had something to do with Osk…’

‘What are you guys looking for?’ asked Araya as she, too, snuck into the restroom startling both parents as her mom had done her dad earlier. Both neglected to stop the cell phone from blaring on through to the next news flash…” …And earlier today there was an accident involving one of the Kozmann Khemical Kompany’s trucks carrying an unknown substance. Reports are still coming in informing us that the company’s Elite Kleen-Up Krew was on the scene long before local authorities and Emergency Response Teams. We are also being told that the scene was secured and that the small spill, caused by the accident, was contained and cleaned up immediately. We are also being told to mention the fact that this is the only accident that’s happened since Kozmann opened its doors a number of years ago. . . .”

Ladies and Gentlemen, we’ll listen in now as we go to a live recording of Mr. Kyle Kozmann, President and CEO and the Grandson of the Company’s founder, the late J.T. Kozmann. As Kyle stood there, the spitting image of his grandfather, wearing a tailored black suit that contrasted his silver hair he seemed perfectly in control. The lime green tie he was wearing ironically resembled the color of the recently spilled KheMi-OoZe.

Against his Publicist’s advice, he’d agreed to the interview and public announcement. He did take care to adhere to the advice NOT to mention the chemical being transported by name. “Thank you all for gathering here today. I just wanted to take a few moments to speak to against the advice of my legal team. As you have heard, one of our trucks was involved in a minor fender-bender today – “ ‘I’d say it was waaaay more than just a “fender-bender” Kozmann!’ screamed out someone from the crowd. ‘Yeah!’ screamed another, ‘And what was that green crap that spilled out into the street?!’ As the crowd began to get louder, Kozmann’s Security Team, enough to fill a complete NFL Team Roster, stepped out into the crowd to help ‘quiet them down.’

Staying ever so calm, cool and collective, Kozmann addressed the agitated mob with the poise and grace of someone that had been doing this type of speech for many years. ‘Now, now. Ladies and Gentlemen, I assure you that there is nothing for you to worry about. There were no injuries as a result of the minor incident and virtually none of the chemical being transported was spilled.’ With that, Kozmann and his team abruptly left the podium at the audible disappointment of the crowd. There were several ‘booos’ and jeers as he walked to his private helicopter that sat off to the side of the massive area on the company’s grounds. Seconds after he boarded it, it took off taking him to an undisclosed location. Hoping he had squashed any immediate panic amongst the city folk, Kyle K. Kozmann took one last glance over the pitiful crowd before his pilot charted their course to Bora Bora.

Meanwhile, back in the city: ‘What’s that all about Daddy?’ Looking nervously at his wife, her dad spoke slowly, deliberately…’Well, Honey, there has been an accident on the edge of town…’ ‘Oh no! Nobody got hurt did they?’ Araya’s innocence was quite infectious. Her Parents just looked at each other as her mom answered, ‘No Honey, everything’s just fine.’ Happy that this all deflected from the topic of OsKar and what may have really happened, her Parents both breathed a sigh of relief on the inside.

Bentley Bryant
Bentley Bryant
Hello Readers, I am originally from a small town in South GA where everyone loves a good story. I now reside in AZ with my Wife and our 2 daughters, who are very supportive of my efforts here on WereWoofs. Being a movie buff (along with spending a number of years in the Military and Prison System, as a Senior Correctional Officer) I've seen and experienced, a lot of things that I equate to a good story. Writing about these various events, and adding a bit of mystery, comedy, suspense, horror and intrigue comes natural. I'm not sure if I have a specific 'genre,' but for now, it seems, most of my stories will be suspenseful and spooky, with elements of real life events that I have personally experienced. It is my hope that you enjoy reading my stories as much as I enjoy writing them. HappySpookyReading! Bentley Bryant

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