WooFdriverBIO-400PX-272x300-272x300Hello and welcome, I am your Host Bill “WooFDriver” Helman. I am a Dog Lover, Adventurer, & Trainer doing all sorts of creative, interesting, and fun, activities with my WooFPAK (4 huskies and sometimes our 6.5 pound Chinese Crested!)

My life in many ways is dedicated to, and all about Dogs, from pioneering an app to raise money for Animal Rescues and Shelters to music I’ve written and had produced all to do with Dogs. I am quite certain you’ve never seen anything thing like this anywhere!! In my celebration of Dogs I have assembled and have produced this collection of Ghost/Monster stories and paranormal activity hunts.

This collection is available to you in order to spark your curiosity in the great outdoors as well as the great unknown. It includes: monster stories from each state, ghost stories from hiking trails around the National Forests, and my collection of paranormal activity hunts in my area. I hope you enjoy these videos and stories as much as I do, and most importantly, I hope to see you on the trail!